michael vs lucifer

what she says: i’m fine.
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What the frickle frackle is the point of "the Darkness"?

Is there something we can derive from 10x23 that makes sense?

Sam and Dean were created by an angel breeding programme to be the vessels of archangels, one “good” and one “evil”. They defied that destiny and saved the world, but (in conjunction with Cas) have been royally screwing up ever since.

We see a trail of dead innocents as a consequence of the decisions and mistakes our three “heroes” have made (Cas, Sam and Dean) since S8.

The Nephilim  

Ellie, and no doubt many others like her, who were duped into selling their souls to Crowley and who would have been saved if the Winchesters had closed the gates of Hell



Cyrus Styne


The angels have fallen, Metatron has the demon tablet, and the Darkness is loose.  

Really, at this point, the audience is left to wonder whether perhaps the Michael vs Lucifer apocalypse wouldn’t have been preferable.

The questions the writers seem to be asking are:

What is the nature of good and evil?

We have an angel antagonist (Metatron) a witch antagonist (Rowena) and a partial demon ally for the Winchesters in Crowley, along with their steadfast fallen angel ally, Castiel. Good and evil are mixed up right here. Moreover, Sam and Cas have just participated in a human blood sacrifice to remove the Mark of Cain, whilst Dean slew an innocent child (Cyrus Stein) and Death himself. Our “heroes” cannot be said to be heroes at this point. They have committed evil actions for the sake of “saving” one another, and in so doing they have damned the world.

What is the psychological damage between Sam and Dean, thanks to their shitty childhood?

It was because the Winchester brothers loved each other, but were prepared to let go, that Sam and Dean were able to overcome Lucifer and Michael and save the world in Swan Song at the end of S5. It is because the Winchester brothers love each other, but were not prepared to let go, that they unleashed the Darkness at the end of S10.

That inability to let go stems from Dean, psychologically. We saw what it cost Dean to have allowed Sam to jump into the Pit, the year he spent struggling with PTSD living with Lisa. It is as if, after that terrible year, he has not been able to contemplate letting go ever again. Sam on the other hand, did let go again, during S8 when Dean was in Purgatory. Sam was lost and grief stricken but he didn’t try to undo the natural order of the world to find his brother. He attempted to move on with Amelia. And Dean was so pissed at him when he got back, that since then, Sam has taken on Dean’s brother-saviour complex and mirrored it back to him.

Now, we know Dean acquired that brother-saviour complex way back when. His Dad made him his brother’s keeper when he thrust young Sammy into his arms and told him to run out of that burning building. Dean has been a substitute parent for Sam from then on, particularly as their Dad was often away on “hunting trips” and when around, frequently drunk. But that responsibility, thrust upon a child for another child, has warped the Winchesters’ relationship. The consequences of that warping we have seen in “Brother’s Keeper” 10x23. The brother-saviour complex has unleashed the Darkness upon the world.

S11 therefore, has two key tasks which come together:

1.       In the further contemplation of the nature of good and evil, our “heroes”, Sam and Dean need to come to a place where they understand that the brother-saviour complex is toxic.

2.       In the struggle to rid the world of the Darkness, Sam and Dean will have to discover how to be heroes again, no doubt by working both with their angel (Cas) and demon (Crowley) allies against their angel (Metatron) and witch (Rowena) antagonists.

It’s not, perhaps, the most interesting story on the board, and Chuck knows it has cost us dearly in terms of loved characters (Kevin and Charlie in particular) and the hope of a more ensemble cast, but it is the one the writers are telling.

The brother-saviour complex is the darkness within and the “evil before creation” is the Darkness without. The psychological darkness within is now directly responsible for unleashing the Darkness without. “The Darkness” is in fact a giant metaphor for the brother-saviour complex. The title of the episode 10x23, “Brother’s Keeper”, is the clue to this. This is how melodrama works - external dark forces are reflections of internal ones. Both must be vanquished, and one cannot be so without the other.