michael stanton

Country Skin
Michael Stanton
Country Skin

Careful listeners will notice an Oingo Boingo Easter egg in the film
Nightbreed (1990), for which Danny Elfman composed the score.

Country Skin is a country-and-western rendition of the Oingo Boingo song Skin - performed by Michael Stanton - and can be heard playing in the background during a scene, on the radio.

The full version was made available as a bonus track on the CD and Cassette version of the soundtrack.


Motion-103 to condemn islamophobia, systematic racism and all other forms of religious discrimination, has passed in the House of Commons. 

Please note, this is a motion; not a bill. It will not harm your freedom of speech. It is not changing any laws.

Only Conservatives to vote for it was Michael Chong and Bruce Stanton. As far as I can tell all NDP and Liberals voted in favour.


“I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head all the time.”

-The Green Mile (1999)