michael ruocco


Sketches to start the New Year!! Most of these were requests from the holiday giveaway (thank you all for participating!) which turned out really fun and I may do another in the future when I have more time. ^_^

  • Slark from Dota 2 (for @wudgiefudgie2!)
  • Tess from Jason ( @crybringer ) Robinson’s “The Demon Mages
  • Marceline from Adventure Time
  • Ellakazam and her squirrel familiar, Liz Chepul’s female mage from World of Warcraft
  • Drowzee from Pokemon for @reedwulf
  • A couple of owls for bird lover and enthusiast @alurasheans
  • Randy the Dodo from “For the Birds” by Michael Ruocco
  • The last two pieces are gift sketches I did a while back, for my friend, Turok, who’s the most amazing Techies player I’ve ever met! His favorite pokemon is an Audino and wanted me to draw one as an honorary Techies (from Dota 2), which he named “Maroulla.”

Wishing everyone a happy 2016!


Michael J. Ruocco's Nest.

Top dollar everything here, folks.


Happy b-day to three people who have really taught me a lot about art, people and life: Michael J. Ruocco, Rebecca Sugar and Liz Losey. All talented and wonderful people in different ways, who all had a major impact on me.

What they taught me was to think more about improving myself. In line with the theme of that, I woke up early this morning and drew three pictures for them in succession (on the left side): Randy the Dodo for Mike, Amethyst for Rebecca and Neuge Notothen for Liz…but upon looking at them, I realized the drawings could be better and that the three of them deserved better. So, I went ahead and did a second pass (on the right side) which I think all look significantly better.

Happy birthday to you guys and thank you for all you’ve done for me, even if you don’t know it. Keep being the same wonderful people I admire.