michael poryes

Fun Facts about Hannah Montana

Michael Poryes (writer for Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven visited my film class today)

What he said about Miley Stuart’s mother in the show (This is all paraphrased):

Student: Why was there no mother in the show?
Michael: I’ll tell you why the mother had to die…
Michael: Budget cuts. She was originally in the pilot episode but Disney didn’t want to spend an extra 10,000 on another actor so I had to pull the plug on one of the parents.

What he said about the ending:

Hannah Montana ended (spoiler alert) with Miley having to chose between college and her fame life with Hannah Montana. It was fame vs education and she chose education because that was more important.
Disney wanted the entire series to end as a dream. As little 8 year old Miley waking up having this one long dream that she had been Hannah Montana. Micheal didn’t let that happen.