michael ray stevenson

Chapter 15


I don’t know what it is but I could not breathe. As soon as I heard that gun shot, my heart stopped. I have called everyone and anyone even my dad but no one picked up their phone. 

Avery dropped me few hours ago and all I have done is lay on my bed starring at my celling. Having had enough, I grabbed my phone and dialled my dad’s number once again . With no success, I dialled the last person I could think off and he picked up. 

”Hey Ty where are you guys…is he ok?” I asked springing up from my bed. 

”Yea he is fine just left surgery”. 

”Surgery?” I asked feeling my heart break. 

”Yea the doc said he ll have to-”. 

”Ty what Hospital?” I asked cutting him off. 

”I don’t think-”. 

”Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson!!” I yelled. 

”Damn government name”. He mumbled. 

”I swear to God Mike”. I shouted feeling another heart attack coming. 

”Listen Al for your own good, I don’t think you should be here”. He said. 

”What is that supposed to mean?” I asked. Not waiting for his response, I hung up on him. I don’t know why I called him in the first place, he is giving me nothing. 

Having taking a time out  to compose myself, I had to stop all the worst possible  scenario but then I remember Ty saying he is fine but why can’t I come though?

Grabbing my phone, I called Avery I swear this people are making me run my bill. ”Hey hun you ok”. She asked. 

”Yea can you come back we going to the hospital”. I said. 

”You found where he is?” She asked. 

”No but just called Ty; I will track his location with my phone”. I responded. 

”Ooo smart ass ok im on my way see you shortly”. She said hanging up the phone. 


Arriving at the hospital, I dashed out the car and ran inside. ”Christopher M Brown pleases”. I asked the lady at the reception desk. Before she could even open her mouth I heard Ty call out my name. ”Nvm thank you for your time”. I said smiling to the lady. 

”Room 267 hun”. She shouted out as I walked to Ty. 

”Thank yo- ow!”. I yelled as Ty grabbed a hold of me and lead me outside. 

”What the fuck are you doing here I told you not to come”. He semi yelled. 

”Why can’t I come I do care about him you know”. I semi yelled back. 

”Listen Al it’s for your own good don’t go in there and go home he is fine ok”. He said in a calmer tone.  Not listening to him I ran inside and towards the lift going to the second floor. 

”267 267 267”. I kept repeating myself looking at the numbers on doors. 

”Al wait up”. Avery called after me causing me to slow down. I forgot she came with my mind is everywhere. 

”I’m sorry Avery”. I said looking above her head, I saw the room number. ”Bingo”. I said smiling. Stepping into the room. My jaw dropped as I saw Chris’s ex lying in bed with him and watched her lean upwards and kissed his lips before smiling at me. 

”Oh hell nar”. I said running up to her side of the bed only to be stopped by a pair of strong tatted arm. ”Ty get the fuck off me!!” I yelled. 

I watched Chris struggle to seat up and immediately felt a tear drop. I have been having an heart attack upon heart attack all night only for him to slap me in the faces with his buck tooth ex. ”Get the fuck of me Ty!!”. I yelled getting out of his grip. Taking one look at Chris and stormed out. 

”You ok hun?” Avery asked walking out with me. 

”Yea fuck him man I am done”. I responded. 


4 Weeks later 

I smiled as Melissa walked into my room. ”You ready?” She asked and I nodded my head. She grabbed my crutches and helped me out of my bed. 

”Thank you”. I said smiling at her. The fact I let her go I can’t wrap my hand around it. She has always been there for me but then Alison been heavy on my mind. But then again seeing her kissing on that nigga showed me her true colours. 

Feeling Mel wrap her hands around me, guiding me out. ”You ok baby?” She asked looking up at me. 

”Mhm”. I responded in pain. I can’t wait for me to get my hands on whoever did this. Few more weeks on rest and imma be back on my feet the wrath this city is going to have upon my return. Lord they ain’t ready. 

”Ahhh”. I screamed in pain as Mel helped me in my car. 

”I am so sorry baby”. She said. 

”It’s not your fault”. I mumbled in response throwing my head back and emptying my mind. ”Yo Chris look-”.  I hear Ty’s voice audible causing me to spring my eyes open gasping back to life. 

”Chris you ok?” Mel asked stopping the car. 

”Y-Yea im fine drive”. I responded. 

”No Chris you are not ok im taking you back to the-”. 

”Mel I am fine please drive”. I now remember why I wifed her she is just like me and the only one that can say shit to me in anyway shape or form. Why did I leave her again?

My eyes stayed glued on the road as she drove straight to the stop light. ”Im just trying to look out for you that’s all”. She mumbled. 

”I know I am sor-”. I froze as I spotted Alison and another lame ass nigga walking across the zebra cross in front of us  laughing and shit. I instantly wanted to storm out the car but remembered my leg. 

”You know what Chris once I drop you home you are on your own fuck this” Mel spat speeding down the road without the light changing. ”I have been there for your fucking ass not her and you about to forget about me nar man two can play that game you on your own get the fuck out my car”. She shouted parking roughly. I could not even remember the last time I have seen her pissed she looks hot.

”So you ain’t going to help me out?” I asked and chuckled as she got out her car and came over to my side helping me out. Grabbing her by her waist, I pulled her into me and kissed her hard. Smiling across her lips as she kissed me back.

”Want to spend the night?” I asked and she nodded sighing at how I got her. ”Im sorry huh she nothing… Im here with you ain’t I? I asked leaning on her car pulling her into me instantly attaching my lips on her neck allowing her sweet moans to escape her lips. 

”Chris promise me you got nothing for her?” She said pushing me back. 

”I promise we will go back to how this were before she came”. I said smiling. 

”Promise?” She said pulling out her pinky.