michael morstan


Marylock AU: It’s been longer than a year since Sherlock has faked his death and he’s busy tracking down Sebastian Moran with the help of Mycroft. Mary is still an assassin who wants to find a way out, but doesn’t know how. Moran knows that Sherlock is looking for him and instructs Mary to kill him. Mary was planning on doing that, but at the last minute comes up with a plan. She’ll give Sherlock all the info he needs and when Moran is dead she’ll be free to leave and start life anew. Working with each other, they get quite close. Moran however finds out and threatens Mary to make sure Sherlock comes to him or he’ll torture them both. Sherlock comes and gets shot by Moran, but doesn’t die. Mary, seeing this, has had enough and kills Moran. Sherlock wakes up in the hospital with Mary beside his bed. After taking care of the rest of Moriarty’s network, they both go back to London together.