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🎭EXO: “The Mask Concept” Part 3🎭

*****Okay so I’m making a new post about this because it is now relevant!*****

In late 2014, when I was taking a break from school and had a lot of time on my hands I compiled a lot of comeback rumors and created two posts, one on @kmexoplanet and one on here about a Phantom of the Opera concept that I thought EXO was going to use for their upcoming comeback. This was when the members were filming their pathcode teasers which is why rumors were flying around so much. part 1 | part 2

Here’s a much more condensed version of both of those posts (this will still be long lol):

Xiumin teased EXO’s “new” choreography in EXO’s first box (2013), something involving throwing a mask on the ground, yet it has never been shown in the comebacks following “Growl.”

Many fans have seen Kai practicing this mask dance (these are from Gayo Daejun 2013 and TLP Beijing)

Sehun was practicing this choreo on 141015 so we thought it was for the new comeback, but it ended up being for the Kolon CF, which looked slightly more like it went along with the mask concept, in my opinion

And I still believe that this choreo could be the 2016 comeback.

Now, as far as the new things go, I realize that this was just one post taken from twitter but

I didn’t think the mask dance would come back! Also the Baekhyun high note wasn’t that much of a surprise but whatever and Sehun’s recent insta/weibo post goes along with the blood stained shirt thing. 

And btw I have no idea what thtones is lmao I won’t even comment on it. I am clinging to the Ventage Frost Demo in the hopes that it will finally be the new song.

A lot of people are talking about the devil (lol) and 666, Michael vs. Lucifer, even One Piece! (theory here) and stuff which wasn’t I had originally thought but hey, it could go anywhere at this point. My imagination was going towards more Phantom of the Opera/Masquerade, especially combined with that demo song, it would be so nice. Also the “Light vs. Dark” concept is an old rumor too, and I thought that since the Kolon cf choero was like a battle that it went along with those rumors as well. Let me know what you guys think! I tried to not make this too long but it is. Lol oh well~

Credits: @fy-sehunoh, @d-hoes-baekon, @c92, @dailyexo, @xingbarachen There are links to many videos/fancams on the old posts even though a couple have been deleted. Most of the gifs are mine.

Petty Encounters: Part 13

Summary: Pretty much just trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Cas gets frustrated… Jaycee levitates stuff…

Word Count: 2247

Warnings: None

A/N: Okay, so I started writing this series a few months ago when my whole family was visiting my brother and his wife and I was feeling really angsty and mad at the world for absolutely no reason, but I just found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant again so I had all these fluffy baby feels and I had no idea how to write something that had angsty baby feels, but somehow this came out. Well, today we just found out they’re having another boy (!!!) so I feel like I have to celebrate by posting this! Also, I’m really angry at the world today for no reason again (Toaster Strudel and blasting FOB as loud as I could didn’t even help) so it’s really fitting, actually.

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“She won’t really talk about Jackson,” Dean told Sam over some fast food he ran into town for. “All I know is that she doesn’t want him to be with the angels, and I get that.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to really think about what it would mean if he was alive,” Sam suggested. “It’s gotta be hard to lose a kid like that then find out that he’s not really gone.”

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what she says: i’m fine.
what she means: what concept will exo have? does the pathcodes have something to do with the upcoming comeback? why is jongin blonde? what does that fucking hand sign mean? when is the comeback? what are they going to wear? why is kyungsoo not blonde? why do i need to pay for the livestream? how the fuck can i get enough coins for it? where is jongdae? is he dead? is the concept michael vs lucifer? who’s lucifer then? who’s michael? why am i not ready for this comeback?

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Hi, I was just wondering why you like samifer so much when it's canon that lucifer has tortured sam more brutally than kylo ren and kilgrave had with their counterparts?

Hi! I’m going to take this as a genuine inquiry rather than the attack on my ship it sounds like due to my comment about Kylo X Rey.

Okay, well, the easiest place to start is on the whole Lucifer torturing Sam part, starting with in the Cage and moving forward across the timeline, okay?

Here’s the thing: Sam is on fire in the Cage. Burning, screaming, whole nine. The major problem with people thinking this is Lucifer torturing Sam is the simple fact that Lucifer does not have power over fire. “Most people think I burn hot, it’s really quiet the opposite.”- as he blows out ice like Elsa on a window and proceeds to draw in it.

Okay, well, Lucifer has power over ice, okay, big deal, he still could torture Sam somehow. Ah, yes, but we are also shown in canon, who his opposite is that HAS power over fire, and can burn someone from the inside out in flame with a single touch: Michael.

And wow, that is pretty freaking brutal and sadistic. Keep in mind: Anna is trying to SAVE Michael and Lucifer, trying to protect them. And of all the options available to him to stop her, Michael chooses to kill her. Horribly. Till she a charred husk and then ash. When he could have, idk, ripped out her grace and made her human. Or sent her to another location far away or another dimension. No, he kills her. Again: HORRIBLY.

I’m assuming that means Gabriel and Raphael have power over wind and earth respectively, but we never got to see it because it wasn’t plot relevant.

Then, we have Soulless!Sam, and then Broken!Sam. Broken Sam whose mind is shattered and traumatized- and steadily fracturing. Who does he see? Lucifer. Lucifer who is the physical manifestation of a broken mind- but not actually present- there to torture and taunt him and keep him from sleep or peace until he dies of exhaustion, malnutrition, etc. Lucifer isn’t trying to kill Sam. No one is. Sam’s brain is a broken organ unable to function properly and THIS is how it is manifesting itself as it shuts down.

Back to the torture: Hallucifer uses flames on Sam- which, one, makes no sense since he doesn’t even have the ability to, but is more likely Sam’s brain is just manifesting memories from Hell in physical form like it did with the flashbacks, and associating them with Lucifer, even though Lucifer is not the responsible party. Just like he wasn’t in Hell. We also know angels can change appearance, especially when in a place like Hell or a in a dream or something. And though he has no body, Lucifer later appears to Sam as his Nick vessel when Sam goes to the Cage to talk to him about the Darkness. So it makes sense that as MICHAEL tortured Sam, he appeared like Nick!Lucifer under the idea that it’s Lucifer’s fault Sam is being tortured to begin with.

To go a step further, Lucifer is still possessing Sam when they fall into the Cage, so it’s quiet possible Michael wasn’t just torturing Sam, but was also torturing Lucifer- up until Cas separated Sam from his body, and later when Death retrieved his soul. Because after ALL THAT why would Michael or Lucifer bother with SAM when they could be fighting it out unending in the Cage? They wanted to fight EACH OTHER. And they are, but Lucifer and Sam are still sharing the same space when it happens, and Michael is making Sam see what he wants.

Okay, so all the hell Sam went through with Lucifer in S7 ISN’T really Lucifer. Sam is schizophrenic. It’s not real, despite how very, very real it seems to him.

Now, moving on down the timeline. S11! Sam, in a desperate ploy to stop the Darkness, goes and talks to the very person who stopped her in the first place: Lucifer. We know Sam has been receiving visions from- he assumes- God. And over the course of the episode, Lucifer refers back to the “fun” they had in the cage, then reveals he’s been lying and manipulating Sam all season to get him down to Hell, and that yes he can help, but Sam has to say “Yes” to him again.

Here’s my problem(s) with this: 1) Lucifer lies to Sam, which given canon we know Lucifer never does, and promised never to do, since the truth is much more powerful. 2) The idea of Lucifer hurting Sam, when we have already seen in canon that Lucifer is weirdly protective of anything he deems his, which included anyone who tries to hurt Michael-the same brother he is wanting to kill. Lucifer traps Castiel rather that be forced to fight him because while Cas is working against him, he is still also Lucifer’s brother, and Lucifer doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Lucifer again and again offers for anyone, including Gabriel, to just stay out of his way and they won’t get hurt. Gabriel only dies because he won’t stand down. And Lucifer knows that stopping his own actions won’t stop Michael, inevitably forcing Lucifer back into action in a vicious cycle. 3) The episode was written by BUCKLEMMING who are terrible freaking writers who DIDN’T WATCH SEASON FIVE and are therefore basing their version of Lucifer off a Lucifer that WASN’T REAL. 4) Because of point 3, Lucifer is being horribly out of character. Fun, but OOC.

I ship it based off of Season Five and the fact I still have hope for Lucifer and don’t actually believe he’s completely evil, and given canon we learn he was driven insane because he was the original holder of the Mark, the same one that drove Cain and Dean insane- until Dean got rid of it, and then immediately went back to normal.

I can got further into my headcanon about this and the apocolypse and what the prophecy of Michael vs Lucifer was originally meant to be if anyone is curious.

But yeah, I ship Samifer. They’re nothing like Kylo X Rey or Jessica Jones x Killgrave, even while very unhealthy to start with.

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there's a rumor that exo's concept is gonna be michael vs lucifer even baekhyun hashtagged #M #L omg

What the hell is michael vs lucifer is that a bible ref

What the frickle frackle is the point of "the Darkness"?

Is there something we can derive from 10x23 that makes sense?

Sam and Dean were created by an angel breeding programme to be the vessels of archangels, one “good” and one “evil”. They defied that destiny and saved the world, but (in conjunction with Cas) have been royally screwing up ever since.

We see a trail of dead innocents as a consequence of the decisions and mistakes our three “heroes” have made (Cas, Sam and Dean) since S8.

The Nephilim  

Ellie, and no doubt many others like her, who were duped into selling their souls to Crowley and who would have been saved if the Winchesters had closed the gates of Hell



Cyrus Styne


The angels have fallen, Metatron has the demon tablet, and the Darkness is loose.  

Really, at this point, the audience is left to wonder whether perhaps the Michael vs Lucifer apocalypse wouldn’t have been preferable.

The questions the writers seem to be asking are:

What is the nature of good and evil?

We have an angel antagonist (Metatron) a witch antagonist (Rowena) and a partial demon ally for the Winchesters in Crowley, along with their steadfast fallen angel ally, Castiel. Good and evil are mixed up right here. Moreover, Sam and Cas have just participated in a human blood sacrifice to remove the Mark of Cain, whilst Dean slew an innocent child (Cyrus Stein) and Death himself. Our “heroes” cannot be said to be heroes at this point. They have committed evil actions for the sake of “saving” one another, and in so doing they have damned the world.

What is the psychological damage between Sam and Dean, thanks to their shitty childhood?

It was because the Winchester brothers loved each other, but were prepared to let go, that Sam and Dean were able to overcome Lucifer and Michael and save the world in Swan Song at the end of S5. It is because the Winchester brothers love each other, but were not prepared to let go, that they unleashed the Darkness at the end of S10.

That inability to let go stems from Dean, psychologically. We saw what it cost Dean to have allowed Sam to jump into the Pit, the year he spent struggling with PTSD living with Lisa. It is as if, after that terrible year, he has not been able to contemplate letting go ever again. Sam on the other hand, did let go again, during S8 when Dean was in Purgatory. Sam was lost and grief stricken but he didn’t try to undo the natural order of the world to find his brother. He attempted to move on with Amelia. And Dean was so pissed at him when he got back, that since then, Sam has taken on Dean’s brother-saviour complex and mirrored it back to him.

Now, we know Dean acquired that brother-saviour complex way back when. His Dad made him his brother’s keeper when he thrust young Sammy into his arms and told him to run out of that burning building. Dean has been a substitute parent for Sam from then on, particularly as their Dad was often away on “hunting trips” and when around, frequently drunk. But that responsibility, thrust upon a child for another child, has warped the Winchesters’ relationship. The consequences of that warping we have seen in “Brother’s Keeper” 10x23. The brother-saviour complex has unleashed the Darkness upon the world.

S11 therefore, has two key tasks which come together:

1.       In the further contemplation of the nature of good and evil, our “heroes”, Sam and Dean need to come to a place where they understand that the brother-saviour complex is toxic.

2.       In the struggle to rid the world of the Darkness, Sam and Dean will have to discover how to be heroes again, no doubt by working both with their angel (Cas) and demon (Crowley) allies against their angel (Metatron) and witch (Rowena) antagonists.

It’s not, perhaps, the most interesting story on the board, and Chuck knows it has cost us dearly in terms of loved characters (Kevin and Charlie in particular) and the hope of a more ensemble cast, but it is the one the writers are telling.

The brother-saviour complex is the darkness within and the “evil before creation” is the Darkness without. The psychological darkness within is now directly responsible for unleashing the Darkness without. “The Darkness” is in fact a giant metaphor for the brother-saviour complex. The title of the episode 10x23, “Brother’s Keeper”, is the clue to this. This is how melodrama works - external dark forces are reflections of internal ones. Both must be vanquished, and one cannot be so without the other.