michael scott i love you


She’s the love I never had, but the one I’ve longed for. I never believed that one day the girl I’ve always had a huge crush on, would some day make me feel like the happiest man alive. In a city full of stars, I’ve always admired her more than anyone other. The way she shines in her own light was what I’ve always come to love and admire most about her. She’s the star I’ve always enjoyed watching. And as she dances and glides across the night skies, I realized, she’s the wish in my life that came true ⭐️💕

Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true, you know? It’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?
—  Peyton Sawyer

|Murder Husbands Go Online|

Jim finds out that Seb owns an Instagram account that enjoys using, and that his sniper is perhaps too fond of hashtags.

‘Seb, I don’t think you having an Instagram account is a good idea. You know… considering that England is looking forward to lock you up and such.’

‘I think some of them actually follow me there.’

‘They what.’

‘They couldn’t handle how handsome I am.’

‘…You’re so vain.’

‘Pots and kettles.’

I’m going to see Thor later tonight and then listen to the album !! so I’ll be off most of the night so if I don’t answer messages that’s why!! 

I assume I will be coming back a new and changed person. I hope you all have a great night!! 

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