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I considered it :3c

Michael being able to use magic is my favorite thing on the pLANET OKAY

The other half of the doodles are under the cut!!

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o fortuna ; stephen/weir

‘he looked down and saw wraysford’s sunken eyes, black in the candlelight, and they seemed to be fastened on to weir’s nervous conversation; they were locked on to weir as though he depended on him for some quality he lacked. It was almost, ellis once thought, as if he really cared for him.

a mix for Stephen Wraysford and Michael Weir. 

running up that hill- placebo // voodooized- empires // think of england- iamx // heavy in your arms- florence & the machine // wicked game- gemma hayes // tear garden- iamx // hearts a mess- gotye // spectrum- florence & the machine // nothing and everything- red // never play- emily and the woods

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So apparently my English Lit class have become slash fans.

I am…suprisingly ok with this o_O

We’ve been reading Birdsong and Journey’s End, and somehow, without me noticing, apparently everyone’s started slashing it up in their essays.

Mainlly Wraysford and Weir, and Stanhope and Raleigh.

This feels bizarre but…nice, in a way. Because for once, I wasn’t really slashing all that much, just trying to work my way through until next year when we get to do Twelfth Night.

(Although I did write a fabulously romantic and melodramatic alternate ending for Journey’s End at the behest of my friend so we could read it out to the class. We never got to, but it’s floating on my computer somewhere because she wants it. I’ll finish it one day..)

And now we’re moving on to Regeneration and the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon and fuck me if that isn’t the saddest love story I have seen in a long time. The letters are beautiful but heartbreaking. However, I have printed them off and read through them and piced together little timelines and called it my independent study. So I can just sit and read them and angst in the common room.

Everything is becoming slash in this class and the fact that literally everyone embraces it is wonderful, but it’s all so sad and it breaks my heart every single lesson.

Ugh. It’s 5:42am and I haven’t slept, so don’t hold the incoherency and bad wording of this against me.


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Yeees! I was really into it back in high school and I still love it dearly <3

Oh god;; there’s too many scenes I like but uhh? I like this one from the movie when they’re running away from Sarah and Benny is such a dork I crack up every time he’s so cute?


Like?? He’s so silly I’m in love