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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home marked the beginning of graphic designer Michael Okuda’s relationship with the franchise. His work on the computer displays and touch screens used by Starfleet personnel led to a job designing the (frankly kind of terrible, in my opinion) fictional LCARS system implemented on Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent series. 

Okuda also served as a producer when CBS digitally remastered and updated the special visual effects for Star Trek: The Original Series and worked with his wife Denise to create the text commentaries used on the special edition DVDs of the first ten movies (a feature I sorely miss on the blu-ray editions.)


Michael Okuda, Graphic Art Designer for Star Trek Interviewed by Chasing Atlantis

Michael Okuda, Graphic Art Designer for Star Trek TNG, DS9, and Voyager and creator of the iconic Star Trek LCARS interface shares his insights on Star Trek and space exploration. Here are some clips from the interview.


From startrek.com:

“Have you ever wondered what a real-life ship designed for faster-than-light travel might look like? Matthew Jefferies, legendary designer of Star Trek’s Enterprise, took a pre-Enterprise stab at it in 1965, but NASA engineer/physicist Dr. Harold "Sonny” White recently joined forces with artist Mark Rademaker and longtime Star Trek graphic designer Michael Okuda to create a model – using genuine mathematics – of an updated version of such a ship. Oh, and guess what they called it?“