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J2 Full Panel @ Phoenix Con 2017 + Louden Swain Intro [x]


hey you guys :)

I am currently planning a project for Louden Swain and I need your help :

Its basically a book filled with stories about what a certain Swain song, or quote means to you.

(heres the link to my twitter post, where you can find more details about…everything:https://twitter.com/MillyBoran/status/889539969336967170 )

You can also send me pictures of your swain related tattoos - if you have some, and feel comfortable with sharing them - or, if its not a certain song but a thing they said or did that means a lot to you, you can send me that!

For designing the pages of the book, I was thinking about using your artwork (credited of course)
Meaning aesthetics, drawings, etc…

I will use every entry you’ll send me until September 25th, since I’m going to Rockwood the week after and wanted to hand them the book there :)

I reeeeally hope you’ll consider taking part in this :)

Thanks a lot for reading, have a great day <3

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Amazing Song, amazing band, amazing Director. Amazing Video.

#LoveForLouden was a success!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated or helped with what we were planning for 8 months. We could not have done it without you guys. The main point was to put a smile on the band’s faces and it really worked. I’m an emotional mess right now. I cannot thank you enough. PHOTO: @chrisschmelke