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Michael and Dawn // The Strain FX Fanfic “A Savage Inconvenience”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE AMAZING @5thinvictus !!! (Or almost birthday, hehehehe), you have no idea how much my pencil sharpener suffered with this drawing… But I’m not ashamed to say that I kept torturing it until I was able to complete this, because you deserve it for all the work you’ve done with “A Savage Inconvenience”

Do you see the Native feather!!? DO YOU SEE IT?

(yeah, those are your gif @5thinvictus )

It was a last minute idea, but of course I had to show Hathu’s presence in this work, Is about her two most important persons on Heaven and Earth. For all those who have read the fic, you know what I am talking about ;)

And the freckles and eyes are almost the same in both of them!

And hey! the Sun Stick!! :D

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Name- Jade

Nickname- Jade

Zodiac sign- Aquarius 

Height- 5'8"

Orientation- pansexual

Ethnicity- white

Favorite fruit- bluberries and all other berries. Also mango 

Favorite season- Autumn

Favorite book- Uhhh Sphere and Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton? Or Neil Gaiman stuff in general, or Caitlín R. Kiernan is Amazing. Do graphic novels count because I also love Tomie by Junji Ito.  

Favorite scent- spicy, tobacco-y, chocolatey smells

Favorite color- cool tones, blue, green, purple

Favorite animal- oh that’s difficult. Axolotl? And olm, cephalopod, CATS, nautiloids and ammonoids , jellies, BEES. spooky deep sea friends, bug friends, and cats (my cat)

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate- yes all. All the time

Average hours of sleep- like 4 

Cat or dog person- cats or really chill dogs. 

Favorite fictional character- depends on what i’m watching/reading recently. I usually like The Bad Guy

Number of blankets you sleep with- like 4

Dream trip- Iceland to see where my great grandmother’s from, Japan because weeb, Italy, Germany (goth festivals yea), just around. 

Blog created- like a year and a half ago I think?

Number of followers- 189 before i get rid of the lame porn bots (holy shit though that’s a lot) 

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