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My OTP’s are like the fries at the bottom of a bag. They are very discrete but when you discover them they make you more happy than you ever thought was possible.

Have you ever had a dream about someone which made you think completely different about that person?


I had a dream about ‘Enzo’ from the vampire diaries and while watching the series he always was a character that I didn’t really adore nor hate. BUT NOW IM IN LOVE EVERY TIME HES ON SCREEN

Why were we in such a rush to get to this premiere? I’m still shocked, I haven’t comprehended that these two are gone. I’m gonna do a quick episode discussion. So everyone who was pissed by the cliffhanger would you really be as excited to watch the premiere after having seen what we did tonight? I love when Rick reached for the ax, I truly love him. And the whole flashing back and forth was annoying but interesting cause all of the suspense was being shown through the reactions on Rick’s face on top of the RV. Now the death part, I was yelling so hard. I figured it was gonna be Abraham but still wasn’t prepared. In the season finale I was admiring how he was the only one actually stood up when Negan approached him. And I think that action itself is what caused him to be chosen because he wasn’t even next in the lineup. It was so sad to see Rosita and Sasha’s face. But he went out on his terms, not taking shit from anyone. He did the deuces to Sasha (KILL ME). Then Negan (who I was excited to see, until everything happened) decided to be a douche and bother Rosita. Like why? Honestly. I was proud of Daryl for defending her but the chain reaction was fucked up. Glenn wasn’t even expecting it and didn’t deserve it. His last words broke my heart so much, I love Glenn and Maggie always and forever. It’s so sad to never be able to see these amazing characters again. Glenn was an OG and did nothing but good and Abraham worked just as hard and earned his place. The scene with Carl was so good, he’s truly evolved in the best way and was willing to take one for the team. Also I love Andrew Lincoln, that crying scene was superb, and chilling. Also the irony in the scene where he jumped on the walker, the only thing saving his life is the one thing he’s been fighting all along. Making him realize in the end when he drives away and see the walker in the rear view that’s the past. And now he is up against something bigger. The final scene of them sitting was so good and symbolic of everything. Where do they go from there? But Maggie standing up and saying why she did represented them fighting back, eventually. The family dinner scene. 😩😩 Gleggie’s baby, and Sasha was pregnant. They were all happy. I’m sick to my stomach and don’t know how to handle the next episode. I don’t know what else to say. I’m just so sad, RIP to two amazing characters. ❤️❤️


The Walking Dead Season 6 - 6x01 BTS [x]

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This season of The Walking Dead got me like…

especially when Glenn died…

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I was going off like he could hear me too. smh.

seeing him die felt like creepy santa taking cookies from my house.


It Shoulda Been You, Starring Sierra Boggess and David Burtka opens tonight Brooks Atkinson Theatre!

With music by Barbara Anselmi, book and lyrics by Brian Hargrove, the musical is directed by David Hyde Pierce also includes Tyne DalyHarriet HarrisLisa HowardMontego GloverChip ZienJosh GrisettiMichael X. MartinAnne L. NathanNick SpanglerEdward Hibbert in its cast.

Previews started on March 17.


The Walking Dead 6x11 Sneak Peek #1 “Knots Untie”

USS CARYL - I Can’t Believe It’s Not Canon: The Bigger And Better Version

There’s no use of denying that the beginning of Season 6 has been little underwhelming for Carylers BUT instead of focusing on what we didn’t get in that one episode, I think our time is better spent concentrating on what we already have and what we know is coming up in our not so distant future.
The very fact that the original “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Canon” post required an update, shows that the CARYL relationship and its outside perception is progressing further along and slowly moving forward in significance.

We have MORE to celebrate and MORE to add to this LIST because OUR SHIP has gotten STRONGER and has received MORE RECOGNITION within TWD world.

Bottom Line Is That - We Simply Have Even More Reasons To Believe In CARYL’S Chances Of Reaching Full-Blown Romantic Canon!

The Best Is Yet To Come!


Reason #1

*Did you know that Pizza Hut kind of self-declared themselves as the unofficial USS CARYL Corporate Sponsor?


Reason #2

*Did you know that CARYL is now featured on Official AMC merchandise and the number of products featuring ‘Carol and Daryl’ or CARYL associations just keeps going up?

We now have: mugs, posters, stickers, official autograph photos and even a Cherokee Rose wallet.


Reason #3

*Did you know that now even the official Carol and Daryl’s action figures are connected with one another? 

Carol Peletier’s 2 action figures now come with Daryl Dixon’s crossbow!


Reason #4

*Did you know that CARYL actually has a Ship Anthem, written and composed by the actors behind the characters - Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride?

It dates all the way back to Season 2 - “Carol is sterile, Daryl is feral. A match made in hell"

The CARYL song was preformed LIVE by Norman and Melissa TOGETHER on Conan.
Their first recorded performance can be seen/heard in the BTS bonus material of TWD Season 2 footage, as well as Greg Nicotero’s ‘Zombie School’ documentary, which aired in 2014. It should also be noted that Norman, himself, preformed the song SOLO in various interviews and appearances - one of which was Access Hollywood.


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