michael tree


Can we please talk about how pure and great a BMC and DEH crossover would be? Like

• Evan and Jeremy bonding over being losers and trying to make friends

• Connor and Michael getting high together and telling funny stories about their boys

•Evan being a good, nerdy influence on Jeremy

• Cute nature walks for the group because Evan asked nicely

•Video Game competitions where Boyf riends is against tree bros


• Jeremy and Evan being genuinely concerned when the apartment/home smells like weed.

•support circles


dear evan hansen or be more chill?

• bisexual guy
• striped shirt
• pining for a girl he can’t seem to talk to
• an event happens and it give him the opportunity to be known
• he gets the girl because of it
• main character leaves another character in the dust at one point
• there’s a gay stoner
• everyone ships gay stoner & bi guy together (more than the actual canon ship)
• everything is a bit messed up in the end but bi guy is Content

feel free to add more if i missed any!
  • Super Villain: I'll release your internet history!
  • Me: *flashes back to the 50~ chapter shipping fanfics I've been reading* n o.. . ...