its so early in the morning and all i can think of is waking up with michael bc god he would look so rough edged with his continuously growing stubble and really messed up hair and like he wouldnt look soft, he would look so motherfucking rough and sloppy in the best motherfucking way, and he would smirk at you as he lazily threw an arm over your lower back and began dragging his slightly wet and swollen lips across your neck, his stupid stubble leaving the best feeling on your skin, and he wouldnt even be leaving kisses, he would just drag his lips all along your shoulder and chest just to mess with you and imagine how fucking hot he would look with the early rising sun spilling through the window and casting over him, leaving him looking like a shadow painting, and his stupid shirtless chest looking so good and his stupid bracelets grazing over your body as he slowly runs his hands all over you, and his stupid lips stuck in a smirk the whole time hes so stupid fuck hes stupid i hate him fuckfuck

Aster - farewell, afterthought

At the end of summer and the start of autumn, I fell prey- as many others do - to a general malaise, a grief for the end of the warmer months and with it, the death of the blooms from which I draw my inspiration. Just when it felt like the end, from the garden sprung forth an incredible mass of Asters: the white kind that most resemble the regular garden Daisy that heralds the start of spring (as opposed to the lilac blooms which are most common). What a beautifully apt bookend to a spring and summer filled with wondrous visions of nature! A farewell, yes; the sweetest kiss goodbye, tasting of the promise to return.

Aster comes from the Latin word for ‘star’- these flowers can go by the name Starwort, but most commonly are called Asters or Michaelmas Daisies. The latter is because the blooming of the flowers occurs around the time that Michaelmas Day is celebrated; a minor Christian festival celebrating the archangel Michael, the leader of the army of angels and protector of Heaven.

One of my favourite poems ever written features the Aster: The Apology, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Other poetry recommendations: (x)(x)(x)(x)


happy birthday sounds good feels good!!! an album has never meant more than me to this one, and the fact that it’s a year old is insane. an album has never made me feel more, whether it be happiness, joy, sadness, or the feeling that im not alone ( or JUST feel good ayeee ). no album has every made me dance, smile, cry or sing as loud as this one, @5sos thank you so much for this album and everything you’ve done for me. i look forward to seeing you guys again carry on and let the good times roll :))

edit- tried to post this yesterday but it didn’t work so happy late birthday i guess

I still feel so bad about all the 5sos networks I’ve been in. And how I have stopped talking in the group chats because I have gotten busy and once I’m not busy I want to say something in the chat but then I feel really really bad cause I hadn’t been talking for like months.
I love having online friends yes I have left many behind because I have gotten busy but I still love every person I have ever talked to who is in the 5sos fam.

literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 9
  • Interviewer:Big spoon or Little spoon?
  • Luke:What? This is a funny question.
  • Calum:How many people are spooning?
  • Ashton:Is it like a spoon train?
  • Calum:Is this a spoon train?
  • Luke:Spain?
  • I:how many is a spoon train?
  • Calum:*without missing a beat* up to 10 people
  • Ashton:I'm a little spoon
  • Luke:I kinda like litt–being a little spoon.
  • Michael:Really?? Eugh!
  • Calum:*shaking his head* No
  • Ashton:What do you mean 'eugh'
  • Luke:Being a big spoon your arm gets numb
  • Ashton:Yeah
  • Luke:You wake up and you can't feel your arm
  • Calum:Theres noting more emasculating than being a little spoon
  • Michael:*at the same time as calum* Big spoon all day everyday
  • Luke:I think you know what? If your comfortable with someone, I think you can be a little spoon.
  • Ashton:Me and Luke are little spoons because we're cancers
  • Luke:*laughing* cause we're cancers
  • Ashton:It's a cancer thing
  • Calum:What sign are you?
  • Michael:Scorpio
  • Calum:I'm Aquarius
  • Michael:I'm big spoon. You'll never get me not being big– the only time I'm not the big spoon is if I'm crying. And then in that case–
  • Calum:*taking over Michael* And i've never cried
  • Michael:I'm full fetal position
  • Ashton:Cancers are always crying, we just cry about stuff

Fuck yeah,

after a very long time I finally finished my Michael drawing. I also wanted to post this extremely long story about how amazing and wonderful he is, but let’s face it. We all know this already. Michael Clifford is a fantastic human being and that is all.