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Valentine’s Day with the Peaky Blinders

Wah, I didnt know there are so many people that still liked this fandom nvn

I’m so happy my first imagine of this show got so much love and support, thank you guys and also have a happy Valentine’s Day even if I’ll be at work and then come back home and cry alone with a box of chocolate and strawberries.

Enjoy~! <3 

Thomas Shelby

Lips pressed against your temple, fingers laced together while you two cuddled in bed, enjoying each other’s warmth and company.

Valentine’s day was today and Tommy decided to make it romantic, kicking everyone out of the house and made it a day only for you two to spend together.

Candles lighted up all around the room, rose petals sprawled everywhere while a big heart that was drawn out of them in the middle of the bed.

When you had came home and found that there, you thought it was a joke but finding Tommy sitting in the middle of the rose petals heart with a champagne in one hand and two glasses in his free hand, you knew it wasnt’ a joke.

When it comes to romance or dates, Tommy would do anything to please you, even becoming a hopeless romantic to please his woman.

Arthur Shelby

We all know that Arthur was never one for romance, all this mushy things that would make your knees week and your heart throb, but when it came to you, it all changes.

You found him home, pacing around the room before he noticed you, rushing to your side, spinning you around in his arms before having a giant boquet or roses shoved in your face while his eyes averted somewhere else with a simple mumble of ‘I love you and all that shit and I know you like roses, so here’ .

The gesture was something to make you break into a smile since Arthur tried to become a better man and quit his fighting and drinking habits thought a little glance at the table told you that he already drank half a bottle of wine, probably to man up and give you the flowers.

John Shelby

John always surprised you with something, from flowers, to chocolate and even skipping work so he could take you out and see the pictures.

Today was special and for such a special occasion, he had reserved the theatre for you guys all evening, letting you enjoy the movies you adore and keep sharing deep and passionate kisses once in a while, holding hands and fighting with popcorn when the movie got too cheesy.

When the evening was over and you guys left the pictures, you had asked him why he keeps loving you so much, him pausing in helping you get your coat back on only to press a loving kiss to your neck and smirk.

“Can’t a husband love his wife and the mother of his children?"He simply replied only to laugh at the red color surfacing on your cheeks.

Michael Gray

Michael had decided since it was Valentine’s day, to take you out and what better way then with a picnic in the park nearby the house you two shared.

Basket in one hand while his free one held yours, fingers laced together while your cheek pressed against his forearm (since you barely reached his shoulders) and enjoying the silent walk you two had.

Once at the park, he had set down a red blanket with dark lines and yellow flowers designs making you snicker at his choice of blanket only to sit down, letting him take out the sandwiches and drinks he had bought before a red box caught your eye making you open your mouth to ask the male what is that only to gasp, hand moving to press against your open mouth while you stared in shock at Michael getting on one knee and showing you the content of the box.

"I know it’s cheesy being Valentines Day and everything..but would you do the honors of being Miss Gray from now on?"He asked with a gentle smile.

Finn Shelby

When Finn wasn’t taking his drugs and copying his brothers, he was quite gentle and shy when it come to romance and you were sure he had asked his bigger brothers for tips since right now you were on your way to the circus that you always wanted to see since you were a child. Excitement being evident on your face while you kept shifting in your chair like a hyper child.

"You know this circus comes only once every three years?"You asked, licking your dry lips only to lean and peck the male’s cheek, giggling when they became a dark red while Finn glanced at you and then back at the road, mumbling he knew that only to add he will even take you backstage so you can meet the performers after the show.

That just made you squeal out in happiness, hands wrapping around Finn’s neck to give him a giant hug only to chirp he was the best boyfriend before you leaned back, letting the male keep driving while cooing over his rosy cheeks and how he kept unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to cool down.

Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah loved to treat you like a princess and with everything he did or does, he wants to make it be seen by his close group of friends and even the guys that dear to go against the Peaky Blinders.

During Valentines Day, he had came early at your job, wrapping his arms around your waist while placing open mouth kisses on your neck, squeezing you closer before placing a wrapped up box with a bow in your hands, mumbling he had bought you that expensive Belgian chocolate you craved for weeks.

"I knew you wanted it, so I bought it. Only the finest for my girl."He would mumble, nibbled your earlobe while you unwrapped the box and smile at the chocolate inside, picking one up and press it against Isaiah’s lips only to blush when he bit down on it and lick his lips before he leaned to kiss you, grunting when you tried to pry his lips open so you could take the chocolate for yourself.

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Solomons

Since Alfie owned a bakery, he always made you the best treats in town and since it was Valentines Day, it was a much more special day then the others.

Coming home and finding all those freshly baked sweets on your kitchen table only to make you raise an eyebrow hearing thumbs from upstairs making a smile break on your lips.

Once upstairs, you found Alfie cussing while kicking the side of your bed, mumbling more profanaties only to pause when he heard your giggles making him turn around and give you a gentle glare.

”[Y/N], you’re home earlier…I wanted to wrap your stupid mutt up in ribbons and have him bring the sweets to you but he bit me and then I—“His words were cut off by your lips pressed against his, gripping the front of his jacket to keep him closer and hum, leaning back and snicker that he was being an idiot right now.

"Boxer will never let you touch him..We both know he started hating you the moment he walked on us having sex..I think we scarred my dog for life."You laughed, combing your fingers through Alfie’s hair only to press a gentle kiss to his neck and whisper for him to go downstairs and get the sweets and then come back and close the door.

"Lock it too..I want to eat those sweets off your body."You cooed while watching Alfie with dark eyes and smirk when he walked to the door only to hiss when you slapped his bottom and wave at him from your bed.


Word count: 2365 (how did I write that much holy fuck)

Pairing: Michael Gray x Reader

Warning: so much smut (18+ please guys), dirty talk, oral (female receiving), lots of cursing.

Send me a request.

“You fuckin’ bastard!” You screamed at your boyfriend, Michael. You had just found out that he had slept with another girl. “Get the fuck out of my flat, now.”
“(Y/N), please. I was drunk, it was a mistake. It meant nothing.” Michael begged.

“I trusted you, Michael. You fuckin’ betrayed me. Get out.” You yelled. Michael had no choice but to take the bag you thrust at him as he was forced out the door.

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Peaky Blinders:

You’re a dancer and Tommy falls for you

You’re a party girl but when you meet Finn, he tries to get you to see how bad it really is

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You’re dating Michael Gray and end up pregnant

You fell in love with Finn, but you have a secret

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Teen Wolf:

You were childhood friends with Derek

Cough* Thomas Shelby *cough.

More Than Beneficial Part 3

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Michael Gray x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon)

Send in requests or feedback: x

~warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, fighting, and crying.~

Prompt: You and Michael get into a fight.

A/N: This probably isn’t the best thing I have ever written but I’m honestly just trying to get back into the swing of things. Either way, I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t really know where to end it but the next part will probably be a Michael POV of getting the reader home and putting the reader to sleep. I still keep getting loads of followers, so welcome if you are new and thank you for all the support if you are a recurring reader. Feedback would be so much appreciated as I kind of feel like my account died and am feeling pretty unmotivated as of right now. Besides that thank you all for the likes/reblogs feel free to comment or send in a request. I have a prompt list floating around somewhere on my blog. (I’m pretty sure it’s tagged prompt list.) The next thing I’m thinking of writing is probably a smut of some kind. (One of the John requests I’ve received.) Okay, now I’m just rambling haha. I hope you all enjoy. Leave Feedback :)

Your body was pressed between the random man and a tall standing table, as you stared up at him. He was quite handsome and seemed like the business type. A kind guy with little to no dirt on him. The type of guy who worked a clean job, having not done a single illegal thing in his life. His name was Frank or Fred or something of that caliber, but it didn’t really matter. Too bad you didn’t aim for the nice and neat guys because this one seemed quite the catch. All you knew or cared about was that it was getting to Michael and that’s all you were looking to do. Your hand played at his arm as you made flirty conversation. Leading the conversation into one that allowed you to put your hands in his blonde hair. Complimenting him on his glassy blue eyes and his white-toothed grin. His words were smooth like a salesman but with the genuinity of a boy. You leaned up to whisper into the man’s ear looking across the room at Michael to see how much of his attention you had. Michael’s eyes didn’t move from you, observing your every move. 

Within a few seconds, Michael was walking toward the two of you. Michael had this unwavering confidence, something you always found super alluring about him. If he was on edge he did a good job hiding it. He was fearless ever since he had become a more active member of the Peaky Blinders. 

The man placed a kiss on your hand while he continued to talk sweet nothings to you. His hands moved to your hips as he gave you a twinkling smile. It wasn’t until when he felt Michael’s eyes on the two of you, that he shifted his focus to Michael. 

“Did you need something?” The man questioned, not rudely but genuinely wanting to know what he wanted, looking at Michael who just stood leaning against the table you were pressed against.

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Dinner w/ the Parents [HC] | Tommy/John/Michael

Request: “ Oooh can you write like three little imagines, or three independant imagines ahah, about John, Tommy and Michael meeting their girlfriend’s family like if they are nervous etc how they act during a meal

Warning(s): gender-neutral reader, slight nsfw mention

Originally posted by ckare


  • keeps his cool
  • is very calm ???
  • might be panicking internally but he seems the complete opposite
  • gives them the fake ass Shelby Smile™
  • talks up the legal side of the business, just to impress them
  • “Try my gin I can bring you a few bottles if you want-”
  • goes for the “dress to impress” route
  • he just wants their approval
  • it’s really odd considering how relaxed back he usually is around you
  • it reminds you of how he acts at the fundraisers
  • is a completely different person once you leave
  • his forced smile drops, his perfect posture relaxes, he shrugs off his suit
  • “Christ, I thought we’d never leave.”
  • “Well, I think you certainly got their approval.”
  • “I fucking better have.”
  • then he leans over and kisses you
  • honestly?? probably car sex
  • right there while you’re still in the driveway. yup.

Originally posted by cillionmurphy


  • overly confident
  • eager to show off the family business, accidentally lets some of the more illegal activities in the process
  • you cover for him, making excuses
  • “So then I just fuckin’ shot him-”
  • “In the war, he means. Don’t you John?” 
  • (it’s followed by a swift kick to his shin under the table)
  • talks himself up a lot lmao
  • very affectionate
  • he leans over and kisses you, holds your hand, etc
  • your parents think it’s cute
  • he acts confident but it’s also obvious that he’s absolutely head over heels in love with you
  • “I was in the war, you know”
  • despite his cockiness, he’s actually very amusing??
  • he’s kinda hilarious
  • your parents eat that shit up, too

Originally posted by peachyblinders


  • nervous nelly!!!!
  • very quiet
  • very reserved
  • only speaks when your parents ask him something
  • knows he has to impress your parents, but not once does he try to play himself up or bend the truth to make himself seem better than he is
  • your parents respect that
  • speaks highly of you
  • constantly complimenting you
  • talks about how you met and how he fell in love with you
  • constantly saying how fortunate he is to have you
  • talks about your future together, how he wants to save up money and buy land somewhere out in the countryside
  • very unintentionally charming
  • he’s just so naturally cute
  • you end up doing quite a lot of the talking for him
  • your parents love him 
  • “So when’s the wedding?”

anonymous asked:

192 with Michael for the prompts? Love your writing btw, your really talented :D

Aw thank you so much! 

From this prompt list

192: What did you just say? (implied nsfw)

It was a routine, rile each other up all night, get close to sneaking off, act as if nothing happened the next morning. The teasing and flirting never started off as a serious thing, the thought of what came after never occurring to either of you as it went on. It was just fun and games, something to pass the time. However, one night you couldn’t help but notice how he stood closer, touched you more, leaned in right next to your ear to whisper jokes about whoever was talking at the time letting his warm breath hit you without a thought. He wasn’t trying to hide much ether, you could feel his eyes on you when you bent over Tommy’s desk to point something out in the books, the innocence that this whole thing started with was quickly fading.

“That’ll be all, you can go,” Tommy said when you finally walked away, the room seemed to sigh in relief at the thought of getting out of there, the meeting had been long and everyone was ready for some drinks.

However, it seemed like some had other things on their mind. You felt hands on your waist, the familiar breath against your neck, and then barely over a whisper you heard, “I’m going to fuck you over his desk one day.” And then it all disappeared, the hands were gone, your neck was cold from the loss of heat, all gone as if it never happened.

“What did you just say?” He only smirked over his shoulder before disappearing with the rest of the boys. “Michael!”

“Y/n, come, I need to speak with you,” Polly said before you could go after him.

Dinner that night was different, you expected to find Ada when you heard someone take the seat next to you, but when you turned, Michael smiled back at you. “That’s not where you sit,” you stated, though he already knew that.

“No seating chart at a family dinner, love,” he said, “Ada’s back from America, let her catch up with her brothers.”

You couldn’t help but look over at where she now sat, between Arthur and Finn, laughing as she watched her younger brother attempt to persuade Karl into sitting next to him.

“See? Let her have her fun,” he whispered.

You’d attempted to ignore him during the meal, talking to Esme about life with the new baby, however, the sound of something clattering on the floor made you look back at him.

“Sorry, dropped my knife,” he mumbled letting everyone go back to their chatting, he bent down to retrieve it but what his fingers touched was definitely not his knife. You almost kicked him, not expecting the feel of his hand ghosting up your leg as he sat back up. His hand reached your knee though he made no attempt to move it away, when he was finally settled again, instead using his thumb to rub small circles there.

“Michael I will cut you,” you whispered, but he only smirked when you didn’t move his hand away. “Your entire family is here, do you really want to do this now?”

“Now? Yes. Here? Have to admit, I’m not to keen on it,” he admitted, “Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.”


He rolled his eyes and looked around the table, checking to see if anyone could hear him, “excuse yourself to go to the bathroom,” he repeated, “now.” His eyes were narrowed, a pointed look telling you that you weren’t going to the bathroom to powder your nose. Not feeling up to announcing it to the room, you mumbled a line to Esme before you stood and walked off.

You’d gotten halfway down the hall before you found yourself pressed against a wall, lips attacking your neck before you could even see his face.

“Fuck, Michael, what the hell’s gotten into you?” you asked, pressing your palms into his shoulders. He removed himself and took a step back, eyebrow raised.

“Just got tired of it,” he said, he pulled his case out of his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, “not going home with you after it all, always having to go home alone and try not to think about you when I go to bed.”

You couldn’t help but smile, the thought of Michael trying so hard at night to forget the teasing throughout the day painting a beautiful picture in your mind. Pushing off the wall, you took the still unlit smoke out his mouth and slid it back into his pocket.

“You could have thought about me,” you said, moving up to stand on your toes in front of him, “I thought about you.” Any other time you wouldn’t have admitted it, you’d been friends and just friends and pleasuring oneself to the thought of a friend was usually frowned upon, “my night gown pulled up to my stomach, hand between my legs, almost every night,” you whispered, finally pressing your lips to his. He didn’t pull away, didn’t move a muscle before you finally stepped back again.

“Shit,” was all he could say before taking your hand, “c’mon, can’t do this in a hallway,” he explained as he started pulling you.

“Where the hell are we going then?” He didn’t say anything as he led you through the house, far from any bedroom that could’ve done just fine. He finally stopped, though you did not like where. “We can’t go in there!”

“I told you I was going to fuck you over his desk one day, guess what today is?” He grinned as he leaned back on the door, letting it swing open revealing Thomas Shelby’s office.

“You’re going to get me fired and killed, do you want me dead?”

“After I fuck you over the desk, I don’t think I’ll really care what happens.”

Dessert wasn’t the only thing being served when you returned, everyone smirked at you as you went to retake your seat. You didn’t dare look up from the cake on your plate in an effort to hide the red you could feel rising up to your cheeks. A minute later Michael sat next next to you, earning whistles from his cousins.

“Tie’s crooked, mate,” John said making the room finally erupt in laughter.

“About bloody time you two, I was starting to think my son wasn’t gifted with that Shelby family trait, getting me worried for no reason.”

Stay Away from Her- Michael Gray

Originally posted by lunasterys

Request// Michael Gray imagine where he gets jealous of yours and john’s friendship?

*Wow, three days in a row? Yes, I am overcompensating for my missing presence over the last couple of weeks! xoxox*


“John, stop it!” Michael could hear your playful whine from outside Arthur’s office. “If Polly knows your drinking on the job, she may just knock your head off.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. You should know that Aunt Pol doesn’t scare me.” Michael creeped into the room to find you sitting at the desk, scribbling numbers onto the paperwork. John sat on the edge of the desk smiling down at you as you worked.

“I’m sure Polly would love to hear that herself.” Michael’s comment made you both jump, not yet noticing him enter the room.

“God, Michael. You scared me half to death,” you impishly reprimand him. You quickly rose from your chair and moved to the door. You placed his arm on your waist before you wrapped yours over his shoulders. “John won’t leave me alone to finish my paperwork. If I don’t get it done, I’ll have to work late tonight. Or Polly will take my head instead.”

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Michaels girl.

Part 2 here.

(2,103) words.

Warnings: Rape themes, violence and death.

(Trigger warning.)

Fucking Tommy had done it again, started a mess that got everyone in danger but himself. He had managed to royally fuck up another deal, All he had to do was sign the contract with the Italians and the war would be fucking over. But that’s not what he did, Tommy being Tommy sat with Luca Changretta for all of 20 minutes before putting a bullet threw his head, along with the two cousins sat either side of him. Never thinking about the consequences until it was to late. But this time it was Tommy who would pay, the youngest Changretta brother was on his way and he knew where to hit Tommy Shelby where it hurt the most, some where that no one dared to go. He was going to take out the women and children of the Shelby family.. one by one. Starting with Michael Gray’s fiancé. Then Esme Shelby, picking off each of Johns children before starting on Linda and the baby. Before finally Polly gray and Charlie Shelby. Theo Changretta’s plan was going to topple not just the peaky blinders but the whole of Birmingham.

Tommy hadn’t told any of the family about the existence of Theo Changretta. Thinking the young 21 year old would know better than sticking his nose into family business. So it was a Saturday night in the late summer when Michael and (y/n) had been for a few drinks with the family in the garrison, Arthur announcing the news that Linda was pregnant. Causing everyone to drink late into the night. “I’m feeling tired michael” (y/n) whispered into his ear as she lent against his chest, she was sat in his lap as he smoked. Polly and Finn either side of them, Michaels hand dropped down to the small swell at the bottom of her stomach. “Want me to walk you home?” He asked thumbing over it gently, being discreet. They had both decided to announce the pregnancy when (y/n) was later along.

“I’m okay love, I’ll just go right home and get the bed warm for when you get home.” She grinned and his mouth quirked into a small smirk kissing her gently. “Okay (y/n) I won’t be long, I’ll just drink up and grab the keys from the office for the morning and I’ll be home.” Nodding her head (y/n) stood and kissed everyone’s cheeks saying goodnight. Hugging Linda and Arthur once again congratulating them before kissing Michael once more on her way out the door. Waving to Harry who was serving at the bar she slipped on her coat and headed out the door.

As soon as she stepped outside the cold air hit her, stinging her lungs as she breathed. Looking up she noticed the full moon and the bright clear stars shining brightly in the sky. With a smile on her lips she made her way slowly up watery lane towards her home. It was quiet out for a Saturday but it wasn’t anywhere near kicking out time so it wasn’t that unusual. (Y/n) nodded her head at Finn and Isaiah as they walked past her with two girls on their arms. This made (y/n) chuckle. She had just turned down the lane when someone touched her arm.

An elderly man, (y/n) stopped and smiled sweetly. “Everything okay?” She asked. Before she knew what was happening she was being dragged down the ally by the elderly man and a younger man. “Filthy Shelby.” The man spat in her face shoving her against the wall, Italian, he was Italian she recognised the accent. “You’ve got the wrong girl, ‘m no Shelby. ‘M just (y/full/n)” She was shaking looking at the two men but they clearly knew who she was. She was cursing herself for not just staying at the garrison a little while longer.

“Gonna have some fun with you before we gut ‘ya and leave you on Thomas Shelbys door step.” The younger man smirked pulling out a pen knife. (Y/n) had a small pistol on her hip in a holder under her dress Just she had no way of getting to it without him doing at least a little damage with the knife first. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour. “Please I just want to go home, I have nothing to do with the shelbys, if I did I wouldn’t be alone this late would I?” She begged looking at the men with wide eyes.

“Your fiancé Michael Shelby, he drew up the contracts my brother came to sign. We don’t know who pulled the trigger that killed our kin. But it was a dirty Shelby and now we’re her to take from them what they took from us.” The younger man stepped closer pressing the cold blade to (y/n)s cheek. The elder man chuckled “Family.”

It happened so quickly that (y/n) didn’t have chance to react before her face was slammed into the wall and she was pressed against it her dress bunches up in the small of her back. Theo used the knife to cut her underwear off while the elderly man held (y/n) still.

Beginning to sob as she felt the man touch her her body went numb. She felt sick but she knew once he was done she would have a chance to grab her gun. The scream she let out as he entered her was muffled by the dirty mans hand. It stunk of tobacco and filth. It went on for a few moments (y/n) just crying and trying to get away as he slammed into her sending her forcefully into the wall with each thrust.

Slowly she managed to slip her hand down her front, she knew Theo had a knife but she hadn’t seen the old man with a weapon. She used her free hand to grab the small pistol and looked down at her feet seeing Theo’s feet behind hers.

With a quick ‘please god’ she fired hitting him in the foot forcing him backward as soon as the grip on her loosened she span around and put a bullet between Theo’s eyes and another in he pleading old mans chest. Sobbing and covered in the men’s blood she dropped the gun stumbling backwards. Her face was scraped and bloody from being hit off the wall along with her arms and hands. Her cream dress and coat soaking with blood spatter.

She needed Michael and she needed him now. Limping out of the ally she looked up at the moon and cursed the stars. Just as she got to the doors of the garrison she heard the bell ring for last orders. She pushed open the door feeling numb now, everyone turned to look at her, they froze. Everyone knew who she was, Michaels girl. A Shelby.

Harry ran to the back room as soon as he caught sight of the poor girl. “Mr Gray! Mr Shelby, quickly it’s (y/n)” he shouted threw the hatch. “Everyone Out!” Harry called loudly.

The door to the back room opened the men running out Michael in front, each of them freezing as they saw her. “Michael.” She hiccuped her knees giving out, he caught her just in time. Sitting with her. The brothers stood around looking distraught. Polly came out Next and gasped pushing threw them to drop down Next to her son and soon to be daughter in law.

“What happened love? What fucking happened?!” Michael asked checking her over ripping at her clothes checking the blood wasn’t hers. Relaxing when he saw it wasn’t. “The Italians.” She cried into his chest clawing at his shirt to get closer to him. “Tommy” Michale growled ready to kill. “Theo Changretta, he’s after the Shelby women and children.” They All looked at each other before grabbing their guns.

(Y/n) shook her head. “I killed them. Both in the ally o-on watery lane.” The three brothers were out the door in a second off to clean up the mess. “Mum she’s pregnant the baby.” Michael panicked. Before (y/n) could hear Polly respond. She blacked out.

Michael carried his fiancé to the family home, Polly helped him get her changed, Michael had to leave a couple of times seeing the marks and bruised left on her body. He had to go and breath before he went and put a bullet in the head of every Italian on this side of Birmingham. Once she was cleaned up Michael lay her in their bed sitting next to her.

She didn’t wake until the next morning. “Michael?” She whispered wincing as she tried to move. Everything that had happened the night before came crashing back to her, her breathing picked up and she began to panic. Michael jumped awake at the sound of her voice and was holding her face whispering sweet nothings in seconds. “Okay sweetheart I’m here, we’re home look. You’re safe. I’m never going to let anyone hurt you, I’m so sorry.” She wrapped her arms around him and climbed down into his lap. He sat on the floor with his back against the wall holding her while they both cried.

“I will never leave your side again.” He whispered kissing the top of her head. He was soft with her, gentle touches soft movements, telling her whenever he was going to move his hands. Michael had never seen (y/n) this fragile, it broke him but he knew he had to be strong.

And that’s what he was. Never letting his anger boil over, never letting anyone even raise their voice in the house while she was there. He treated her like a china doll that would break any moment. And that’s just want (y/n) needed for a while. She needed Michael and he gave her all he had.

More Than Beneficial Part 2

gif source: x

Michael Gray x Reader

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon)

~warnings: sexual tension~

Prompt: You and Michael are friends with benefits and there is a lot of sexual tension.

A/N: Sorry this is so short. There will be at least two more parts for sure probably more because I feel like there is a lot I can do with this storyline. Sorry, my posting has slowed down a lot. I am working on writing at any free time I can which is basically at two in the morning. I hope you enjoy this part! Thank you for the requests and all of the liking and reblogging I get. Please give me feedback! I promise I’m ten times more motivated to write when I get nice messages and lovely inbox stuff. Thank you again for your continued support!

“Hey, boys!” you grinned trying to make nothing of Isaiah and Michael’s wandering stares. Michael continued drinking while his eyes darted across your body.

“We are not boys. You are talking to men here.” Isaiah retorted, taking another drink of whiskey.

“Don’t be afraid to remind me of that next time you begin crying over me stitching up your wounds.” you replied grinning cheekily over knocking him down a peg. A few weeks ago Isaiah got stabbed in the thigh over a small gang scuffle. He probably wouldn’t have normally cried but the alcohol in his system told him to do otherwise.

“I cried one time! Plus it was a big cut!” he pouted, getting almost instantly defensive. Michael still eyed you nervously, only providing slight laughter but seemed to or was pretending to look more interested in his cigarette and glass of whiskey.

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Michael X Reader


from a request. I really like when Michael talks lmao also fluff and smut and im just in my feels leave me alone

You had asked for separate rooms, insisted on it actually. So when you arrived to the hotel and they told you that only one room was available, you told Michael in no uncertain terms that you would be staying somewhere else. He was adamant that you stay at the hotel, reminding you that Tommy had put him in charge of your safety and to that you rolled your eyes. And so, here you were with Michael carrying your and his bags to the room you had been upgraded to. You unlock the door, not holding it for him and breeze in to the large middle room, heading to the bar. He pushes the door open with his foot, following behind you and going to the bedroom. He puts the bags on the ground next to the door and looks around the ornately decorated room. A large four poster bed was pushed back against the back wall, a fluffy duvet on top with too many pillows for his liking. Deep burgundy stripes lined with reflective silver adorned the walls, a desk is sat in a small alcove to the left. There’s a stately dark wooden desk, intricate carvings on the legs and a marble top, sat behind it is an equally impressive creme cushioned chair adding a welcome contrast.

“Michael” you call, pouring yourself a glass of bourbon and looking over the rest of the bar.

There’s only one bed” he replies, coming from the bedroom and taking you in with a critical eye.

“Can you sleep on the couch?” You ask, annoyance laced in the question and you stride green cushioned bay window seat, perching yourself there. You push the panes outwards, kicking off your heels and draw your legs comfortably under you.

His eyes roam you and he admires your silhouette. The curve of your jaw meeting a dimpled chin. Lips wide and full, a nose curving into a delicate dip at the end. Lashes framing beautiful eyes and he knows he’s fucked. You look peaceful and content, even with him hovering around you. He pulls his cigarettes from his pocket, lighting one and your nose wrinkles as he does.

“Do you have to smoke?”

“Do you have to complain?”

Your eyes roll as you lift the heavy crystal tumbler to your lips. The burn is a welcome distraction from his ever smug and stifling presence, the smell of the breeze wafting in from the ocean calms you. A smile graces your lips as your leant against the window sill. He thought you looked beautiful there, cradling the glass against your chest and staring out at the ocean. The setting sun sent pink, orange, and gold shadows over you and lit you in an angelic way. He tears his eyes and mind from you, ambling to the bar to pour himself a whiskey then sitting on the sofa. He takes a drag of his cigarette, closing his eyes and tilting his head to rest it back on the sofa.

“Did you hear me?” He asks, lazily reaching over and ashing his cigarette on the tray next to him.

“There’s only one bed. Did you hear me?”

“Can I sleep on the couch? No.” He would if it were anyone else but the thought of sleeping in the same bed as you -even with space between the two of you- was too enticing.

“Then I’m sleeping on the couch”

“No one is sleeping on the couch. I can’t ensure your safety if you’re one the couch and I’m in the other room, now can I?” He spoke slowly which irritated you. You felt as if he treated you lik a child. You were only a year younger than him and yet, he acts as if its a lifetime. The smug look he constantly wore, as if he knew everything, also bothers you.

You turn your head to look at him and find him to be looking at you already. You arch one brow, lifting the crystal to your lips for another drink.

“But you can if you’re on the couch” you smile at him, feeling triumphant because you knew he couldn’t argue your logic.

“That I can..” his head bobs in a slow nod, eyes scanning your face and stopping on your lips, flicking back to your eyes “but I don’t want to. And I know that you don’t want to either.”

Your smile fades, and your irritation is now evident. “I’m putting pillows between us”

“Mm.. I don’t like the pillows”

“I don’t like you”

“That’s too bad, because we’re sharing a bed”

“I don’t like sharing my bed”

“No pillows, we sleep on opposite sides.”

“You bother me”

“And you complain too much” with that he downs the rest of his whiskey, rising from the couch and placing the tumbler on the table next to him. “Are you coming to bed?” He shrugs off his suit jacket, unbuttoning his cuffs and you watch him with mild interest. A nervous wave comes over you as you realize that tonight he would be inches from you.

Not yet.. I’m going to change before you go in though” you slide off the seat and place the glass there, walking towards him and eyeing the cigarette between his lips with disgust. You make your way to the bedroom, opening your bags and looking through them. Your brows come together and you look through them again, panic rising in your chest.

“Michael” you call out once more, throwing the clothes behind  you as ou dig through the first bag, then the second.

He came in to find you frantically tossing things behind you and his eyebrows rose, chuckling at the sight. “Lose something?”

“Michael I can’t find anything to sleep in. Are you sure you picked up all of my bags?” You ask, turning to the clothes now behind you and searching them once more.

“Yes y/n. Just wear one of my shirts.”

“One of your shirts?” the idea of it annoyed you. Everything about him annoyed you. Including his annoying smirk that had now placed itself on his annoyingly smooth face.

“Yes. my shirt” he emphasizes each word by motioning to the shirt he’s wearing.

“Why in the ever loving fuck would I wear your shirt?”

“Are you planning on sleeping with me?” He leans against the door frame, tucking his arms over his chest.

“I’m planning on sleeping, yes” you were speaking in a clipped tone, folding your clothes and placing them back in your bags. You see him eyeing your bras and you quickly bury them in with everything else.

“Then you need to wear something. Seeing as you don’t have anything, you can wear” he trails off, waiting for your gaze to return to his. It does after a moment and the corner of his mouth turns up into a smirk “my shirt.”

You exaggerate rolling your eyes and hold your hand out, still kneeling before him. The sight of you on your knees made his heart pound and he had to tear himself away from imagining your lips wrapped around him. You clear your throat and he blinks as your hand waves in his face.

“Are you going to give me a short or not?”

He picks up his own bag, placing it on the bed and looking through it without truly looking. His mind begins to wander back to you and you stare at him, taking in the way he moves and how he looks. You yourself imagine this as a routine, coming home to him after a long day at work and him asking about your day, snipping back and forth with each other. You quickly shake your head, pushing the thought away and study him again. His jaw is sharp, his skin a beautiful tan color and jarringly smooth. In general, the way he speaks, moves, looks. Everything about him is class and you admire that, even if he is stupid and annoying. He walks back over to you, holding out a shirt to you and your fingers graze his, stopping as they do. Both your eyes lock on to your touching fingers for a moment then pulling them back at the same time. His shirt is clutched tightly in your grasp and you stand.

“Can you get out, I need to change.”

“Most people say thank you”

“Thank you, get out”

He closes the door behind him, shaking his head to himself and sighing. He looks to the window, deciding to have another whiskey. He pours it, walking to where you had previously sat and sips it, placing it down next to yours. He begins to unbutton his shirt, fingers topping on the last one as you open the door. You stride to the bar, picking the container of bourbon from it and make your way over to him, reaching around to pick up your glass. You finish it, and go to pour another when he turns around with an expression of disbelief.

“We aren’t here just for you to drink”

“We aren’t here just for work either. Now, may I please have it back?”


“Michael, give it to me.”

“No. Do you ignore everything I say?”

“Only the things that I don’t care for. Hand it over” you motion for it and he relents, handing it to you with a roll of his eyes.

“Then I’ll join you for a drink”

“I thought you were going to bed”

“You also thought you packed clothes to sleep in.” A smirk plays on his lips and you look away from him.

“His eyes travel over your from in his shirt, the top few buttons undone and he can make out the swell of your breast under. The hem of his shirt falls against the bottom of the tops of your thighs and socks were on your feet. His, if he had to venture a guess as the looked to be three sizes too big for you.

“You like my clothes then?” He says, going into the bedroom and leaving the door open.

“You have warm socks!”

“Right. Well, I’m glad you like something about me” He comes back out in just his underwear, picking up his tumbler from the table at the end of the couch. He makes his way to the bay window, sitting across from you. Your legs lay between his but not touching. One of his knees is propped up, elbow sat upon it and the glass is in his hand.

“You can keep the shirt”

Your fingers rub the soft, worn cuff of it. It smelled like him. Like clean soap and cigarette smoke and mellow, smooth cologne. The word stuck in your mind. He was the incarnation of smooth. His skin was unmarked, trim and fit. He was comfortable in who he was, he never seemed to doubt himself. Nothing caused him to pause. He knew what to say. You appraised him sat before you.and you eyes roam over his exposed torso, teeth sinking into you bottom lip and nodding to yourself. You repeat the word quietly, sipping your drink.

“Smooth?” Humor in his voice and mischief in his eyes.

You blush furiously, looking out the window at the newly risen moon. “I.. it describes you perfectly. Smooth. The way you talk. The way you walk. Your skin. The fact that nothing affects you. Your attitude. Taste in whiskey. Way with women..” you trail off, sipping the bourbon once more and flicking your gaze back to him.

A genuine, toothy smile is on his face and you thought you could see a blush tinging his cheeks. He nods slowly, finishing his whiskey and fills it with the bourbon. His eyes shone with happiness and he appreciates your honest and kind words.

“So.. you spend time looking at me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself”

“You said my skin was smooth”

“I take it back”

He laughs, a true laugh and you feel a real smile creeping on to your face. He looks out the window and a comfortable silence falls over the two of you. The both of you drink your bourbon and yours empties first. You feel blurry, smudged- the way pen smudges when you touch it before it’s dry.

“Engaging” He speaks after a moment and your head tilts, confused as to what he’s referring to. “You. Your word is engaging. You talk fast. Sharp tongue. The way you look at people. The way you move. Smile. Flirt. How you dress. Your body. Your face..” He smiles at you waiting for your response. You look over him, blinking to focus your vision on him and place your hand on his leg. It surprises him, and his eyes swiftly come to look at it. Your touch is magnetic to him and his breath is caught in his chest. He clears his throat and looks back out the window, fighting the urge to place his hand over yours.



“Can I try a cigarette?”

“You want to try a cigarette? You?” He looks at you, eyebrows raised in shock.  

You nod, putting your tumbler down and he gets up, taking them from the table by the sofa and sitting across from you again.

“Do you want me to light it?”

You nod again, and he does so then hands it to you. You tentatively bring it to your lips, inhaling it slowly and coughing, your eyes water and he laughs, handing you his drink. You sip it and he reaches for you, wiping the tears from your cheeks and you giggle. The sound is beautiful to him. You try again, nose wrinkling at the taste and you shake your head, handing it and the bourbon to him. 

“Not for you, I suppose”

“Figured I should try it at least once”

“Why?” He asks, genuinely curious as to your answer.

“That’s what I live by. You should try everything in life at least once” you say softly, and his eyes darken a shade. A smirk comes to his face again and he reclines against the cushion behind him.


You blush furiously, knowing what he’s insinuating and shake your head no. He laughs again, flicking the cigarette to the street below and you rise from the cushions.

“I think.. it’s time for me to get to bed..” you pick your words carefully, trying to avoid him making another joke and he nods, sipping his drink.

“Go on then.”

You heart sinks a little but you can’t understand why. “Will you be joining me?”

“Are you asking me to sleep with you?”

The blush has returned to your face and you don’t know how to answer him, choosing instead to walk towards the bedroom, pausing at the door.

“How do you mean..?”

“I think it’s a pretty clear question.”

“Are you asking me if I’m asking you to sleep with me or if I’m asking you to fuck me?” The words came from you quickly and your teeth sank to your bottom lip, eager for his response.

“Whichever you wanted.” He replies steadily, not moving to look at you for fear you would see his growing arousal.

“What if I needed help deciding?” You ask coyly, the idea taking root in your mind and grabbing hold of all sense you have.

He doesn’t say anything, sipping his drink again and finally after a few minutes says “Go to bed, y/n”

You feel rejected and the smile fades from your face. You close the door quietly behind you, tossing the throw pillows on to the floor and climb in under the thick duvet. The pillowy soft feather bed under you sank as you got comfortable. You close your eyes and the exhaustion for traveling all day and night takes you over and you slip into an easy sleep, dreaming of things you had been ignoring for a while now.

A few hours had past before Michael opened the door to the room you were sharing, careful to be as quiet as he could. You turned fitfully in your sleep, arms falling into the empty side of the bed and he scans your sleeping body, smiling to himself. He pulls the comforter back and you drowsily open your eyes, squinting in the dark as you look up at him.

“Slide over love..” he mumbled softly, slowly slipping in next to you and you turn over, closing your eyes once more.

He can’t sleep, being so close to you and you were slowly waking next to him, unable to sleep as well. A huff came from you and you moved around next to him, groaning.

“Stay on your side” he says, eyes trained on you and you turn your head to look at him, moving the the space between you to spite him. He scoffs, rolling his eyes and turns away from you, your backs almost touching. He turns back over and you hadn’t moved to your side. He can sense the nervous energy you have.

“Come here..” he mumbles, reaching for you and hesitating, hand hovering over your arm. You feel the heat from it and goosebumps rise on your arm.

“Hmm..?” You hum, waiting for his hand to fall on your arm and it doesn’t, staying above your arm.

“Can I touch you..?” He asks quietly and you chew your lip, knowing that this could lead to other things that you may regret in the morning. He had never been gentle in bed, but you had never slept in the same bed either. You only used each other, but you couldn’t stand him otherwise. Tonight though, you had no where to go and the question was loaded with more than just the possibility of his wandering hands.


His hand caresses your arm lightly, moving it tentatively to your waist and pulling you back to him. You relished in the  warmth radiating from him. Your back is pressed against his chest and his arm slips from your arm to your waist, hand moving to press flat against your stomach. He closes his eyes, his forehead coming to your shoulder and his other arm moves under your pillow. Butterflies are coming alive in your stomach, you shift back and your backside is against his crotch. The contact has his hand on your stomach twitch and his arm stiffens for a moment. You smile to yourself and your hips wiggle, feigning discomfort and he grunts, arm stiff again.

“Do you have to move so much?”

“The rest of you isn’t complaining..” you mumble, his length now straining against his boxers and pushing between your cheeks.

“I don’t hear you complaining either.”

He hand spans your stomach and strokes his fingers against your hips slowly, pressing a soft kiss to your shoulder and a shiver runs through you. You shift against him again and his hand drags from your hip to the hem of the shirt, thumb rubbing the skin just below it. His arm moves from under the pillow, coming under you and finding the buttons on the front of his shirt you’re wearing. You stifle a groan and you turn towards him a bit so his hands can move over you easier. He nudges your head to one side gently with his, lips grazing your neck and quiet moan leaves you as his fingers slip into the front of the shirt and cups your breast with a firm hand. His leg slips under yours, lifting it and his hand moves over your thigh at an agonizing pace, fingertips brushing against your naked hip and he smiles. You hadn’t worn anything other than his shirt to bed. The fabric of it rests on your stomach and he kisses your neck again, biting the sensitive skin again and pulling it between his teeth. Another moan leaves you, arousal making you needy for his hands on you. You press back against him, his hand falling from your hip, fingers gliding over your clit in a ghosting touch. You whine and he smirks

“Do you like it when I touch you like this..?” He mumbled into your ear, kissing your jaw and his thumb and middle finger slip over your clit and spread along the sides of it, his pointer coming to rest directly on it. He squeezes it lightly, finger moving in slow circles against it and you moan, head tilting back. He continues on your clit, other hand kneading your breast and his thumb swipes over your nipple quickly. Your hips buck against his hand, whimpers and quiet words coming from you and his smirk grows, slipping his fingers into you and a obscene wet noise coming from between your legs. His cock throbs hard between your cheeks and you press further into him.

“Michael.. please..” you whine and he hooks his fingers to your gspot, rubbing it with a steady pressure and your walls are tight around his fingers. He groans, your tightness is astounding to him. He places his thumb on your clit, rubbing it in hard and quick side to side motion. His name comes from you again and he swells against you again, slowly withdrawing his fingers from you, thumb unmoving and takes his arm from under you. He swiftly moves from behind you, laying you back and spreading your legs apart, his fingers returning to your needy sex and your back arches as they press into you, toes curling at the feeling. Your eyes close, head pressing back into the pillow under your head, hands gripping the bed under you. He uses his other hand to spread your lips with two fingers, thumb pressing harder on your clit and your hips jerk, you gasping for air. His fingers sink deeper into you and he bites his bottom lip, moaning.

“What a beautiful sight..” he mumbles, slowing his fingers in you and watching your walls grip them tightly, hips moving to feel more of him. His hand was covered in your wetness and as he presses his fingers into you again he curves them to meet your gspot, stilling his motions and rubbing it with his fingertips. The circles on your clit have increased in pressure and you grabbed his wrist, moaning his name and a smirk grew on his face. He pressed harder against your clit, fingers working against your gspot frantically and you cried out as the intensity of your orgasm tore through you. A white flash came over your vision, blood pounding in your ears and he watches in awe as your legs tremble. You pushed at his hand, his fingers still in you and steady against your gspot, not slowing in the least and he moves to his stomach. He takes his hand from you, licking his thumb and draws your thigh over his shoulder. His tongue runs over your clit, circling it then pressing flat against it. Your back arches off the bed, hands flying to his hair and tangling in it.

“Michael.. Michael, I need you in me.. Please.” you beg him, and he slips his fingers from you, sliding his tongue into you. Tears form in your eyes as the pleasure becomes too much and he slows his tongue on you, kissing over and around your clit lightly. He presses a kiss to your stomach and looks up at you. His cock has strained as much as it could against his boxers and now they felt painfully tight. He works them off, tossing them to the side and a deft hand traces over your thigh, slipping it around his waist. His length is pressed against it, hot and throbbing with a need for you. Your hand travels to his neck, bringing him up to you and your lips meet for a gentle kiss. He moves his hand under your back, helping you to sit up on the bed and turning the both of you so that you’re on his lap. His back rests against the headboard and your eyes meet his. A shy smile is on your face and he brushes a loose strand of hair from your face. 

“You pretend like you don’t want me and then you end up sat above my cock. Now tell me, does that seem reasonable?”

“Oh fuck reasonable. You’re annoying when your mouth isn’t between my legs”

The tip of his cock grazes against your center and a shiver runs along your spine and he laughs, doing it again. Your forehead falls to his shoulder, one arm moving around his shoulders, the other slipping around his waist. You drop gentle kisses over his neck, teeth grazing his jaw. His free hand comes to your own jaw, holding it in a firm grasp and he directs you to look at him. Your eyes meet and then widen as he pushes his full length into you. A whimper pushes past your lips and he smirks again, withdrawing from you and thrusting into you once more.

“What were you saying?” he asks, his sharp thrusts preventing you from getting a word out as each one rubs against your gspot. Your hips move with his rapid and sharp thrusts, rolling them forwards as he pushes into you and the feeling is delicious. Your eyes roll back and you close them, nails digging into his back, skin breaking under them.

“I can’t hear you quite right. Speak up love.” His hand comes down on your cheek and your eyes fly open, gasping at the sting and his hand moves to your throat, gripping it lightly. “Was it me me who fucked you like this last?” His hips are slapping against yours and your walls are gripping his cock in a vice, your head is reeling in the pleasure, moans falling freely from you as he continues. You finally nod and his hand comes down again, bruising the same spot. A strangled moan comes from you and he brings his hand down on you again, harder and a scream breaks in your chest. He stills in you and your hips continue to move on their own accord, riding him with a need that he hadn’t seen before.

“Stop.” he says firmly and you can’t, the desire to chase your orgasm is too great and irritation flicks over his features. He rubs your cheek slowly, watching you for a moment then bringing his hand down on your cheek as hard as he can. The force pushes you forward and a cry of complete pain leaves you.

“What did I say?” He asks quietly, hand lightly rubbing the spot and soothing it. His voice is deeper and much more stern than before.

“Stop..” You mumble, unable to look him in the eye, choosing instead to look at his chest.

“What didn’t you do?”

“Stop..” You answer him softly, knowing the displeasure in his voice too well.

“Do you think you deserve to come..?” He asks, his fingertips brush against your jaw, tilting your head up to meet his gaze. You look at him, biting your lip gently and nod. “Really?” You nod again and he sighs, rubbing his hand against your cheek. His feelings for you had grown from purely selfish and sexual, into affection and he couldn’t say no to you anymore. “Alright darling.”

You bring your hips up slowly, moving with a purpose and its different now. His hand slides from your throat to your ribcage, guiding you and you lean forward, pressing sweet kisses against his lips. He returns them, his hands caressing your rib cage tenderly, one slipping down to your hip and helping you move on his cock, the tip brushing against your gspot again and you whimper. He smiles a bit, doing it again and he moves his fingers to your clit, rubbing it in languid circles. Your eyes are hooded, forehead resting against his. Your noses are touching and he kisses you again, lovingly. The new emotion is welcome and you return it, pulling him closer to you and your chest is pressed against his, wanting to be as close to him as possible. He pulls away from your kiss, his lips fixing themself on your neck.

“Michael..” You whimper, his fingers pressed directly against your clit. He kisses your neck again, biting the skin lightly and you rock your ships to meet his. His fingers make quick work of your clit and the familiar warm coil forms in your stomach.

“Oh my god, Michael” you moan breathy, his fingers pressing harder and your head feels light, his lips mover to your jaw, kissing along it to your lips, foreheads pressed together once more. A sheen of sweat covers both of you and he searches your eyes for any sign of how you feel. You grip the back of his neck tightly, another whimper slipping from you and he smiles, kissing it away.

“Whose are you..?” He asks, fingers slowing on your clit and holding you on the brink of your orgasm. You feel as if you could pass out, the pleasure is finally too much and tears roll down your cheeks.

“You, Michael. You god its you, please you know it’s always been you” He dips his head down, kissing you again and his fingers deftly work your orgasm back to the edge, a pained whine coming from you.

“Mine.”  He whispers against your lips as his fingers push you over the edge, a cry coming from you and he covers your lips with his, not stopping his movements and you cling to him tightly, walls gripping his cock painfully tight. A groan comes from him and he edges his fingers off of you, a shiver running though you. You still on his lap and his hand slips to your back, traveling it and trying to hold all of your at once. He brings his lips to your forehead, placing a lingering kiss there and you lean into him.

“You haven’t come..” you mumble, nails tracing shapes over his shoulders and up the back of his neck, slipping into his hair, scratching over his head lightly. He shudders under your hand and you smile.

“The nights still young y/n. I needed to hear you admit what we both knew already..” He replies, looking down at you and brings his fingers to your chin, guiding you to kiss him once more.

“You’re still annoying..” You mumble against his lips and he laughs, shaking his head slowly and leaning back against the headboard. You hands fall to his chest and he smiles at you, hand rubbing your lower back.

“And yet, you’ll be screaming my name for the rest of the night.”

Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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Say it again | Michael Gray

Prompt “You’re a disappointment.”

You didn’t know what to say when your foster mother told you that Henry had left to live with his birth mother. He’d mentioned the man that’d come to the house. The way he was dressed and the car he’d arrived in. You could see him ticking things over every night after. You and him had been like two peas in a pod ever since he arrived at the foster home. You were either the best of friends or at each other’s throats. You told each other everything. That’s why it’d hurt so much when Henry didn’t even tell you himself that he wasn’t coming back.

You stewed on it for months. Eventually you realised you were so angry because he’d meant more to you then just being a friend. You felt like he’d broken your heart.

It was on your eighteenth birthday that you went a little nuts by the villages standards at least. Henry had always talked about it to you and every time you went passed that little wishing well it reminded you of him. You didn’t use dynamite like he’d always planned. You took the sledgehammer from your foster father’s kit and dragged it down to the village green.

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They’ve Got Her - A Michael Gray Imagine

Requested: yes

Pairings: Michael x reader

Warnings: kidnapping, violence, swearing

{prompt 50: “Don’t worry he won’t touch you anymore….the fucker has no hands 

Prompt 37: “If she dies, I’ll kill every last one of you, I don’t care if we’re family”}

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It’s my first time writing for Michael so I  hope you enjoy!💕

You had only been with Michael a few months when it happened, when your parents decided to kick you out.

You knew they wouldn’t take the news of you being with Michael well, it’s why you never told them.

But someone had seen you out late with Michael one night walking home from the garrison, and decided to tell your parents all about it.

They were on you the second you walked through the front door, yelling and screaming in your face.

They said you were making a mistake, that if you couldn’t see the wrong of your actions then you weren’t the girl they raised, and they’d rather loose you on their own terms than have to mourn when you ended up dead in gangster business.

So you ended up on Michael’s doorstep, holding your most precious belongings in your arms, whilst you tried to control the trembling of your bottom lip.

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More Than Beneficial Part 4

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Michael Gray x Reader 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 (coming soon)

send in requests or feedback: x

~warnings: rejection, angst and fluff~

Prompt: Michael walks you home in the rain.

A/N: I know what you're thinking. “Finally she releases something!!” The amount of support I get on this series in particular is just astounding. Thank you all for support and feedback. I will hopefully have time to start part 5 soon and do a few good ole requests. I just started college so I am trying to get used to University life. I am overall very happy with how this part turned out. The end is a little sloppy so I apologize. I wrote the end during a time of intense sleep deprivation (Literally the world was spinning while I was writing it. Good times!) Again, as always, leave feedback it helps motivate me to write more knowing that others want more content. Finally, Thank you again and Enjoy! :)

You woke up to a raindrop landing on your cheek. Fluttering open your eyes focused on the cloth of Michael’s coat arm. At first there was only one dark spot where the water landed. Then another and another as the fabric began to soak up the rain that was landing on it.

“Can you stand? We should probably make a jog for it.” His words sounded muted in the background of your focus on his Jacket. 

You nodded instead of speaking. Wanting to hold on the silence and sound of rain. He reached the doorway of a random house trying to find shelter from the rain for a moment. He let you down, making sure you were steady before letting go of you. 

“We’ll go to my house instead. It’s a lot closer. Is that okay?” Michael asked before moving, making sure you were comfortable with that. 

You nodded confirming that it was okay with you. He pulled his jacket off to place it on you, attempting to keep you from the cold. You reached for Michael’s hand, startling him slightly. He gave a large grin, intertwining his fingers with yours and squeezing your hand. The world still spun about but you didn’t know whether that was drunkenness or lightheadedness over the look in Michael’s eyes.

“Ready?” He looked at you, gripping your hand.

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Michael x Reader

Prompts: #47: “Go on I dare you” & #50: “Please I need you” (Requested by Anon)

Michael had met you on a dare. He and his cousin, Finn, and Finn’s friend, Isaiah, had gone to the Garrison together for a night of fun and not business for once. They had had a couple of drinks when the door opened and Michael couldn’t help but feel like he should see who had walked in. And when he turned around, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. Her (Y/H/C) was in loose curls down her back and her (Y/E/C) eyes were sparkling with the lights. She was wearing a beautiful flapper dress that hugged her curves perfectly and glittered every time she moved. Her (Y/S/C) legs were slender and at the floor he saw her glittery black heels.

“What do ya say Michael? Wanna head out of here?” He heard his cousin’s voice, but it didn’t register to his brain that he had been spoken to; he was too entranced by the woman’s beauty that Isaiah had to shake his arm to get his attention.

“Are you alright, lad?” Michael nodded with a confused look, “You were staring over at the door and Finny here was trying to ask you a question.

“Well, then ask me again, Finn,” He turned to his younger cousin.

“I don’t think I want to. I have a different question now,” He gestured to the door, where the girl was still standing, “Who were you staring at?” He asked with a smirk and Michael snapped his gaze anywhere but where that girl was.

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Prompt #90 With Michael Gray

“Come here.”


“Just come here.”

“No! You’re gonna do something, I know it!”

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There was something infinitely playful about your relationship with Michael. While he tended to be serious and business like around his family, it was always different with you. You loved to tease each other. You loved to make each other laugh- even if it came at the cost of creating utter chaos. 

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being soft with his girl; michael gray

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-lmfao michael is such a lover boy he loves to be in love

-like he honestly just sits and stares at you with the biggest goofy smile on his face

-when you’re going out to dinner or some other ridiculously opulent event hosted by someone who’s definitely in illegal business, he gets dressed and just sits and pretends like he isn’t watching you do your makeup and thinking about how pretty you are

-oftentimes, the dinners you attend are long and tedious, and when he gets a little bit tipsy he’ll lean back in his chair and rest his hand across your thigh, smiling loosely at you

-he likes holding your hand but he likes wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close more, because he wants you nearby

-michael knows he doesn’t have to buy you things, you’ve said it often enough, but he likes doing it

-he thinks he owes you in some way for improving his life, and he thinks he can thank you with material goods

-you think he’s thanking you just by being himself, but you appreciate the beautiful sapphire necklace he got you on your birthday

-the one big purchase he’s made that you agreed on was your house

-it’s modestly sized compared to tommy’s sprawling estate, but it has land and land means you can have dogs and chickens and he can feel like he’s got a bit of his country home in his new life

-michael adores being domestic tbh

-loves making tea with you in your kitchen, loves going out in the morning to feed the animals with you (something his cousins insist is very out of character for him but he doesn’t mind), loves catching you in the hallway for a quick kiss while you giggle into his mouth

-he absolutely does not get enough sleep, but he sleeps best next to you, tucked up close in a bed he bought specifically because it was a bit too small (he just wants to be as close as possible ok)

-michael is a hugger and a “i’ll wrap my arms around your waist and you wrap yours around my neck and come give me a kiss, i haven’t seen you in two days”

-he was an absolute mess at your wedding

-not in a bad way, in a he can’t believe he’s marrying you way

-tears up when you walk down the aisle but pretends he isn’t crying

-calls you ‘my wife’ at every given opportunity (john mulaney is that you)

-he just love, love, loves you so much

Christmas Wrapping - A Michael Gray Imagine

Requested: Yes

Pairings: Michael Gray x reader 

Warnings: cuteness??

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{Festive Prompt’s 3: “if I have to wrap one more present I’m going to kill someone, mostly likely myself” 53: “Christmas is not the time for murder!” 40: “just dance with me 11: “I want to start this year, how I plan to spend the rest of my life.. with you”}

Here’s another, I’ve actually gotta wrap all my presents soon oops, enjoy!! x💕

You and Michael were currently sat together in his house, room lit by the fire, as you wrapped presents together.

Him sitting in an arm chair and you led across the floor.

“I’m out of paper” he told you, frowning down at his lap, which was in fact devoid of paper.

“On it” you grabbed for more wrapping paper, moving yourself to sit closer beside him and placing it in his awaiting hands.

“I love you” he grinned in place of a thank you, leaning to press a quick kiss to your lips before going back to his wrapping.

Although Michael Gray was an amazing business man, and could probably run the Shelby’s business singlehandedly..he had surprisingly terrible Christmas organisation.

You told him this as you helped him wrap yet another present, looking up to see him glaring at you.

“I may have misjudged the quantity of presents” he admitted quietly, avoiding your gaze as he tried to wrap up a toy for Charlie, eventually sighing and shoving it aside.

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Drool || M.G

You are a nurse at the hospital that Michael went to where he was getting healed.
Characters – Michael x Reader
Word Count – 1268

You walked down the hallway, your shoes echoing throughout, it was oddly quiet today, most the patients must have been sleeping or on pain medicine. As you walked to the room, 173, you pushed the door open with your back, since your hands were filled with bandages and a basin and a wash cloth. When you turned around you stopped in your tracks.
‘Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know he had a visitor.’ You said.
‘I can leave and come back later.’ You offered.
‘It’s fine Y/N.’ You heard Michael say, you looked at the woman before nodding. You walked into the room and placed the basin on the counter
‘I’m surprised you remembered my name.’ You commented as you wringed out the cloth.
‘You were pretty out of it.’ You said, he groaned as you ran the cloth gently over his shoulders. You then looked to the woman who looked worried. You remember what he was saying to you when he was coming out of the operation.
‘Polly?’ You asked, she looked up and nodded.
‘He talk about you then as well.’ You told her, and she smiled slightly.
‘Would you like to wash his face, whilst I get the bandage ready?’ You asked her, holding the cloth pout to her, she nodded before taking it and gently running it over his face. You turned to the bandage and unravelled it and sat it on the bed.
‘Are you ready?’ You asked Michael, he nodded and tried to sit up. You placed a hand behind his lower back and allowed him to pull up on the free arm. Polly was watching closely as he sat up, with his eyes tightly shut.
‘I won’t take too long.’ You said into his ear, as you unwrapped the bandage that was already around his chest. You took a lot at the wounds as well and saw they were doing fine, you stole a glance at Polly and saw her with tears in her eyes, so you hurried up.
Once you had finished the bandage, you lowered him down and covered half his chest with the thin cover. You took the cloth that lay on the edge of the bed, putting it in the basin.
‘Well that wasn’t to bad was it?’ You teased him, he raised an eyebrow and smiled.
‘It always goes faster when you do it.’ He replied, you smiled widely.
‘Do me the favour and tell that to my boss, will ya?’ you asked him as you moved from the bed. He nodded and sighed, closing his eyes. You smiled slightly before making your way towards the door.
‘Y/N.’ you heard a hushed whisper behind you. You turned around and saw Polly coming over. You smiled politely at her.
‘Is he going to be okay?’ Polly asked as she stood next to you in the doorway. You nodded.
‘Yes, he’s doing better than he should for haven been shot that many times.’ You told her truthfully, as you looked over at Michael, who’s eyes were closed, and he was breathing evenly.
‘He’s a strong lad.’ You commented as you lifted the basin higher on your hip.
‘That he is.’ She replied.

‘Why does the room smell of cigarette smoke?’ You asked Michael, he looked down at his bed guilty.
‘I’ve told you how many times, smoking slow downs the healing.’ You said. He nodded.
‘Maybe I want to stay longer.’ He teased, you smirked at him.
‘Why would anyone want to stay in the hospital when you have a family, a big family by the looks of it, waiting for you at home?’ You said, you had meet them all one day, it was quiet a racket, but they were lovely and kind.
‘Yeah, I do.’ He commented, you smiled as you sat across from him.
‘Is Polly coming in later?’ You asked him, he shrugged.
‘High chance, since she’s been in nearly every day.’ He almost sighed.
‘Don’t sigh, I’d kill to have someone care that much for me.’ You said as you placed his painkillers in front of him, he placed them in his mouth before swallowing them.
‘You don’t have family?’ He questioned, you shook your head.
‘I do, but they don’t acknowledge me.’ You told him truthfully.
‘Why?’ He quizzed you.
‘I became a nurse.’ You said simply, he looked confused.
‘What’s wrong with that?’ He asked you, you shrugged your shoulders.
‘I didn’t join the family business, that means I’m a traitor and not part of the family anymore. I think I was to be injured I would have maybe one person checking up on me, and that would be a fellow nurse.’ You told him, remembering the time that you told your parents that you were becoming a nurse instead of continuing in the family company.
‘You’d have two.’ You heard Michael say.
‘What?’ You asked, not hearing him properly.
‘I’d come and see you.’ He told you, you smiled at him.
‘Well that’s very nice, but at the rate your smoking, you’ll still be here.’ You said as you stood up.

‘Polly.’ You said loud enough that she’d hear you. She looked up and stopped.
‘I’m glad I caught you.’ You said as you made it to her.
‘What is it, what’s wrong?’ She asked panicked.
‘Nothing don’t worry.’ You said calming her.
‘What is it then?’ She asked confused.
‘He might be getting out tomorrow.’ You told her what the doctor told you.
‘Might?’ She asked.
‘The doctor is coming to check him tomorrow and if the wounds have fully healed, which they have, he will be sent home.’ You said.
‘He’s coming home.’ She said quietly and shocked.
‘That he is.’ You said with a wide smile, she responded to it by bringing you into a hug.
‘Thank you so much, he wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.’ She said as she let go, keeping her hands on your upper arms.

‘You and me, should get a drink.’ Michael said as he sat in the seat, waiting for Polly to come and get him.
‘I would love to but it’s against the rules. Nurses aren’t allowed to date patients.’ You told him.
‘I’m not a patient anymore.’ He said cockily, you smile and turned away, shaking your head.
‘You been waiting the whole time to ask me out?’ You asked him. He shrugged his shoulders.
‘Well I had to win you over with my wits.’ He said, you scoffed and raised an eyebrow.
‘Yeah, with the droll that was hanging out your mouth half the time?’ You quizzed.
‘Shut up.’ He said, going red slightly. You were about to open your mouth when the door opened, and you saw Polly, smiling brightly and who you learned was Finn, his younger cousin. You smiled and said hi to the both of them. You helped Michael put on his jacket as he, Finn and Polly all talked. Finn helped you lift him to his feet, and you stood by his side as he wobbled slightly. You then stepped back and watched as Finn took an arm and helped him.
‘Where should I meet you?’ You asked him, he stopped and turned to looked at you confused. Polly looked between the two of you.
‘What?’ Michael asked confused.
‘For the drink, where should I meet you?’ You asked him, he smiled.
‘The Garrison.’ He said, and you nodded.
‘I finish at 8, see you there.’ You told him, he nodded before he took of walking.
‘Finally.’ You heard Finn mutter as he and Michael walked into the hall.