michael schur

Amy Poehler did a really cute thing, […] [her son] said his prayers before he went to sleep that she was going to win [a Golden Globe] and when she got home she put [the trophy] in his bedroom. So when he woke up, he was like “Yes I did it, I did it”. He was so excited, he felt like he had somehow engendered the trophy into existence, which is so cute.
—  Michael Schur [x]

Remember during last year’s Golden Globes

… and SAG Awards

… and WGA Awards

… and Emmys when Amy didn’t win?

This year at the Golden Globes…

“Mike Schur… admits that he cried when Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler won. (x)

He cares so much, you guys. So much.

Yeah, you know, in fact, I’ll tell this to you: Mike Schur and I are both going on a vacation with our families at the same time that we usually – there was always this time over the past seven years in August where Mike would call me and talk about what’s going to happen to Leslie that year. Basically, “This is Leslie’s journey for the season.” And he would pitch to me and we would talk it out and we would talk about ideas. It was something I looked forward to. It was like going back to school and this is the first year in seven years we aren’t doing it. So, we’re going to be together on vacation with our families for the purpose of doing that. And I’ve said to him, I think what we might try to do – (laughs) this is so Leslie Knope what I’m about to say! – is I want him to pitch me every August what’s happening to Leslie that year, even though I’m not playing her anymore. I trust that he will have a good sense of what she’s doing and I want to know! I want him to go, “So, I think Leslie’s at her job at this point.” I just want to hear, I just want to track what she’s doing.
—  Amy Poehler
It’s rare that you can see someone in what’s essentially their first big role and just know that the person has a good 40-year career ahead of them, but you just know that about her. You just see the kind of talent that is on display, and it’s, like, “Oh, yeah, she’s gonna be at the Oscars in five years. There’s gonna be a lot of moments when she walks on the stage and holds up a trophy and thanks her agent.
—  Michael Schur (Parks and Rec) on Tatiana Maslany