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Crystal Leigh.

Alright peeps, put on your seatbelt on because you’re about to get on a nice little ride.

Crystal Leigh (or Lauderdale if you didn’t knew her real name) is a 32 years old woman working as a PR and marketing agent.
Let’s start with herself. She is (technically) dating Spencer Peterson, drummer of the former band Black Cards where he played with his friend, Pete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy and dating Meagan Camper, Crystal’s best friend.
Are you still with me? Because we’re taking the long way home right now.
So Crystal set her best friend with the bassist from a well known band to gain a shit in the spotlight but that’s far from over.

Crystal worked for All Time Low a while ago already. She appeared with Jack Barakat quite often and who was Jack hooking up with at the time? Bryana Holly.
Funny right? Especially since Crystal was showing herself with Jack (who
is maybe the one member the most sexually driven) which brought her to a certain amount of fame as she was advertising herself next to a famous dude desired by millions of young ladies. But she needed more publicity and more sight. She needed a new band to climb the social ladder.
Wait a minute. Once ATL started to hang out with 5SOS, who befriended them all of a sudden? Crystal. Who started to “date” Ashton soon after? Her friend, Bryana.
A little bit after this, Larzaylea’s drama happened and if blew up Arzaylea’s reputation to “internet influencer”. Recently, Arzaylea got an agent/manager after she started to hang out with Crystal, who are they? White Label. Aka where Crystal works.
Still with me? Here is a little recap: Crystal set up Bryana & Ashton as a couple and signed Arzaylea after she befriended Crystal.

In the meantime, Crystal started to hang out more with 5SOS, Calum being single, she showed herself with him but the shadow that overcast we the Nalum rumour wasn’t good enough for her because of her lack of spotlight. So she basically blanked out Calum and turned toward Michael. She basically post as much shady shit about her and Michael, brainwashing everyone around her while she shows herself with people more famous than her.
So, Michael being single and drama free, she transplanted herself around him knowing that this will drag attention towards her and remaining cloudy about her relationship status.
So now, she is gaining from being around Michael but she also had to hang around Arzaylea, gaining more fame (minim compared to what the Michael drama bring her). She is a manipulative social climber and isn’t scared to used people at any cost as long as it gives her any kind of exposure.

And my last point:
Last summer, Brashton went to Coachella, who was there as well? Crystal.
Who organised the Bali trip, which was free as long as the popular participant were using an app that no one cared about & gave out full resorts name. (She did that with ATL as well to be seen with them, just like she did with Michael).
Who organised a Deadpool screening with Michael? Crystal.
She basically wedge her way into any situation that could bring her friendliness and exposure at the same time (don’t tell me you would hate someone offering you to spend 2 weeks in Bali for free at the only condition that you post stuff about the trip)

Now onto Michael & Crystal being pr or a couple, I have to be honest, I dont buy It one bit. First of all because Crystal is gonna reach a stage in her life where she wants to settle down and Michael is only 20 & can’t offer this. The age gap isn’t choking for me because it’s the difference that my parents had when they were married and, since they didn’t had the same wishes and expectations, they parted ways (which is most likely gonna happen IF crystal & Michael are a thing). My 2nd point on it is that Michael is NOT in a state of mind properly allowing him to have a relationship. He has his own issues, he is touring the world with his best friends and he doesn’t need the idea of making someone else happy on top of that since making himself happy is hard enough. I’m not saying that they are or not a couple BUT that I personally don’t believe it because I think they are both smart enough to realise that this is a v v bad idea.

Lastly, the Sydney airport matter. Have you noticed that we had paparazzi pictures at the airport? Because she works for marketing. Have you noticed that Michael never travels alone? Last time, Rena brought him to the airport and helped him to check in, otherwise he is with the crew. Michael is a really anxious person so being with someone sooth his worries and basically helps him out. But did anyone saw how annoyed he was to see paparazzi? Its because Crystal needs to have someone talking about the band, any publicity is good publicity as long as people buy magazines and talk about it but she did it without realising that MICHAEL has fucking ANXIETY.
What you guys should remember from any airport stories regarding Michael is that he is a really nervous person who needs reassurance and Crystal is a social climber who needs exposure. By helping Michael, she shows herself and gain fame.

As a summary: crystal is a publicist setting up her friends and brainwashing band members to date them in order for them to gain popularity and she uses as much people as possible to get to a higher social scale.

I KNOOOW this post is messy af but this is the first time I’m working on something so big so if you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we’ll try to reply as soon as possible in order to make your doubts disappear. -jx

anonymous asked:

could you perhaps list all of your favourite moments that jackie and hyde had in that 70's show? :)

Oh fun!

1. “If I like her, shoot me!’

Because it was such an amazing scene and I remember being really giddy that episode and feeling happy for Jackie and this is, like, two or three seasons before they actually get together.

2. “You can do better”

I think that’s when I realized that Hyde genuinely cares about Jackie despite the fact that he actually dislikes her and I mean, I was 7 when the show first came out so it was the first time I sort of came into contact with the fact that you can care about some but actually also truly dislike them? And I have a post about this but Hyde never could stand to see Jackie cry

and this scene is an example of that.

3. Prom

Because it was awkward and sweet and spoke to what I said before, Hyde could never stand to see Jackie cry :

So he takes her to the prom to cheer her up.

4. When they get busted.

Not the scene itself but the fact that they’re both unwilling to stop seeing each other because they actually care about one another

5. The chin touch

I just think it’s really cute and it’s when Hyde makes Jackie feel better about their relationship and essentially tells her to ignore Donna and Eric.

6. “I love you”

The older I got the more I appreciated Jackie’s speech because it’s kind of mature, Michael was her first and only boyfriend before Hyde and they got together when she was, what, 15? There’s going to be residual … not even feelings but possessiveness of him because he was a huge part of her life for better or for worse but Hyde is the man she loves, Hyde’s the man she wants to be with, Kelso is a memory but Hyde is for real and her feelings for him are mature and transformative and despite this:

Hyde clearly loves her because he decides to get back together with her and I love how frustrated he was about that, he’s just like “DAMMIT” but then it ends with this:

7. “Jackie, I love you”

I mean, who doesn’t love the “Jackie, I love” you scene? I think I squealed when that happened because I mean it’s self-explanatory, it shows how much Hyde has grown and how much Jackie means to him because he’s being willingly vulnerable and he’s fighting for her and it’s a turning point in their relationship. This response:

was obviously crushing but I respected Jackie for doing it because she was finally demanding to be treated a certain way and after everything that happened with Michael, her response is both necessary, understandable and completely justified.

8. Zeppelin T-shirt

I love the episode because Michael tries to wedge his way between Jackie and Hyde and Hyde is pretty chill throughout the episode because it’s Hyde but when he gives Jackie the T-shirt it’s clear that he takes his relationship with her seriously and he’s in it for the long haul and I love that Jackie asks if she has to wear it and he says no because it shows how much they know each other.

9. The beard

Because, again, it shows how much Hyde is committed to Jackie because she spends the entire episode complaining about the beard and it’s Hyde, he doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do but after being unable to comfort her verbally after her father’s been arrested, he does this, which was sweet. I also love how Donna and Eric are there and make fun of him and he just has his “Shut. Up.” because it’s still very Hyde. And they actually turn out to be the most communicative dynamic of the entire episode because Donna and Eric and Kitty and Red both argue about what they need from the other partner.

10. “Lowering my standards”

I just really love that kiss and that he holds her hand as they leave. It’s so cute and endearing.

11. “She’s my chick”

Simple but cute.

12. “I’ll kick you”

Because I was happy there was still a chance, I was happy that Hyde was happy and I was happy that Jackie kicked him because that’s just so Jackie.

13. “You’re beautiful”

Because we don’t get too many moments where Hyde is just that direct with compliments in general and it was a really sweet scene.

14. Every time she sits on his lap:

15. Sleepover

Because Jackie trusted Hyde and Hyde wouldn’t let Jackie sleep in her house by herself.

16. Reunited Makeout

17. Essentially, every single kiss they have, like they look good kissing:

I also really like when Hyde gets arrested for Jackie and when he sees her crying at the football game but there aren’t any gifs for that. I’m sure I have many others I can’t think of :)

The Nothing I Wanted to Tell You (pt. 2)

Jeremy got worse before he got better. 

The wheeze in his lungs developed into a dry cough, the kind that could force him to double over without warning, even in his sleep. His skin was hot and dry, tiny scars forming on his back from twisting around in his sleep with such a fever. And worse still, he was growing far more delusional than before.

Michael was justifiably worried. 

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[Luke to Corran Horn:] “I am dedicating my life to reestablishing the Jedi Knights. I want you to join me. Come with me. Train and learn with me. Become a Jedi Knight.”

Wedge felt something hollow open up inside his gut in the wake of the hushed gasps of the rest of the squadron. He instantly recognized the void—I’m jealous! That surprised him for a moment, then he realized how the emotion had been born. Luke had always been a special friend, but as he had grown into his heritage as a Jedi Knight, distance had formed between them. They still got along well and had a great time in each other’s company, but Wedge’s inability to understand what it was to be a Jedi also forced them apart. Now someone who does not know him as well as I do, someone he barely knows at all, is being offered the chance to learn about a side of Luke I can never know.

—X-Wing: The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Stackpole

um wedge, that’s gay

(wc: 2.8k. michael is the Sawi Best Friend . pining + pining + pining = pining. part 1. part 2. part 3. or read everything here on ao3)

The English Project Christine Crisis begins with Jeremy wordlessly sitting next to Michael during lunch, back stiff, face pale, looking a little bit like a gargoyle that just saw another, uglier gargoyle, before grabbing his bag and raptor screeching right into it.

“I have no idea what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, but honestly? Hard same,” Michael says, patting Jeremy’s back as his screeching slowly dies down into pained warbling. “Let it all out, buddy.”

“Mmmmmmrrr,” Jeremy says into his bag. He turns his head to face Michael, face creased from the bag, “Dude, do you ever feel like sometimes the universe is trying to be nice to you but it’s spent so long being a dick to you that everything is still kinda awful?”

“Uh,” Michael says. “I’m going to need a little bit more context.”

“Like, are you ever given a really, really good thing, but it’s the worst thing ever at the same time?”

“Okay, I catch your drift now,” Michael’s got the worst crush on his incredible best friend, so yeah, he gets it. Michael pats Jeremy’s head. “Wanna tell me what’s up?”

“Christine,” Jeremy sighs dreamily.

“Was she, like, extra cute in the hallway today or something?”

“She’s always cute in the hallway,” Jeremy says. “But uh, in English today, there’s this paper we’ve gotta write.”

“Uh huh.”

“And it’s by pair.”


“And Christine was assigned as my partner,” he says, voice getting more urgent with each word.

“Well, that’s great news, isn’t it?” Michael grins, but Jeremy just looks like somebody just killed a bunny in front of him.

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Murder with the Devil and Friends: Chapter 17 - Ghost Story (Reprise)

Wherein Michael, God bless him, finally gets a fucking clue.

Words: 2,507
Warnings: Alcohol use

Lovelock was even bigger than Vernon, and while Michael had been comfortable up on his horse, walking around on foot was making him skittish. There was too much noise, too many people, not enough space. The streets were crowded and dusty and loud, and there were too many of them going in too many different directions. Ryan, of course, seemed perfectly at ease, and so Michael mostly just tagged along behind him until they managed to find a saloon. Michael wedged himself into a corner table as soon as he could, mostly so he’d have somewhere to put his elbows. Ryan waded back into the crowd, promising to return with beer.

Given a few moments to himself, Michael was finally able to think. He replayed the fight and conversation with the railmen, their confessions and unexplained mood swings. He thought over the ride into Lovelock, with Bruce draped over the back of his own horse and Adam and James led behind Ryan’s. Nobody had said much of anything, except when Bruce had woken up and both of the other two had hissed urgently at him to keep his mouth shut. They’d seemed relieved to be thrown in jail, and had written out their confessions without a fuss.

He kept coming around to that fight, to Adam’s sudden shift from aggression to terror. Drumming his fingers on the table, frowning at the sticky wood, he found his way back to the word that had triggered it. It didn’t make any more sense in the retelling than it had at the time.

“What the hell’s the difference?” Michael muttered to himself.

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Want Tip: High Top Sneakers

Winter is both a joy and a challenge to dress for. Whether you’re a gent or a lady, there’s no better time than now to show off your layering skills and your showstopping statement coats. Unfortunately, it can get complicated to keep your feet warm and dry this season. Boots certainly fare well in cold, wet weather, but they’re not the most comfortable to wear, and not the easiest to walk in. This is where high top sneakers come in.

The Issue:

It’s always going to be choice between comfort and utility when choosing footwear for rain or snow. The most comfy shoes don’t usually prevent that gross stinky wet sock feeling (like those canvas-based, low cut flats and shoes). Meanwhile, boots for both men and women allow wearers to confidently strut on puddles and snow, but tend to be rigid and uncomfortable to walk in after a while. 

The Tip:

High top sneakers are a wonderful choice for winter weather adventures. If you’re not constrained by formal 9-to-5 workwear (if you are there will be a different Want Tip for you to come), try using high top sneakers with your OOTD. Often in mixes of rubber and softer, less rigid leather, these sneakers do a good job of repelling water. Because of their taller form, they keep feet warmer than low cut alternatives. Walk a lot? With sneakers’ rubber soles, they are better for absorbing impact and more forgiving for each power-step you take.

A key thing to pay attention to when looking at high top sneakers for wet weather wear is the space between the tongue of the sneaker and the upper area (where the lace eyelets are located). If there is too much space between the two when you tighten the laces, chances are water can seep inside the shoe. 

The Looks:

So how would you dress up this comfy, classically casual footwear for winter weather? Here are some high top sneaker style inspirations for guys and gals:

(photos from Pinterest)

The Gear:

Top 5 Men’s High Top Sneakers:

Saint Laurent Classic High Top Sneaker

Y-3 Held Hi-Top Trainer

Swear Olly 9 Hi-Top

Kenneth Cole Set the Speed Hi-Top Sneaker

Penguin Moby Hi-Top Sneaker

Top 5 Women’s High Top Sneakers:

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Textured Hi-Top Sneaker

Gianmarco Lorenzi Collector Studded Hi Top

Reebok Hi Splitz High Top Sneaker

MARC by Marc Jacobs Strappy Hi Top Wedge Sneakers

MICHAEL Michael Kors Studded Hi-Top Sneakers

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5 Seconds of Summer: Grease Life (Part 2)

Ashton: Score Tonight 

The bowling game between the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies was always intense. Both teams were extremely competitive. Especially between you and Kenny. You were both pretty skilled with bowling. You scored all of your shots so far as strikes. Kenny had one spare. You were sitting on the side, watching Kenny and his girlfriend, Michelle, talking dirty.
“Shoot the BALL!!” You yelled at the pair. Kenny and Michelle glared at you, but soon both teams yelled at them. You watched the pair roll their balls down the aisle. A curly haired figure in the corner of your eye caught your attention. You looked over and saw Ashton. He shinned a dimply grin at you and nudged his head to the bathroom.
“Hey, Claire,” you mumbled over to a freshman Pink Lady. “When it’s my turn, you bowl.” She was going to object, but you had already left for the bathroom. 
At the entrance of the restroom, you saw Ashton. He walked up to you and pressed his lips to yours. You smiled and held onto his elbows. When he pulled away, his eyes sparkled. 
“How’s my baby?” He asked, holding your hands as he leaded against the wall.
“Bored,” you sighed. He pouted and twirled you. Your body laid against him with his arms crossing in front of you. “As much as bowling’s a fun hobby, I’m tired of it.”
He hummed and kissed your temple. “I’m sorry.” He sighed. “I couldn’t get you off my mind today…” You purred softly, asking him why. “I just wanted to hold you. I’m tired of sneaking around.” He unraveled himself from you. He turned your shoulders and cupped your face. “I want to be with you. Just you.
You shook your head out of his hands. "Ash, no. Kenny wouldn’t like it. I know he wouldn’t.” Ashton sighed in frustration. 
“No, he would,” Ashton ran a hand through his hair roughly. He gripped onto your arms and held you tightly. “I was kicked out of the Scorpions a few days ago.” Your eyes widened. You gasped.
“What?!” You yelled in a whisper. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” Ashton let you go and turned to the wall. You noticed that his leather jackets was striped from his Scorpion embroidery. You quietly traced the shinny leather that spelled, ‘SCORPION’ with your ghostly touch.
Before you could trace the 'C,’ Ashton turned around and grasped your wrist. You lost your breath at the sudden action.His eyes were full of anger and regret.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” you whispered. You were ignoring the pain in your wrist. “I deserve to know.”
Ashton saw the pain in your eyes and let your wrist go. You gentle rubbed your free wrist and Ashton stuttered an apology. You took a deep breath and cupped his face. His sad eyes bore into yours.
“Ash?” You whispered.
“I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be upset, or think that you were the reason,” he explained.
“Then, what was the reason?” You asked. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.
“You were, but I didn’t want you to think that you were,” Ashton chuckled. You smirked at his cuteness. “C'mere.” You laid your head on his chest and you played with his buttons.
“Y/N! Y/N! It’s your turn, and if you think I’m gonna let Claire take your-” Michelle stopped when she saw you and Ashton. Her eyes grew big and you tried to stop her.
“No, Michelle. No, it’s not-” You tried to convince her to shut up.
“KENNY! COME HERE A SEC!” Michelle never took her eyes off of you and Ashton.

Michael: Luke’s Backseat (SMUT)

After Michael stole Luke’s car, he drove over to a vacant parking lot. You could barely keep your hands off of each other. Once you got there, you climbed over the seats and waited in the back for Michael. Once he joined you, you straddled him and immediately connecting your mouths. He moaned as he felt you grind against him. You unzipped the leather jacket that covered your bare chest. Michael pulled his t-shirt over his head and he began to suck on your neck.

“Oh, Mikey,” you moaned, rocking your hips harder against him. You felt him nibbling on one spot. “That’s gonna be a bitch to cover.” You arched your back against him. You fiddled with his belt, brushing your fingers over his hardened crotch. 
“Fuck,” he groaned as you moved his pants down. Allowing his massive boner air, you bit your lip at his size. “Oh, come on babe. You’ve seen it before.” You chuckled as you pulled him in for a passionate kiss.
“I know, but I can still be shocked.”
He took your hand hand wrapped it around his erected cock. He moaned in relief from feeling you. As you pumped him, you felt his hand dive between your legs, rubbing your clit through your thin, wet panties.
“Fuck, babe,” Michael breathed. He pulled you down to lay on the leather seats. One leg dangling off the seat, the other one propped up. Michael, wedged between, didn’t waste time to take your skirt off. He pushed your lace black panties to the side and thrusted into you. 
“Shit, Mikey,” you gasped at the sudden action. He found a hard, but slow pace. He kept eyes on you and watched you moan. One of his hands dipped down and violently rubbed your clit. “Mikey… Oh, God!" 
You could feel the car shaken as his thrust began to get harder. You held onto the car handle underneath your head. 
"Damn, you’re so tight,” Michael commented. He brought his hand up to his mouth and licked a pair of fingers, putting them back into their place. “Fuck.”
You felt your body tingle and your stomach tighten. Michael knew you were close. By his pace, you knew he was close too. 
He brought his face down to yours, pushing you into a steamy, messy kiss. A few more thrusts and you reached your climax. You moaned into his mouth. You felt him pull out. He pumped himself, bu you took him into your hand and did it yourself.
“Oh, Y/N,” he breathed as your small hand pumped his orgasm. A stream of warm, sticky cum came on your stomach. “Oh, fuck.” His load was more than usual, which surprised you both. “Sorry.”
You took your finger, you scooped some up and sucked on that finger. You kept eye contact with Michael. 
Oh, to be young and to have many erections.

Calum: She Said, 'Stop' 

You were walking the halls with Brady to your locker. He had his arm slung over your shoulder. Many walkers knew what that meant and moved aside. You didn’t mind, but you wish Brady wasn’t beside you. You had your books in your arms. You got to your locker and saw Calum. He smiled at you, but it faltered when he saw Brady.
“Hey, Y/N,” He waved. You nodded, but focused on your locker. You knew he left. You turned the lock and you felt Brady’s body pressed against your back. “Brady, stop.” You pushed him. His lips pressed to your neck. “Brady, stop.” His arms wrapped around your torso, holding you still.
“Come on, baby,” he mumbled. The cigarette smoke evident in his breath. “Just a quickie?”
“No,” You groaned. You felt Brady grind against you and you just didn’t want him. “Stop.”
He didn’t, he was waiting for you to cave in.
“She said stop, mate,” a thick Australian accent said. You felt Brady untangle from you and turn towards the accent. You looked and of course, Calum.
“Well, what are you going to do if I don’t?” Brady asked. He dusted off Calum’s shoulders and he rose his brows. “Mate?" 
Calum balled his fists and tensed his jaw. You saw his stature and compared it to Brady. They were both pretty built. Good biceps, nice tan, awesome hair. You bit your lip, realizing that you were staring at Calum.
"Quit checking out my girl, bro,” Brady said, snapping you out of your trance. You found that Calum was staring at you too.
Calum hollowed his cheeks at you, then turned to Brady. “Well, what are you going to do if I don’t, bro?” Calum mocked. You looked down to chuckle.
“Listen here, Chang,” Brady pointed a finger on Calum’s chest. Calum’s tongue poked out of his cheek and– BAM! His fist met Brady’s jaw. Brad falling immediately to the ground, Calum grabbed your arm and ran out of the corridor. 

Luke: Excuse Me 

There was a party that one of your friends invited you to. You were all caught up with school work, so you decided to go. You asked who was hosting the party and she said it was the T-Birds. Too late to back out, you were already halfway there. You wore your usual mini skirt was your knee high socks. You had a white tank top on under your zipped jumper. 
You arrived at what you knew as Luke’s house. You’ve been there many times.
You walked in and smelled alcohol and cigarette smoke. Something you were used to. You walked over to the kitchen and got a cup of cheap beer.
While you were in there, there was a jock who you had a crush on. He came up to talk to you. You flirted with him as he flirted back. You felt someone watching you. You casually turned your head and saw Luke. He had a red cup covering all of his face, but his eyes. His baby blue eyes traced your body and glared at Derek, the jock. 
“Would you like some more?” Derek asked, motioning to the cup.Yours was empty and you nodded, thanking him. You followed him to the kitchen and talked while he filled both cups.
“So, how do you like the party?” He asked.
“It’s okay,” you mumbled, still feeling Luke staring at you. You both walked back to the living area.
You continued flirting to the point where he asked you to see a Drive In. When you were going to accept, a large figure broke between you.
“Excuse me,” he spoke and pressed his lips to yours. You could tell it was Luke. From his lips, the way his tongue slid in and the way he held your face. You kissed back as he pushed you away from Derek. You held onto the collar of his leather jacket. 
Once you two broke apart, everyone was looking at you two. Luke kissed your nose and connected your foreheads.
“You’re mine,” Luke panted. He smiled at you. You kissed his chin and chuckled.


I still can’t get over the fact that they had Michael get with that sleazy artist. It is so out of character for Michael. Michael didn’t even like that greasy mess so why make him do it except to create a wedge between Michael and Jamal. AND I AIN’T HERE FOR THAT. If they were gonna make Michael cheat at least, it should have been with someone equally as fine. I’m not playing Jamal and Michael better make it. They are the only one I hardcore ship I have on this show.

Red, White & Blue

By Impossibly Imperfect

The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching which means BBQs, beers, pooltime and a fun long weekend to top it off! I like to get in the spirit of the holiday just a bit and this year I’ll be branching out of my normal July 4th uniform of cut-offs and a cute shirt with this little patriotic Joie dress. Just the ticket for a beach BBQ and some serious firework action! Details below on how to recreate this super simple braid that Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair whipped up on me in under 8 minutes! 

Easiest braid how-to ever

  • Use Sexy Hair volumizing dry shampoo to add texture and volume to hair
  • Create multiple small/skinny braids
  • Then take and twist back each one, weaving them together into a regular, full braid
  • Finish by tying the hair into a knot at the end
  • Seal the look with a good solid spray of the Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder to lock everything in and keep it looking great in the relentless Texas humidity!

Test run my Karen Walker sunnies using Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program that allows you to have unlimited designer sunnies sent to your home each month so you can switch them out just like you do with Rent the Runway outfits! That means any pair you want and as many swaps as you want for only $19/month. Do yourself a favor and sign up HERE and get your first month free

Photography by Jasmine Adisbeth // Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair 

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Tilde Striped Maxi Dress

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Michael Michael Kors Platform Wedge Sandals - Bennet Braided

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he sings to you

Michael: You’re both wedged between the space from the end of your bed to the wall, your back pressed to the end of your bed frame while Michael was leaning against the wall, guitar in hand. “Play my favorite,” you suggest, nudging his leg. He grins sheepishly, strumming the first chords. “You’re the reason, the only reason,” he sang, reaching the chorus. Your heart couldn’t help but flutter as he glances up at you every few strums, directing all the lyrics towards you. “Did you think about me while you wrote it?” You question once he finished the song. “Of course,” he admits, his cheeks flushing. You bite your lip, leaning forward and leaving a kiss to his before he starts another song.

Calum: “This one’s for you baby!” Calum shouted, giving you a wink from the stage. You grin, leaning on your forearms and gazing up at your boyfriend. It was karaoke night at your favorite bar and you and Calum decided to make a little date out of it, bringing his guitar and throwing back a few shots. He positioned the microphone and made sure his guitar was in tune before starting. “Even when the sky is falling down, even when the Earth is crumbling ‘round my feet,” he sang, eyes directly at you. As he continued the song, the entire crowd joined in, clapping and mumbling along to the lyrics they picked up on. Once the song was about to end, you hopped up on stage, planting one right on his lips. 

Luke: It was mid afternoon, a nice breezy day, perfect for lounging around on the soft grass. You and Luke grab a blanket, laying it on the ground and getting comfy. “Sing to me,” you suggest, glancing up at his blue eyes. He smiles shyly, licking his lips. Your head rests on his stomach and his hands run delicately through your hair, the words to Disconnected spilling from his mouth in a beautiful tone. “And you,” he sings, his finger bopping your nose, “You’re so caught up.” You laugh, snatching his hand and toying with the rings on his fingers. Once the chorus comes, you sing - well more like shout - along with him, causing him to laugh the lyrics more than sing them as he continues on. 

Ashton: The rest of the boys went who knows where after they finished up sound check for their most recent gig, leaving you and Ashton alone on stage. “I still think you’re the best when it comes to She Looks So Perfect,” you admit, sitting right in his lap with your legs on either side of him. Before you know it, he’s busting out into song. “You look so perfect standing there, in my American Apparel underwear,” he serenades, his hands pinching at your sides. You swat at them, giggles bubbling past your lips. “Yep, definitely the best,” you announce as he finishes off the song. He shakes his head, giving you a soft kiss to your lips.