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I liked Ghost In The Shell and I hate that I can’t even go in the fucking tag without seeing rude comments about the film. Seriously, tag your hate! Let those of us that enjoyed that damn movie enjoy it, I guess since it is Tumblr that was WAY TOO MUCH TO ASK…

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Between Duty and Desire

Angel: Michael
Reader: Female
Words: 14280
Author: Mira and Scruff
Warning(s): It’s AU…I guess that’s a warning?  Also, there’s some Destiel as well as some Sass (or is it Jam?  Whatever the Sam/Jess pairing is)
Note(s): Co-writing has been an absolute blast.  

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“You are the One. You are the One that was. You are the One that is.
And you- you are the One that will be.”