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#LoveForLouden was a success!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated or helped with what we were planning for 8 months. We could not have done it without you guys. The main point was to put a smile on the band’s faces and it really worked. I’m an emotional mess right now. I cannot thank you enough. PHOTO: @chrisschmelke


Happy Christmas!!!


Once upon a time… in winter lands of snow,
There was a little town of fifty folks or so
But monsters were around a million years ago
But they were not afraid 
‘Cause they all had Ghostmas Day!

Every other night they never made a sound
When the singing birds went quiet and the sun went down
Scary bats and pirates came out from the ground
But they told them “go away! 
And don’t come back! It’s Ghostmas Day!”

Never wait a moment when you share your love
Below the shiney, sparkling stars alight above…
But what you feel inside is not just love per se,
'Cause everyone is on on Ghostmas day!

So give a little gift to everyone you knew
And if you have a pumpkin they might like that too
And although you might scare them they won’t go away 
Because we all love on Ghostmas daaaay!!!

The Way You Make Me Feel (performed by SPN Cast and Friends)
Jason Manns and Rob Benedict (with some other familiar faces!) perform a cover of The Way You Make Me Feel (by Michael Jackson) at Jailbreak Club, in Rome, I...

This really makes me happy.  I hope it helps you today.

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Louden Swain - Bandaged Hand - Official Video

Directed by Richard Speight Jr.


15 April 2014: Queen Elizabeth II held and investiture at Windsor Castle, where she granted the Beauty & the Beast and Murder, She Wrote star a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and gave Rifleman Michael Swain, The Rifles an Order of the British Empire

Source: British Monarchy FB