michael nesmith tour 2013


there isn’t much i could say about the show that hasn’t already been said, so i’ll go right into my personal experience. my cousin and i went up to meet him together, and told him how we’ve been waiting for the opportunity since we were kids. we were so nervous, and you can tell because my cheeks are all red in the photo of me and mike together. we left him letters for all the things we didn’t have time to say. i asked him if he was still thinking of maybe adding more dates.

“maybe! we’ll see how this goes. we’re halfway through the tour now, so we’ll see what the reception is.” i told him there were 5 of us there at the meet and greet alone from the cleveland area.

“are you saying i should come to cleveland?” he asked with a smirk.

“that’s exactly what i’m saying,” i answered.

when it came time to get things signed, i gave him the monkees s/t album my favorite local record store owner gave to me as a housewarming present. it had all the signatures except mike, and i honestly never thought i would have the chance to complete it. it was a nice feeling.

“looks like you’ve got a full one,” mike remarked.

my cousin beth joked before the show that when he asked what her name was to sign her picture, she was going to tell him that it was “thefairestoneofall” so that he would have to write “to: the fairest one of all.” hahaha. in the end, she chickened out.

i am more into photos to be honest, but i figured why not take advantage of the autograph opportunity since it was presented to us. i narrowed my favorite first national band album down to these two, but couldn’t pick one favorite. i told him this and asked if he would choose his favorite and make the decision for me.

“would you like me to sign both of them?” he asked. so sweet.

the videoranch assistant (not jessica) who was there to help with photos asked me, “so, do you guys want to each take one with michael…and then one together with him?” oh lordy, she read my mind. so that is how we ended up with the wonderful photo op above. above all else, i have wanted my photo taken with mike more than just about anything, but given the chance to also get one taken with my best friend was the best possible scenario. afterwards, i said to him “have you ever been able to say that one before? two cousins in one night?!” sometimes my mouth just takes over when i’m nervous.

“KISSIN’ COUSINS!” the photo girl shouted. an elvis moment during my mike moment. it was too good.

i love that today, i woke up to this: “I am having a wonderful time meeting and greeting all who were able to get passes and the pictures and the stories make me love all of you even more.”

we love you too, michael. truly.