This is honestly one of the most breathtaking performances I’ve ever seen, Michael deserves all the awards. 


Q: Is your departure related to Ziva’s?
MW: In a sense I suppose it is. But I think that even if she was still there it’d be time for, I mean I think that she left in part because she felt that it was time to go as well. You know things run their course. So, I love Cote de Pablo a lot and we were together, we had a party at my friend Andrew’s apartment in New York and my wife and I and all of our friends were there and Cote came to the party and it was beautiful to see her and then she writes me these very long emails that you really have to sit down, because she, you know, she’s not a simple thing. You engage with Cote, it’s two hours of like deep, deep, deeeep stuff and it’s—she has a poet’s heart. She’s an exhausting and wonderful friend.


[..] We wanted to build-in the sense that he was, too big for the pot. I mean he was like a plant that needed to get put out. And, properly planted in the wild. And so I think that’s what happened to DiNozzo, he’s been sort of altered forever by becoming a father.
And by losing, at least seemingly losing, the love of his life, Ziva and I think all those story points were sort of brought together wonderfully by the..I mean they had a lot to accomplish. And it allowed me to really say goodbye to the character correctly. (x)

With everything that’s happening we haven’t really stopped for a sec to think that last night was Michael Weatherly’s last episode on NCIS.

It was Tony’s last episode and Michael Weatherly killed it, so CONGRATULATIONS on his acting and everything he gave to this character and us for 13 years! We truly thank him for everything and we’re sure gonna miss him so much it’s gonna hurt, hell it already hurts!