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Ed Nygma x Reader Imagines - Part 2

For the anon that wanted a part two of my first imagine. Link is right here for part one.


You had been watching Edward Nygma from your previous encounter with him. You had tried not to, finding no reason to want to watch the forensics expert. But he was interesting.

Firstly, he seemed to go mostly unnoticed by the members of the GCPD. You could see him from the reception desk, just wandering around. Always watching. Always listening. It was… odd.

But you were begining to notice that ‘odd’ might as well have been synonymous with Edward Nygma.

Secondly, he seemed to be around Kristen Kringle a lot. It wasn’t abnormal for for groups of men to be surrounding the GCPD record keeper. Kristen Kringle always had a lot of men around her; thirsty officer in want of whatever female they can grasp on to. 

Ed Nygma seemed different to the other men - Officer Dougherty and Offficer Moore especially. Not that officer Dougherty would be bothering Kristen any more. No one had seen him in days. But Ed seemed more sincere with his intentions towards Kristen Kringle than any of the other men at the GCPD were. Of course, you couldn’t know for sure. Mr Nygma could want to bang her brains out and never call her again like the officers wanted to. 

That idea irritated you.

Fingers drummed against your desk, pulling you out of your thoughts and towards the willowy man that stood before you. You smiled as Ed Nygma watched you curiously.

“The more of me you take, the more of me you leave behind. What am I?” His face shined when he asked riddles, smile wide and eyes dancing with intelligence. You thought about it for a moment, but ultimately shrugged. Ed grinned and leaned forward. “Footsteps.”

You chuckled under your breath. “Is there a reason you asked me that riddle, Mr Nygma?” 

“It’s ten o’clock.” He said simply. You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. Ed rarely spoke with such simplicity. He usually stumbled over his words, giving long and winded answers instead of small sentences. “You usually get coffee from the coffee machine in the staff room at ten o’clock. I thought I would accompany you this time.”

Without saying a word you rose to your feet, fighting the wide smile that threatened to break through our facade of nonchalance. 

The walk to the staff room was in silence, Ed and you walking side by side with your eyes in front of you. Almost like you didn’t know each other. But when you entered the empty staff room you immediately sunk on to the lumpy sofa and watched as Ed switch on the old coffee machine and set out two mugs; his regular question mark mug along with a plain white one for you.

Ed’s eyed met yours as the heat forced the hot coffee to drip from the filter, black and aromatic. You smiled at him and he quickly averted his eyes.

It made your stomach knot itself, the thought that you could have made him uncomfortable. He was weird and said random things, but you were begining to consider Ed Nygma a friend. And the thought of anything you said or did makeing him awkward made you want to slap yourself.

So you quickly changed the subject.

“Do you think Officer Dougherty actually left like everyone is saying, Ed?” You couldn’t help but notice Ed’s body tense at the question. He exhaled shallowy and met your eyes, gaze reminding you of the malovent looks you commonly saw on crime drama when the psychopath’s intentions were finally revealed. Cold, dark and unforgiving.

“Of course, Ms (Y/L/N),” He said dryly, “Why would you think otherwise?”

You shrugged. “Too much television I would pin it down to.” You laughed, but Ed remained fixed on you. You could feel his eyes burning into your skin with the intensity behing his attention. You frowned at him. “Are you feeling okay, Ed? You seem… tense.”

“Fine.” Ed shook his head loosly, lips muttering incohertent words before he straightened out. Ed smiled at you. “Excuse me while I go sort out the coffee.” 

You tried not to think about how odd Ed was acting. When you went back to your desk you occupied yourself with paperwork instead of watching the antics of the forensics expert. You didn’t question him more on it during your more-often-than-not daily coffee breaks. And you didn’t pay much mind to the sudden disappearance of Officer Tom Dougherty.

That is until Kristen Kringle also decided to pack her bags without a word,

Not sure about the ending, but I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to send me prompts or requests. 

Also, can anyone think of an actual name for this imagine? In case I want to write more. 

None of the GIFs belong to me. All credit goes to the creators.

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Help? - Fivesome Smut PART ONE

all the majorly requested stuff down there, thigh-riding and squirting. have fun you lot ;) x

PART TWO - masterlist

“Cal could I ask you something?” You tore your eyes away from the TV screen and glanced at your best friend.

“Sure.” He shrugged, twisting his body to face you.

“You’ve… you know… had sex before, right?” You stuttered, not daring to meet Calum’s eyes.

“I’m in a band of course I have, where is this going?” He questioned, as you sat fiddling with your fingers.

“I just… never mind.” You chickened out, turning back to the screen.

“No, no, no, no,” Calum whined, clicking the remote so the TV faded to black, “What is it?” He scooted closer and nudged your arm in encouragement.

You took a deep breath and blurted, “I’ve only been with a few guys, and every time I had to fake my orgasm,” You paused and then looked into Calum’s eyes, “Help?”

“You want me to give you an orgasm, is that it?”

You nodded slowly, slightly surprised at how calm your best friend was remaining at this proposition.

“You sure you want me to?” Calum’s dark eyes looked into your slightly nervous ones, as you nodded once again, speechless, “Come here.” He grabbed your waist and pushed his slightly parted lips on yours.

You reacted immediately, any doubts or nerves flying out the window. You moved your lips in sync with Calum’s, your arms wrapping around his neck instinctively as he tightened his grip on your waist.

You drew apart, giddy and slightly out of breath.

“Do you still want to do this?” Calum tentatively asked.

“Yes. Do you?”

“Yes.” And with that, Calum reconnected his mouth to yours and pulled you onto his thigh, his hands sliding down to grab your ass.

Your senses were overwhelmed with Calum, his taste, his smell, him. You didn’t notice the three boys walk in, seeing you two and jaws hitting the floor. Michael acted first.

“What is going on here?” He raised his eyebrow at you, looking your figures up and down.

“ ‘Just best friends’ my ass.” Ashton added.

Luke just stood gawking, hands covering his crotch, obviously hiding a semi.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Calum said, however his hands were still secure around your ass.

“Yeah, he’s… he’s only helping me.” You protested.

“Helping you what? Get yourself off?” Michael chuckled as if it was oblivious to the fact that he had hit the nail on the head, but after your face turned an impressive shade of crimson, he craned his neck forward in shock, “What’s your deal? Have you never had an orgasm before?” He asked.

You widened your eyes, mortified at how quickly Michael had sussed you out.

“How come you chose Calum?” Ashton said moodily, you were unsure at what he meant.

“What?” You stuttered.

“Yeah, what makes you think Calum will take care of you properly?” Luke piped up, his face a strange mixture of anger and confidence.

“I don’t know…” You trailed off, looking between Calum and the three boys.

“How about I show you?” Calum glared at the other boys before using his hands to rub your crotch across his thigh you were still straddling.

You threw your head back and let a moan escape your lips at the friction from Calum’s jeans rubbing you. Your skirt had ridden up, so that your underwear and Calum’s jeans were the only layers between your bare heat and his thigh, you bucked your hips, grabbing Cal’s shoulder for support, intensifying the pleasure sparking through your body. Your noises spurred Calum on, and you began to hear sounds from the other three boys, groans of jealously from Michael and whimpers from Ashton and Luke.

“I can’t…” Michael refused to restrain himself any longer and dropped to his knees behind you, kneading your breasts in his large palms and lending his shoulder for you to lie your head on.

“Oh god.” Luke let out a strangled gasp as Ashton joined Michael behind you. Ashton began nipping at your neck, smothering you in pleasure.

You were panting heavily, and your hips were rocking harder, not needing the force of Calum’s hands, even though they were still locked on you. You opened your eyes and looked to the awkward blonde boy palming himself in the corner of the room.

“You going to stand there the whole night or come and kiss me?” You breathed.

He took you up on your suggestion, kneeling beside Michael and bringing your head up to connect his mouth to yours. You moaned, Luke’s cold lip ring effecting you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

“Fuck.” You panted, your lips slipping away from Luke’s and your head lolling back on Michael’s shoulder.

The knot in your stomach was growing and Ashton was sucking harder on your neck, determined to leave his mark on you. You were whimpering loudly, along with Michael and Luke, who were palming themselves desperately, your thighs quaking. Their noises pushed you over the edge, the knot in your stomach exploding. Your back arched off Michael’s chest, your body shuddering and limp as the feeling from your orgasm faded.

“Holy fuck.” Calum gasped.

You sat up and followed his gaze to between your thighs, you saw your juices covering his thigh, and running down your legs.

“Shit, sorry.” You stuttered, not sure what to say.

“You squirted.” Michael said in awe, his lips twisting into a smirk.

“That was hot as fuck.” Luke said, the bulge in his pants began to look painful as his erection strained against his tight jeans.

Ashton’s hands danced up your thighs, “We are making you do that again.”

So yesterday 5SOS totally unexpectedly came out and gave us donuts and stuff. At first there were only 6 of us so they took selfies but after spending about 5 minutes talking with us, word got out they were here so 20 girls showed up. To make up for the girls who just got there, they took a group photo.

Kate and I are in the front row all the way on the left. Ashton’s finger is blocking part of my face and I’m holding a pink phone. Kate is on the left of me in the pic smiling like a princess. Best day of my life.