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I made a video for Sense8 using the song Sun was dancing to in episode 4 of season 2. If you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you. https://www.change.org/p/netflixlat-netflix-sense8-sense-8-season-3-renewal

hamilton the musical summary

Hamilton: I couldn’t seem to die

Burr: watch me bitch

Phillipa Soo, Lexi Lawson, Alysha Deslorieux, Carleigh Bettiol, Elizabeth Judd, Arianna Afsar, Aubin Wise, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Javier Muñoz, Jon Rua, Michael Luwoye, Miguel Cervantes

Every Helpless filmed so far, both Broadway and Chicago productions.

Phillipa Soo - Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lexi Lawson - Javier Muñoz, Alysha Deslorieux - Jon Rua, Carleigh Bettiol - Jon Rua, Elizabeth Judd - Michael Luwoye, Arianna Afsar - Miguel Cervantes, Aubin Wise - Miguel Cervantes.

[Satisfied] [Burn]

Love is for Idiots - Peter Parker

Summary: You have been alone all your life, and from a young age, you learned that love doesn’t exist. However, as soon as you met Peter Parker, you learned to love again.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,477 (goddamn that’s a long one)

Warnings: kinda agsty, kinda fluffy, couple of swears, my really bad spanish skills (I SPEAK FRENCH STILL LEARNING SPANISH) also first fic so there’s that

A/N: guys i did it. first ever fic. i don’t know if y’all will hate it or love it, but it was so much fun to write. ALSO THERES AN IN THE HEIGHTS REFERENCE.

You didn’t need love.

You were an independent person who didn’t need to feel satisfied by having someone love you.

You were strong, independent, and brave.

That’s what you told yourself everyday when you looked in the mirror.

Truth be told, you lied to yourself everyday. Everybody needed somebody, but you just weren’t used to that. With your mom out of the picture, and your dad always gone for work, you had convinced yourself that love was for the weak.

You just never realised how emotionally weak you actually were.

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  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Hamilton
  • Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Lafayette
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Laurens
  • Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you: Burr