michael p ryan

Ryan: What the hell’s a FUPA?
Gavin: You don’t know what FUPA stands for Ryan?
Ryan: I do not.
Michael: It’s an abbreviation.
Ryan: That I got.
Gavin: See if you can figure it out.
Jack: Okay Ryan, what do you think a gunt is?
Ryan: That I know.
Gavin: So what’s a FUPA? What could it possibly stand for?
Ryan: I assume it’s F-U-P-A?
Michael: Yeah.
Ryan: Uhhhh…
(Gavin giggles like a little boy)
Michael: This is like 4th grade.

[Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 249 – Mo'Chievements: FUPA]

I wanna feel you close to me
I wanna hear you beg and plead
I want to see you sick for me
A new kind of love
No remedy