michael malak


Michael Malak || Supernatural || FC: Matt Cohen || Pureblood || 18 || 7th Year || Gryffindor || TAKEN

Stance on Pureblood supremacy: For it

Michael Malak is the golden child of the Malak family. Michael has lived a very comfortable life and is entirely loyal to his family, especially his father. He likes to think that he runs things at Hogwarts behind the scenes and is a bit egotistical. He’s had a long running rivalry with his younger brother, Lucifer, and sometimes will stop at nothing to beat him, even if it means that someone will get hurt. Because he was raised in a Pureblood family Michael has a bit of a besmirched outlook on people who are not Pureblood. It’s the only thing he agrees with Lucifer on: all lesser people need to be annihilated.