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Country Skin
Michael Stanton
Country Skin

Careful listeners will notice an Oingo Boingo Easter egg in the film
Nightbreed (1990), for which Danny Elfman composed the score.

Country Skin is a country-and-western rendition of the Oingo Boingo song Skin - performed by Michael Stanton - and can be heard playing in the background during a scene, on the radio.

The full version was made available as a bonus track on the CD and Cassette version of the soundtrack.


Motion-103 to condemn islamophobia, systematic racism and all other forms of religious discrimination, has passed in the House of Commons. 

Please note, this is a motion; not a bill. It will not harm your freedom of speech. It is not changing any laws.

Only Conservatives to vote for it was Michael Chong and Bruce Stanton. As far as I can tell all NDP and Liberals voted in favour.


“I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head all the time.”

-The Green Mile (1999)

Creepypasta #993: I Was An Astronaut, And I Experienced Something Terrifying

Length: Long

In our childhood years, many of us fantasize about being astronauts. There’s just something so compelling – so exciting, romantic – about the idea of taking a voyage into that great black beyond, conquering the stars and the unknowns of our humble little galaxy for the good of mankind.

And, of course, zapping a few little green men along the way.

However, few of us will ever fulfil these whimsical dreams. Being an astronaut – an emissary of the cosmos – takes more than just the ability to hold down your lunch after a turbulent take off. It’s incredibly hard work, all physics and chemistry and a good dose of good old fashioned military resilience.

Very few make the cut.

But, for this, you should be thankful.

You see, I was an astronaut, and I don’t think I’ll ever be right again. Every night the terrifying memories come back to flay me alive in my sleep. I wake up cold, drenched in my own sweat and tears, and lacking a breath in my lungs.

All because of that one night.

It started out perfectly normal, or as normal as it gets when squirting out a blob of toothpaste is harder than winning the Olympic relay. My companion, and fellow space farer, Robert, had gone to bed much earlier than me, complaining of an uneasy stomach following the consumption of another of our… less than savoury rations.

“Just make sure you don’t shit yourself, Bob,” I had playfully chided. “You know how much work that’d be to clean up.”

Being sick in low gravity is an unpleasant experience, as I can personally assure you, so my sympathies were with Robert. However, as the evening drew on, and I got sick of losing to the on-board chess A.I. over and over again, I grew painfully bored. 

One of my favourite past times involved slowly taking off my shoes, watching as the stringy laces were enveloped by the snare of zero gravity, and drifted upwards towards the ceiling of the cabin. Sure, it was childish, but don’t judge me for it if you haven’t tried it for yourself. Even the smallest things can amuse you in such a lonesome and otherworldly environment.

As I watched my rubber soles take off like a shuttle above my head, that was when I heard it. Faintly at first, but unmistakable in the complete silence of the cabin.


It was coming from one of the radios built-in to our helmets.

For a moment I just sat there, mesmerised. Likely, it was nothing. We were in space, surrounded by hundreds of satellites broadcasting multitudes of information. It was hardly out of the question that we were picking up a stray signal.

And yet, my gut told me it was something more.

I got up out of my seat, floating across the corridor until I reached the locker for our spacesuits. The static grew louder when I reached for my helmet, so I knew which one of our radios needed a tune-up. I picked up the helmet and reached inside for the radio.

And then stopped.


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anonymous asked:

what show do you feel needs more attention?

Oh, The 7D FOR SURE.

 I want more people to watch The 7D. It’s a precious show, and it’s a nice break away from the sad feels of other shows. 

It’s based off Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, except the dwarfs are younger, which makes them more adorable. All of them have different personalities, and treat one another like family. There’s a great dynamic between the dwarfs, I mean look at them:

Originally posted by hildygloom

And even if you’re not in it for the dwarfs, a lot of people love The Glooms. They’re a married villain couple. They’re the 7D’s version of Jessie and James from Pokemon. And even Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom are wonderful characters. 

Originally posted by hildygloom

The cast is FULL of star power. Bill Farmer, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche , Kevin Michael Richardson, Stephen Stanton, Scott Menville, Dee Bradley Baker, Kelly Osbourne, Jess Harnell, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Paul Rugg, and the guy behind the Animaniacs Tom Ruegger is the executive producer of the show! They’ve even have a lot of famous guest stars on the show as well!

If you want to watch the show, you can find it on KissCartoons! The 7D is returning in September with the Rock of Sages and Season 2, so it’s the perfect time to catch up with the show!