michael of the lost kids

“I travel a lot around different countries and I am very concerned about everything that happens, especially when it concerns children. I’ve put my soul and I’m going through the pain that I see. I can’t turn a blind eye and pretend nothing is happening“

20/20 Vision

Okay. I did a thing and actually wrote a Boyf Riends Drabble based on George’s tweets during the solar eclipse. It’s probably extremely crap because it’s my first ever fic I’ve written so please bare with. But I dunno. I may write some more if anyone has any suggestions?

1127 Words (Got carried away oops hahaha)

‘Are you sure watching the solar eclipse whilst high is the best idea Micah, especially if I’m not there to supervise you..’

'Nonsense, I am a fully functioning teen. I think I can look up at the sun… or moon… or Jupiter… whatever one it is.’

Jeremy sighed. 'You couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday without injuring yourself, how am I supposed to believe you?’

'Well that wasn’t my fault. I was too busy staring at my gorgeous boyfriend led in my bed in my hoodie. You’d be distracted if you were me.’

Jeremy whole face blushed, all the way to the tips of his ears. He was feeling incredibly thankful he’d decided to take this phone call outside away from his family.

’S-sh-shut up Micah!’

Michael chuckled. He could tell Jeremy was blushing by his stutter coming out. Making his boyfriend blush was one of his favourite things to do. Well that, and prank him. And he had a great idea for a prank.

'Operation scare the pants off of Jeremy has commenced’ Michael thought, smirking to himself.

'Oh look Jeremy it’s happening can you see it!’

'I told you I’m visiting family in the UK Michael, no I can’t see it. It’s just clouds and clouds and more clouds here.’ Jeremy sighed. He wishes he was with Michael more than ever right now. Two of his favourite things, space, and Michael.

'I’m staring right at the Eclipse with a magnifying glass Jer!’


'Oh everything went black. This is so cool!’


'Whoa like I can’t see anything.’

Jeremy blanched. 'WHAT. Micah are you in any pain right now? Can you see? STOP LOOKING AT THE SUN GODDAMMIT!’

'It’s very black Jere, is this what happens when the sun gets high? Wait it’s already high cause it’s in the sky.’ Michael giggles.

'DID YOU JUST GIGGLE MICHAEL MELL? THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER YOU MAY BE BLIND GET INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!’ Jeremy was panicking now. He knew he shouldn’t of gone on this family vacation. He should of stayed and babysat his boyfriend.

'Okay. Okay jeez dad. Um I’m back inside but everything still black.’

Yep. Definitely should of babysat his boyfriend.

'Oh god. Oh god. How long till your mom’s home? Can you call the hospital yourself?’

This was not happening. Especially when Jeremy is not even in the country. He faintly heard Michael ask where his other shoe was. Oh crap that’s right. Michael is currently high as a damn kite. The hospital is not a good idea. Think Jeremy, what can you do?

WAIT! That’s it! Rich is neighbours with Michael. Message Rich to help Michael somehow.

'Michael. Sit on your sofa and do not move. I’m messaging Rich to come help you out. Stay put. Alright?’ He says as calmly as he possibly can - which coincidentally, is not a lot.

'Yup. Anything for my Jere-bear. But one thing.’ Jeremy blushed at the nickname.

'What is it?’

'I think my eyes are bleeding?’

'WHAT. I-I mean don’t worry. S-Sit still and don’t move till Rich gets there okay?’ Jeremy was definitely freaking at this point. Half contemplating getting a plane this very instance to get back.

Michael had however predicted this and had text his friends in advanced, Rich included, of this prank. So the moment Rich came he was in on it. What can the guy say. Jake was extremely hard to prank he never fell for anything, he’d take a good prank where ever he could.

The next thing Jeremy knew he could hear Rich speaking to Michael, and it didn’t sound good.

'Yo Jeremy man, this is bad!’ Rich whispered into the phone. 'His eyes are open but he cannot see a thing and there’s a lot of blood. Like a lot.’

Jeremy felt woozy. He didn’t deal with blood well, even just the mention of it. He faintly heard Michael holla 'WHOOPS’ at Rich in the background, bringing him back round.

'Oh man. O-okay. As you can tell he’s super high right now so could you get rid of any signs and take him to the hospital or something?’

Rich had to suppress a chuckle. This prank was going great, he’d forgotten how easy Jeremy was to prank.

'I’ll take him now, hey stay on the line with him.’ Rich said whilst winking at Michael and passing the phone back to him.

'Hey Jeremy.’ He said drawing out the 'y’.

'Good thing the Republicans couldn’t repeal Obamacare! I’m on my way to the eye doctor now.’

Is Michael Mell being political. At this moment in time?

'Are you getting Political Michael. This is serious okay. Forget about the bloody Republicans focus on Rich getting you help.’

'Okay babe. Can I just say one more thing though?’ Michael was so close to laughing out loud at this point. Rich had already surrender to laughing into a pillow on the other side of the room. Time to clue him in.

'Sure Micah, what is it?’

'Just kidding. I had Eclipse glasses.’ Michael and Rich lost it at this point. They were both bent over, howling with laughter.

'W-what.’ Jeremy was lost for words.

'My vision is in tact. Well… I mean, it’s still as bad as it’s always been.’ Michael got out between gasps of laughter.

'MICHAEL MELL. YOU IDIOT. I WAS COMPLETELY FREAKED. I WAS GETTING READY TO BOOK A PLANE TICKET BACK ON MY DADS CREDIT CARD!’ Rich lost it again at this point, rolling onto the floor with tears in his eyes. Michael was close to joining him.

'Awwww. You do care about me Jere-bear!’ Michael cooed.

'Not anymore! You’ve betrayed me! I am betrayed! And you Rich! I’m breaking up with both of you. I’m sure Jake will take me!’ Michael just laughed at this whilst Rich quipped 'OH NO HE WONT MR!’

'You love me too much to break with me. Who else will deal with your bad attempts at smoking hey.’ Michael joked.

’S-Shhhh. MICHAEL. I am perfectly fine at smoking thank you very much. I’m sorry I’m not as much as a stoner as my MEAN boyfriend’ Jeremy retorted, starting to giggle along with the boys.

'Aww. I love you too Jere!’ Michael blew kisses into his phone.

'But I’m going to have to hang up now, It’s possible Rich is dehydrated with the amount of tears on my carpet. I’ll speak to you later babe! Love you!’

'Ha. Okay. I’ll call you later! Love you too Micah!’ Jeremy quipped, ending the call.

He loved that boy but god was he going to be the death of him.

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#88 with Michael (just imagine you and fiancee Michael like finding a lost kid at the mall and having to go about handling said kid while trying to find his/her parents & Michael semi-freaking out but also miraculously interacting really well with said kid that got him thinking about his future that could possibly very well be filled with mini hims+you too???) this was suppose to be an idea for this prompt but got carried away slightly sorry!

88. He’s two years old!

“Can’t we just leave him here? He’ll be fine.”

Michael! He’s two years old!

“So? When I was two I could figure things out, and stuff.”

“Michael! We are not leaving a two-year-old all by himself in the middle of the mall!”

Michael sighed, reached his hand up to run it through his hair while eyeing the little boy. “Yeah, I know. I just… kids make me nervous sometimes.”

You snorted. “Michael, you’re three times his size and he probably can’t even really talk yet.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Michael replied.

The little boy looked up at you, and then Michael, reaching his hand up to suck his thumb in an apparent act of nervousness. Meanwhile, his parents were nowhere to be seen.

You pursed your lips. “Okay. Let’s take him down to where the intercoms are and we can have them make an announcement about a lost child.”

Michael nodded in agreement, before looking down at the kid. “Uh…”

You rolled your eyes, starting to walk. “Just hold his hand, Michael.” Then, leaning back, you whispered into his ear, “and try to comfort him. He’s probably scared.”

You looked back to see Michael crouching down to the boy’s level, offering him a shy smile and holding out his hand. Regarding your fiancé with wide eyes, the boy gently grasped Michael’s hand and the two began to walk behind you.

As the three of you made your way to the intercoms, you kept hearing laughter behind you. Turning around, you saw Michael making funny faces at the boy, who grinned up at the guitarist with a smile the size of his entire face.

In fact, the whole walk was filled with the boy’s loud shrieks of laughter as Michael talked to him, and by the time you reached your destination the two-year-old looked as happy as ever. Luckily, his parents came shortly after the announcement rang through the mall, and you and Michael began to walk back to where you were originally.

“Hey, Y/N?” Michael asked as the two of you strolled by the shops.

“Yes?” you said, turning and looking at your fiancé. His eyes had a gleam in them, the gleam they always got when he had thought hard about something and gotten himself excited about it.

“So, I know that I said I wanted to wait a while before we even decided if we should have kids, but I was thinking… well, I don’t think it’d be so bad if we had a bunch of mini-me’s and you’s running around, would it?”

For @complicashton and @cliffordchick’s domestic!5sos blurb night!

5SOS Preference: He Finds Out You Had Sex With Another Band Member Before You Guys Got Together

Luke: “It was one night, Luke, just one night and as you can see nothing happened afterwards!” Luke was fuming pissed and you understood but at the same time thought he was overdoing it. “You had sex with Calum before you and I got together, (YN)! You slept with one of my band mates without telling me, what the hell.” “Lucas, Calum and I went to school together, we went to a party, got drunk one night at said party, slept together and nothing resulted from it. It was a one time thing and it’ll never happen again cause now i’m with you and i only want to be with you.” Luke’s face finally relaxed and gave you a soft smile. “I’m sorry for overreacting.” You smile to and shake your head. “It’s alright, Luke, just get over here and love me.”

Michael: “You lost your virginity to Luke, you’ve got to be kidding me.” He scoffs and you shake your head at him. “He knew you liked me, and knew i liked you and knew you weren’t even sparing me a second glance at the time so we got together the one night and it happened and then you two hated each other and you were all about me.” Michael shakes his head with a smile. “So, you’re the reason i hated Luke for a year and you’re also the reason we’re together now?” You grin. “Yeah, this will be a story the kids will never hear about!” you laugh and he nods. “Yeah, don’t want to scar them for life, maybe we could use the story of how we met as punishment for them.” You tilted your head with an amused look. “We’re not even parents yet, Michael and already we sound like the cruelest parents ever.”

Calum: A game of truth and dare had you chasing after Calum as he left Michael’s house, you close behind. “Calum! Get back here!” you scream and he tried getting into your guys’ car but not before you were able to get into the passenger seat next to him. “Listen to me, Calum, we were drunk, it happened one time and if you remember Ashton’s the one who told you and me that we should try to get together.” “You still slept with him though and then got pregnant and you miscarried the baby, (YN). You’ve done more with him then me.” You blinked back tears at the memory and you gripped Calum’s arm tightly. “Yes, that all happened but as you can see, nothing happened afterwards. I may have had that with him, but, i want it with you. I want all that and more with you. Look i’m sorry i didn’t tell you, but, i’m sorry, i love you.” Calum just shook his head as he looked out the window. “I don’t even know what to think right now, (YN).”

Ashton: “And now you know.” you finish telling Ashton about the people you were with before him and he nodded. “Still can’t believe you and Michael though, how did that even happen in the first place?” You tried to recall the memory. “I’m not sure. We hated each other in school, then one day we got detention together and…” Ashton laughed. “You two did it in the detention room?” You nodded with a smile. “Yeah, gave the teacher the biggest surprise ever when she walked back into the room. We both only got suspended for a week and thankfully no one knew about it and those that did, well, with me and him hating each other, they thought it was all a lie.” Ashton pulled you close to his side. “Sex is better with me, right?” You giggle. “Of course, drummers do bang harder, haven’t you heard?”

#ONEYEARAFTERFERGUSON: Michael Brown Sr urges protesters to step up efforts on shooting anniversary
Brown Sr spoke before leading a march during a weekend of events to mark one year since his 18-year-old son was shot dead by a police officer
By Jon Swaine

Michael Brown’s father on Saturday urged the protest movement roused by the death of his son in Ferguson, Missouri, to intensify its efforts to reform the criminal justice system following the first anniversary of the fatal police shooting.

“I see things moving in a positive way, but I don’t see enough,” Michael Brown Sr said at the site of his son’s killing, as he prepared to lead a protest march. Brown went on to say black Americans should focus on “realising what we need to do to move forward as a people”.

Brown’s 18-year-old son, Michael Jr, was shot dead by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, following a confrontation on a residential side street on 9 August 2014. His death led to a wave of protests and riots that rippled out from the St Louis suburb across the US.

After laying soft toys on the spot in the middle of Canfield Drive where his son came to rest, Brown spoke of his persistent grief.

“I hurt every day,” he said. “I have to stay moving, going, running, just to keep me from going insane.”

A weekend of events to mark the anniversary began in earnest on Friday evening as a few hundred people demonstrated at the scene of Brown’s shooting and outside theFerguson police headquarters. Commanders allowed protesters to gather in the road and remained largely out of sight. In the year since Brown’s death officers have donned riot gear and confronted people for blocking traffic during protests, leading to dozens of arrests.

Brown said on Saturday he hoped calm would continue to prevail among those gathering in Ferguson.

“I want to have a peaceful weekend with no drama and no stupidity, so we can just have some type of peace,” he said.

The unity that broke out among disparate local groups in the days following his son’s death should be recaptured, Brown said.

“We all came together,” he said. “Every set that was out here, everybody who had problems with anybody – it squashed all of that. We just came together to make a movement, and that was beautiful.”

The 38-year-old led dozens of supporters, relatives and friends in a march to Normandy High School, from which Brown had graduated in the weeks before his death. As noon approached, police following in patrol cars handed out water and popsicles to marchers as they walked five miles in the Missouri summer humidity.

Brown and his closest supporters wore t-shirts bearing a print of a widely circulated photograph of his son wearing high school graduation robes. The shirts also featured the slogan “chosen for change”, which is also the name of a nonprofit foundation established by Brown in his son’s memory that aims to “empower youth and strengthen families”.

In an interview with the Guardian, captain Ron Johnson, the Missouri Highway Patrol commander who became the public face of the police response to protests last August, paid tribute to Brown for his work over the past year.

“I think for a father to keep the legacy of his son alive for the betterment of our community and really the betterment of the nation is commendable,” said Johnson.

“As a parent I can imagine the pain of this time right now, this upcoming anniversary … and so I definitely have admiration for him, sympathy for him and his family and pray that God gives them the strength to make it through this weekend.”

At times pausing for composure, Brown said he had felt none of the benefits of the victories claimed by protesters in the past year, such as the criminal charges brought against officers who fatally shot unarmed African American men in South Carolina and Ohio, or reforms to criminal justice systems in Ferguson and elsewhere.

I hurt every day. I have to stay moving, going, running, just to keep me from going insane

“I lost my boy. Ain’t nothing been accomplished for me,” said Brown. “There’s some families that have got justice off Michael Brown Jr’s legacy, and that helped them. But I’m still trying to get through.”

A grand jury declined last November to bring criminal charges against officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting. The US Department of Justice decided against prosecuting Wilson on civil rights charges. Wilson has left the Ferguson police department but remains in the St Louis area.

Earlier this year Brown and Lesley McSpadden, Michael Jr’s mother, filed a civil lawsuit against Wilson and the Ferguson police department, accusing them of causing the wrongful death of their son. But on Saturday, Brown said the outcome of the case would change little.

“A loss is a loss,” he said. “It don’t matter about no money, or winning no case, and none of that. You still lost your kid, your child.”

 reminder that will solace not only lost Lee and Michael, at least three other apollo kids were said to be dead in the pjo series

five siblings, at the very least will solace lost five siblings within about a year, all of which were probably around his age or older then him, siblings he grew up with and looked up to and who he loved and they died which left him to be the head of his grief strickened cabin


Michael Gatto
I did this to remember a young man who was killed last week in a drunken fight at a bar I often chalk near. He was 18, the guy who killed him was 20. Neither of them should have been at a bar but this town doesn’t care how old you are. As long as you have enough money to get recklessly hammered the bars at the Plaza will take you.

I offered chalk to passers-by so that they could sign the walk.  I told them to think of it like Michaels last yearbook.  

He had been in College for 2 weeks.  From everything I’ve seen and heard form those who knew him he was thrilled to be a student at Southern and was looking froward to his time here.  

2 families were destroyed that night.  Michael lost his life, and the other kid will lose his freedom.  They were both so young.  The last place they should have been was a dive bar pushing 1$ shots.  Sure, the bars card, but not well and where there are 18-20 yr olds there are 21+ yr olds supplying them shots.

Perhaps this tragedy will not be in vain.  Perhaps it will lead to a more responsible bar culture in Statesboro.  I doubt anything will stem the flow of 1$ vodka and damaged youth that the plaza thrives on but hopefully something good can come of this.  

I’m not an alarmist.  I’m not shouting that the plaza needs to be shut down.  I’m not calling for this to be a dry county again.  But they need to do better.  From my little corner I see countless students go by puking or barely able to walk.  I’ve seen several pointless fights fueled by booze and youth.  I hear, sometimes several times a night, “Dude, pass me your ID so I can get in.”  The plaza does far more harm to the students of Southern than anyone is willing to admit.  

Imagine 5SOS being in a TFIOS Scene
  • *this scene is kinda like Isaac's speech in Gus's pre funeral*
  • ----------
  • *5SOS gets in a plane crash and Luke, Calum, and Michael die*
  • *Ashton lives but he lost his sight*
  • ----- 3 months later -----
  • Kid: Hey mister can you see?
  • Ash: Well no actually. I'm blind.
  • Kid: Oh.
  • Ash: Why do you ask?
  • Kid: I'm blind too.
  • Ash: Oh.
  • Kid: Mister..
  • Ash: Yeah?
  • Kid: The doctor told me about robot eyes being sold around the world. Mommy and Daddy are gonna get me those. Will you get those too?
  • Ash: I wouldn't want to.
  • Kid: But why not?
  • Ash: I lost my 3 bestfriends 3 months ago. They were my everything kid. I wouldn't want to see the world without them. Not now, not ever.