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I don’t know why but my mind just went to reading a book with Mikey. One of you holds the book while the other leans on the other’s shoulder. Whoever’s holding the book always makes sure the other is ready before turning the page. Eventually you both fall asleep and it’s just super cute.

Lest say you’re in his lap reading a book and Michael wants to read it too, so you mostly end up finishing the page first and then you lay your head on Miley’s shoulder until he taps your thigh, indicating that’s he ready to continue. It’s just a cute thing that you guys would do every once in a while

things each 5sos album reminds me of

somewhere new: awkward first kisses, nervous stuttering, cool nights, felt tip pens, knit blankets, dim lit rooms, warm coffee, cutoff jeans, worn out tshirts, chipped nail polish, cold kitchen tiles, chapped lips

5 seconds of summer: hot summer days, fast cars, flirting, makeout sessions, bonfires, first heartbreak, sneaking out, bottle caps, acoustic guitars, streetlights on an empty street, colorful beads, fireworks, fresh cut grass

livesos: sweat, guitar riffs, broken drum sticks, lightening, mosh pits, sore throats, cherry lollipops, smudged mascara, energy drinks, 24 hour drive thru’s, ripped holes in shirts, rubber bracelets, heavy breathing, warm beers

sounds good feels good: lilac, the sound of the ocean, silver coins, paint canvases, cloudy days, willow trees, soft pillows, speeding down the highway, skyscrapers, paying in change, laughing til you cry, deep colored sunsets, sprinklers

youngblood: hickeys, full moons, crowded clubs, vodka shots, cartilage piercings, black eyeliner, loud bass booming through speakers, heartburn, the lump in your throat before you cry, high heels, the smell of cigarettes, broken mirrors

reasons to date a fangirl

1. she already loves you
2. she probably knows you better than you know yourself
3. you’ll probably get some every night

Me 24/7

incase you missed it; these little shits played the intro to unpredictable and then refused to play the rest of it..

i stan assholes..

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mike’s girlfriend doing what andy does and the boys always grab her camera and film the two together

I see Luke doing it the most. Like maybe you’re about to film something but Michael’s doing something stupid and it’s making you laugh a lot and Luke snatched the camera from you and films the scene. You always thank Luke for the videos because they’re always cute to look back on

anyone else just get extremely nostalgic yet also so sad when they think about old 5sos? like don’t get me wrong i love them so much now and i am so insanely proud of how far they’ve come, but some nights i just lay in bed and think of michael’s red hair and the keeks and luke’s lip ring and the fact that the last time i saw them is the last time i’m gonna hear disconnected live and the feeling of listening to the self titled album and hearing the leaked version of permanent vacation and the excitement of new EP’s and b sides and i’m sorry this is so long but i miss them so fucking much it hurts


Forgotten Movie

We were watching a favourite movie of his, but I couldn’t focus on the film. The only thing I had my mind was this man I currently cuddled up next to, and the feeling of his skin underneath my hand. I moved my hand slight lower to test if he was focusing more on the movie than me, no movement. I kept moving my hand lower until I got to his crouch.

I felt his fingers wrap around my wrist and pulled it back up to its original place on his chest. I watched the movie for a few minutes before I moved my hand to his crouch again, a smirk upon my lips. His hand grasped mine, tighter this time, he placed my hand back upon his chest and placed a light smack on my hand as he returned his hand behind his head.

I decided to be a little more deviant, I placed my leg between his legs and leaned my calf against his crouch, applying pressure. In a blink of an eye, I was pinned underneath him, my arms above my head.

“You’re asking for it, princess.” He growled in my ear.

“Then give it to me, daddy.” I smirked. He had never heard me say that before, and something in his eyes changed dramatically.

His hands grasped the top of my thin shirt, and ripped it down the centre, leaving me in nothing but my panties.

“That was my favourite shirt.” I warned.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” He shrugged, and then placed his lips on my neck. Leaving no skin untouched as he bit, sucked and licked.

His hands trailed back down my arms and over breasts, deliberately avoiding my nipples. His hands travelled further down over my stomach, his lips following. Getting off the end of the bed, he leaned over and placed a hand on each of my legs, and pushed them apart.

“Where you planning this all along, princess?” He said, as he eyed my crotchless panties. I bit my lip and nodded innocently.

He quickly wiped the look off of my face by running his slender fingers up my core. Rubbing small, firm circles slowly on my clit, he had me a moaning mess. My hands gripped the sheets firmly, my hips moving themselves until he placed his free arm across my hips to seize their movements.

He removed his hand from my mound, and his fingertips found my entrance. Circling agonisingly slow, then without warning he forced two long fingers inside me. Moving in and out relentlessly, forcing me closer to the edge. I was writhing, the pleasure all too much.

As I got closer to that forsaken edge, he removed all contact from me. I let out a groan of frustration, my eyes opening at the sound of his deep chuckle. A stupid smirk planted on his beautiful face. He leaned over me, grasped a hand in his and tied it to the head of the bed.

“I want you to come around my cock as I fuck you senseless.” His velvety voice, deep and slow, sending shivers down my spine as he tied up my other hand. “But you can’t touch. Since you were so eager too earlier.”

I wish I could slap the look off his face. That thought left as soon his jeans touched the floor, and his erection stood freely. I licked my lips and whimpered slightly. His demeanour changed, and in seconds he was on top of me, attacking my neck for a second time tonight.

Without warning he thrusted his full length inside me, drawing a silent gasp from the back of my throat. He set a fast pace, mercifully thrusting his hips, I moved mine to his rhythm and met him half way. My wrists twisted in their restraints.

“You feel so fucking good. Do you like daddy’s cock deep inside you?” His voice scratchy and breathless as he spoke.

“Yes, daddy” I managed to breath.

He attached his lips around one of my nipples, pushing the tiny balls of my piercing up and letting it flick into place, the motion sending small shocks through my body. He pulled on the small bar, enough to create a sensation and let it go, again sending a shock throughout, and did the same to the other one.

Our breathing got shallower, his thrusting got sloppier, and I knew we were close. He moved a hand to my clit and started rubbing fast circles in my clit, making me scream slightly.

“Come in, princess. Come for daddy.” His hot breath right on my ear, and the tone of his voice was enough to bring me undone. My orgasm fuelled his as he let go of everything inside me.

He came to a stop, we let our breathing return to normal. He untied my wrists and kissed each of them. He moved to lay down next to me, and kissed all over cheek before burying his face in my neck.

I ran my hand through his hair as his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked, his voice muffled by my neck.

“No, baby. It was perfect.” I said sincerely. He raised his head and looked me in the eyes.

“I love you.” My breath caught in my throat, he’d never spoken those words to me. A smile started to spread across my lips.

“I love you too.” He smiles back before his finally placed his lips on mine.

The kiss was full of new, undiscovered passion. He tongue poked at my lips, begging for access, to which I immediately accepted. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him, and never once broke the kiss. I sat on his hips, grounding down on him.

He broke off the kiss, and just looked at me, running his fingertips over the side my face, pushing a rouge hair behind my ear.

“God, you are beautiful.” He spoke softly. I turned my head into his palm, to hide my face. His fingers went underneath my chin and brought me back to gaze into his eyes. “You’re with me, there’s no need to hide such a beautiful face.”

I didn’t know what to say in return, so I leaned down and kissed him with every ounce of my being. His hands curled around my waist and pulled me tighter against him, before rolling me into my back.

He lined up his dick, before entering me painfully slow. Taking his time to feel every inch of me welcoming him. Once he was in fully he moved slowly setting a good pace that wasn’t too slow or too fast.

He used his elbows as support, never once did his eyes leave mine. My arms wrapped around his shoulders gripping tightly, my breath coming out in small puffs. He speed up the slightest, eliciting a moan from me.

He kissed me deeply once more, our tongues fighting for dominance messily, we didn’t care. One of his hands travelled down the side of my body, and found my clit once again, rubbing slow, tantalising circles. I started moaning into his mouth, he broke the kiss and rested his forehead on mine. I could feel my breaking point approaching.

“I’m close.” I whispered breathlessly.

“So am I Baby.” His voice the same.

He speed up more, my hands ran down his back, leaving red marks along his skin. I was being pushed higher and higher, and then I over the edge, he too. We rode out our highs, and he kissed me one more time.

“I love you so much.” He said as he laid on his back.

“And I, you” I replied, circling up next to him.

He kissed the top of my head, and wrapped his arms tighter around me. I listened to his heart beat steadying, and then sleep took over me.

let’s just Appreciate 5sos please

Luke just gets so passionate when he sings. 
Calum just gets so emotional when he performs.
Michael just gets so personal when he’s on stage.
Ashton just gets so energetic when he’s behind his drums.

Let’s give a fuckin round of applause for a healthy, heartfelt, happy and high-spirited band because that’s all we want for them. Let’s stop judging them and start supporting them because it’s so obvious that they did a lot of soul searching and heart healing to create another album to please you guys. The Fans. It’s for you. Be happy that they are happy and that they were in a good enough place to write a 3rd album, because lots of bands don’t even make it that far.

Stop Downgrading 5 Seconds of Summer Because They Let Their Music Grow With Them. It’s 2018. Let’s All Just Love And Appreciate Each Other.



Happy 22nd Birthday, Luke Robert Hemmings!

The Youngblood album is now cerified GOLD,

Want You Back single is also now certified GOLD

Youngblood single is now certified PLATINUM!

Am I the only one?

I miss Luke’s lip ring lowkey… is it just me or like… yea. I wish it’d make a comeback lowkey. Lowkey.