michael's smile is priceless

5SOME! You wouldn't

Words: 2.6K

Warning: Swearing and Smut… Luke being tied up. 

Summary: Ashton, Calum and Michael arent to keen on Luke’s new girlfriend and aren’t convinced he likes her. So they get there best friend Y/N to try turn Luke on along with them. 

“Ok but if you really like her you wouldn’t get turned on by someone else?” Michael asked. Me, Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke were sitting in Michaels man cave and somehow we’d all started ganging up on Luke. Not in a bad way, its just over the past 6 months Luke has changed dramatically and he claims that he likes his girlfriend but the boys were questioning it. 

“Nope never” Luke folded his arms putting on a brave face. 

“Not even Y/N?” Ashton smirked. I smiled at Luke who looked away, when we were in school it didn’t go unnoticed that Luke had a crush on me. He used to tell Calum all the time in which Calum gave that information to me. The only problem back then was Luke was a small noodle who found it hard to talk to me even when I tried my best. But now he’s like upgraded to super noodle and we talk all the time well apart from the last 6 months. But there was such a strong urge to now run my fingers through his flat hair and grasp his perky ass which has only recently gotten peachy as he’s been doing his squats. 

All the boys were attractive to me, I mean to anyone they’re attractive. Michael and his beautiful smile and how he would always dye his hair different colours. He also had a sexy fucking smirk and when he would tease me, especially because he had the largest cock out of all the boys. Ashton and his extra long fingers and the way his hazel eyes would light up when a fan would compliment him or when I would wear a skirt and he could see the whole view of my ass.

Don’t even get me started on Calum, his sexy ass that god… I just wanted to bite. Oh and when he would playfully lick me on the face, his tongue just a sneak peak of what he could do to your pussy. Or when he would do the parted lip thing, yeah you know the thing, how long I’ve wanted to kiss his lips and just lick over his lips. My relationship with all the boys has always been flirty. But the sexual tension rising through the air was almost killing me plus I knew what was coming.

“Not even Y/N” Luke sassed, Michael let out a scoff throwing down the controller and pausing they game whilst doing so.

“You’re saying if Y/N was stood in a sexy lacey set and wanting your dick in her sweet little pussy you wouldn’t say yes” Calum groaned leaning back and stroking over my thigh. I bit my lip looking at Luke as he rested his arms on the metal bar above the sofa. 

“No” he whined and almost giggling, but that soon stopped when Ashton handcuffed Luke’s hands to the pole and he let out a grunt.

“What the fuck guys” he laughed, we all sat there looking at Luke and I smirked standing up. Its not like me and the boys had planned this or anything. I took off my shorts and remained eye contact with Luke who’s smile was slowly disappearing, he pulled on his hands which weren’t moving anytime soon and the handcuffs clambered against the pole.

“Ok guys what the fuck” Luke whined drinking in my body and pulling on the poles as harshly as he could. I folded my arms under my chest grabbing a hold of my top pulling it off. I may have worn my baby pink set which looked so cute against my skin. I put my shirt on Michael sitting down on the stool in front of the sofa which is usually used as a foot stool, it was at least 4 ft away from Luke though. Ashton came behind me pulling my hair out of its pony tail as I straightened it down. 

“You’re saying, if a beautiful girl wanted you really badly and was sitting at your will you wouldn’t touch her?” Michael said coming and sitting next to me. Luke’s face turned into a scowl as Michael stroked up my belly and resting his hand on my cleavage. He leant down sucking on my collar bones as his left hand was reaching over my chest playing with my right boob. I bit my lip looking into Luke’s eyes and fluttering my eyelashes at him. I saw his adams apple bob as Calum came and sat the other side of me.

“You’re saying that you wouldn’t want to taste the sweet juices of Y/N’s pussy that you’ve craved since you hit puberty?” Calum added stroking up my thighs. When we planned this I didn’t realise that I would get turned on this much but the pleasure of Michael sucking hickeys around my collar bones and neck, his small pale hands running underneath my bra rubbing his fingers over my nipples, tweaking them now and again would have such an effect on me.

“I certainly would” Calum smirked his fingers danced across my panties line dipping his fingers underneath. He stroked his finger over my folds and I could feel his eyes suddenly look at me.

“Y/N you’re so wet, who did this to you?” Even though the real reason I was feeling like this was because of Michael and Calum as we had this planned I knew exactly what to say.


“What was that?” Ashton grinned from the other sofa taking his top off.

“Luke made me this wet” I moaned looking at Luke. His eyes went wide as his hips did a little jutter in the seat trying to play it cool by looking away from me. Calum pulled down my panties and wiggled his finger over my clit. Michael and Calum grabbed a thigh each, spreading them wide. Luke looked down his eyes nearly popping out of his head as he shut his eyes and putting his lip ring between his teeth. My glistening pussy was on display for the four attractive boys and I really didn’t mind as I watched Luke open his eyes and his face turned red. 

“Ok fucking seriously” Luke said tugging on the hand cuffs but not taking his eyes of Calum’s finger running over my folds. Michael tilted my chin towards him as he ran his fingers over my cheek starling deeply into my eyes. 

“Such a beautiful woman, you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to make her feel good” He grinned, sneakily looking at Luke’s reaction which was a priceless mouth drop. I smiled as Michael placed his lips on mine. I deepened this kiss swiping my tongue over his beautiful pink lips, I licked over his tongue as he reached around unclasping my bra. He kept kissing me as I felt another pair of hands come onto my body and slip my bra off. I felt Ashton kiss over my shoulder blades and reaching his fingers round grasping my boobs. His chest was flushed against mine and I felt his hair tickle my neck as he tugged on my ear.

You wouldn’t want to miss squeezing these perfect tits and watch them fill up your hands would you?” Ashton moaned pinching my nipples. I moaned into Michaels mouth as I felt Calums finger slip into my entrance. My lips detached from Michaels as he stood up and took of his shirt. I looked at Calum who’s muscle was tensing as his tanned finger pumped into me. I felt him circle another finger my entrance as he thrusted it into me. I leant my head back on Ashton’s should as I let out a moan  “Oh fuck Lukey.” 

I grinded my body into Calum’s fingers and looked at Luke who was becoming more and more agitated pulling on the handcuffs and glaring lustfully at me. I smiled innocently and kissed over Calum’s jaw. Calum let out a growl curling his fingers in my pussy. I grabbed a hold of his shoulders pulling him closer to me and smashing my lips on his. I pulled on his top deepening the kiss and grinding into his fingers. His other hand came to my clit putting pressure on my sensitive bud and rolling it between his fingers. I let out pathetic whines wrapping my arms around his neck and running my hands through his hair. I felt my first orgasm approaching and I detached my lips from Calum’s.

“Fuck faster” He smiled, his fingers pounding into me at a rapid speed. I shut my eyes as my breathing quickened and my pussy clenched around Calum’s fingers. I came hard around his fingers biting onto his lip and pulling on his hair. I opened my eyes looking at Calum giving him one last kiss.

I turned round and Michael sat butt naked back on the stool and Calum’s fingers were pulled out from my pussy and he moved over to Luke, he had my juices glazed over his fingers. Luke let out a whine as Calum stuck his fingers in his mouth, closing his eyes and moaning in pure pleasure. Michael grabbed a hold of my hips pulling me onto his lap in reverse cowgirl his dick slid between my fold as I stroked Michaels dick which was resting between my folds. I grinded into his cock and lifted up my ass pushing Michael into me. Michael let out a load groan.

“Feels so good” I whined starting to bounce and his cock. I looked at Luke wow was watching Michaels dick pound into me. I opened my mouth giving out little gasps and reaching my hands up to my breasts rolling my hips on Mike’s.

You wouldn’t believe how good this feels Luke” Michael whined.

“That could be you, Luke, but no you ‘like’ your bitch more” Calum added walking over to me and pushing my hair out of my face pecking me on the lips. Luke let out a frustrated groan and kicked his leg which hit Calum. Calum walked away slightly grinning at me as I rocked my body even more swiftly on Michaels long dick. Michaels legs started to tremble and his hands went flying to my waist helping me ride him. 

Ashton sat next to me him also being naked and his dick laying on his stomach. I reached my hand down fondling with his balls and stroking my way up his dick. I tried my best to keep my rhythm going but Michaels thrusts were getting more sharp as I could feel how close he was to his orgasm.

“Fuck Y/N”  Michael hissed, he wrapped his arms around me squeezing my breasts as he leant forward cumming in me and grinding out his orgasm. I slid off of Michaels dick and his cum trickled down his dick and some down my thigh. Ashton was leant back on the stool as I got in-between his legs, the whole time I was riding Michael he had been jacking off.

“Go on Y/N, suck my dick, you wouldn’t want me to get angry with you would you”

“Nope” I said popping the p and licking up his dick smiling at Luke. Luke was now half sweating looking like a small lost puppy with his blue eyes pouting down at me. I took Ashton’s tip in my mouth circling my tongue and scratching down his thighs. He shivered as I bobbed down on his dick the tip reaching my gag reflex. I pulled off jerking him so his hips were thrusting into my hand. I looked up at Ashton and he was on the verge of cumming his eyes clamped shut and his hands tightly knotted in my hair. I bobbed my head a couple of more times before I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed it all and licked his dick clean making sure to look at Luke. 

Ashton climbed of the stool walking to the sofa. This was it. I sat up on the stool looking at Luke who now looked angry. I smirked standing up and running my hands over my body.

You wouldn’t by any chance want me Lukey?” I pouted walking over to him and swayed my hips biting down on my lip. I saw his lip open and close a couple of times before I reached forward kissing his neck.

“Fuck me Y/N” he groaned, I lifted my head looking into his eyes. They were a dark blue with minuscules of light blue swirling around his iris. His perfectly sculptured jaw was clenched and his bottom lip was stuck out in frustration. I leant forward close to his lips making sure to rub mine against his slowly.

“What about your girlfriend?” I asked backing away from him.

“What girlfriend, that bitch? fuck no she’s not my girlfriend you guys were right, now let me out of these fucking cuffs.” he answered angrily tugging on the cuffs, I smiled at him and looked back at the boys who were smiling in victory. I leant over his body with the key and unlocked the cuffs. Quickly I was being thrown back on the sofa and hoovered over by Luke. 

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you like that, begging at my fucking mercy and dripping wet for me? So fucking long” He moaned grinding into my bare crotch. He ducked his head pulling his shirt off and then crashing his lips on mine, I felt his lip ring dig into my skin as he sucked hard onto my bottom lip. I whined as I grinded up into him. 

“You want my cock? You little slut?” 

“Please” I whispered kissing his lip ring. He sat up pulling his trousers down along with his boxers and left them at the end of the sofa. He pounced back onto me kissing me once again and roughly entering my hole fucking into me. I moaned tilting my head back as he wrapped my legs around his waist, I did not expect Luke to be this rough but god this felt amazing. He grabbed my ass kneeling on the sofa thrusting into me, his tip was rubbing against my walls as I ran my fingers through my hair. Luke looked so wrecked as I watched his dick move in and out of my wet pussy, which now made his dick shine in my juices.

“Fuck” he rasped his voice going squeaky. He brushed his matted hair back swept off his face and shut his eyes, his hips grinding into me leaning over me and sucking on my lip. The smell was a mixture of Luke’s Lynx chocolate and sweat as his hips sped up and he was deeper in my pussy.

“I’m going to cum” he moaned. I swallowed thickly as I shut my eyes biting on my fingers as I felt his tip brush against my g-spot. I felt Luke’s dick pulse inside of me as he roughly grabbed a hold of my hips and letting out a whine coming inside of me. Thats all it took for my orgasm to hit as I watch his face contour in pleasure. I shut my eyes as my oragasm hit hard, it taking over my whole body. I place my hands on my sweaty chest and I opened my eyes looking at Luke. He pulled out of me leaning back on the sofa, I sat up looking at his shattered body. 

“You know I could tell your girlfriend about this” Michael piped up. I looked over smirking at him.

“We could show her the pictures we just took” Calum grinned holding up his phone. 

“You wouldn't”