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Fan: Out of all the shows that you’ve done, which one was the most touching for you? Which was the hardest for you to dig down and do that really meant something to you?

Michael Rosenbaum: The last one was very hard for me. Because it was the last episode, it was the last moment, it was the last time— I looked at Clark and I added that line. My very last line of the show for Lex of the series is when he looks down and he says “I loved you like a brother” and that wasn’t written. You know, “I love you like a brother.” And so that was actually hard because Tom and I actually became like brothers over seven years. Working together, laughing together, yelling together, everything. And so, for me, it was a touching moment as a character. It was the end, it was the last time I was going to be Lex. I look down at him—and “I love you like a brother"—and I actually have these tears in my eyes.