michael martchenko


Someone was crying, “Oooooooh, I’m hungry.” Jonathan listened very carefully. He walked up and down the hall and found the room it was coming from. He went in and there was a big, enormous shining computer machine. The computer was going ‘wing, wing, kler-klung, clickety clang’, and its lights were going off and on. The voice was coming from behind it.

Jonathan squeezed in back of the machine and saw a little old man at a very messy desk. He looked at Jonathan and said, “Do you have any blackberry jam?” “No,” said Jonathan, “but I could get you some. Who are you?” “I’m the computer,” said the man.

Now Jonathan was no dummy. He said, “Computers are machines, and you are not a machine. They go 'wing, wing, kler-klung, clickety clang.’” The man pointed to the big computer and said, “Well, that thing goes 'wing, wing, kler-klung, clickety clang,’ but the darn thing never did work. I do everything for the whole city.” “Oh,” said Jonathan. “I will get you some blackberry jam if you’ll do me a favour. A subway station is in my house at 980 Yonge Street. Please change it.” “Certainly,” said the old man. “I remember doing that. I didn’t know where to put it.”

Jonathan Cleaned Up–Then He Heard a Sound, or Blackberry Subway Jam

Story: Robert N. Munsch

Art: Michael Martchenko

(Toronto: Annick Press, 1981)