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Tagged by @mrmallard. Don’t worry dude, it’s not awkward. I’d be surprised if there’s one person on this site who doesn’t like being tagged.

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Name: Michael Edward MacLeod
Nicknames: Mikey, or just Mike sometimes. I once knew someone who would only call me “The little dude I think is so cool” 
Zodiac: Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising.                                           Sexual orientation:  Just call me peter PAN amiright
Favorite Fruit(s): Probably just bananas. Low effort, high quality.
Favorite season: Summer. I absolutely love sweltering heat. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear three layers outside right now, and it’s like maybe 30 degrees outside.
Favorite book(s): Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes. I have used that sacred knowledge for my whole life. A close second place is a travel-sized handbook on interpreting tarot cards. 
Favorite Flower: Chaenostoma cordatum. Or just The Pikmin Flower. Just because I love the idea of making an entirely new living species for no other reason than to market a game. 
Favorite Animal(s): Probably just house cats. 
Tea, Cocoa: Cocoa. I can’t really stand the smell of tea. 
Cat or Dog person: Cat. They’re just so small and cuddly! Can’t argue with a good Corgi though. 
Favorite Tumblr: Non-mutual? Uhhhhhhhhhh, @kurokku-tokei.  A good art style and NDRV3 spoiler-free? Just a personal favorite art blog, what can I say. Dream Trip: If I can cheat I’d say space. Realistically, I’d wanna see more of Quebec.                                                                                                   Number of Tumblr followers: 275. Thanks for all the follows!

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