michael loves lisa


Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley photographed by Dick Zimmerman, 1994.

Dick Zimmerman: Having spent an entire day with them, I saw some magical things. They talked to each other very quietly like lovers would. For the first shot, I told them to stand close. They immediately put their arms around each other and Lisa cuddled right up to Michael. I told Lisa to sit in a chair and Michael to kneel beside her. He put his arm around her and pulled her head to his chest, while Lisa tenderly took hold of his hand.

Between shots, they were whispering and giggling to each other. They were so happy it was hard to keep their attention on the camera. They were so much into each other.

They are so happy with the photos. Michael put Xs over the ones he liked, and the pages of photos were covered with Xs. But the loving ones with Lisa, showing their happiness, were his favorites.

Adorable things we've learned from Paris' "Rolling Stone" interview

1) Michael teased her about a crush she had on a girl when she was young
2) I repeat, Michael accepted his daughter and her sexuality from the get go.
3) He frequently reminded her to be proud of her race and her blackness
4) Michael was a pretty strict parent (which we already knew but STILLL)
5) Prince and Paris know that Michael is and will always be their biological father
6) People tell Paris she’s so much like her dad it’s frightening
7) Paris has the same “weakness” as Michael- letting emotions cloud your judgement (according to Prince)
8) Prince and Paris believe their father was completely innocent
9) Michael used to cry to the kids at night because of how cruel the world was to him
10) While rehearsing for “THIS IS IT” Michael was so tired that Paris would encourage him to take a nap with her
11) Paris believes Michael was murdered
12) It took her until she was 10 to figure out that Michael couldn’t have a baby and so she had to have a mum
13) When she asked Michael who her mother was, Michael simply said “Debbie” (Goddamit Michael! How is she supposed to know who that is?!)
14) Paris was on the same antidepressants as Michael at one point
15) Paris explained that losing Michael was the worst thing possible so anything bad that has happened since has been nothing in comparison
16) She shrugged off just randomly finding a platinum album in the attic (I wish!)
17) Michael introduced her to tons of music, including classical and rap
18) Sometimes Michael would come into their home school lessons and when he did the kids knew they were done with school for the day
19) Michael read to them at night
20) When she was younger Paris used to think that all she ever needed was her dad and Disney channel
21) Paris has track marks from drug use, some of which, along with her self harm scars, are covered with tattoos
22) 11 of her 50+ tattooed are dedicated to Michael
23) Michael used to call her “Tinker Bell”
24) It took her years to figure out Michael had a name and wasn’t just called “Daddy” or “Dad”
25) Paris knew Michael loved Lisa Marie because apparently he looks “whipped” in the YANA music video
26) Michael taught her how to cook
27) Michael made amazing fried chicken (KFC?!)
28) Paris is scared for the coral reef
29) Paris only found out who her mom was after Michael died, because she looked it up on the Internet
30) Paris is a sweetheart who deserves the best of this world

Blow Me Kiss Me Kill Me Yearly Ranking: May 2013

1. Klixen [=]

2. Cindy Hope [=]

3. Lily Carter [+]

4. Zoey Rush [-]

5. Dani Daniels [=]

6. Karlie Montana [=]

7. Lisa Ann [+]

8. Tori Black [-]

9. Lily Love [+]

10. Gianna Michaels [-]

11. Charley Chase [-]
12. Sunny [+]
13. Tiffany Thompson [+]
14. Holly Michaels [+]
15. Jenni Lee [-]
16. Emma Mae [=]
17. Jada Stevens [+]
18. Bibi Jones [+]
19. Melanie Rios [-]
20. Jesse Jane [NE]

…We weren’t always working. One night we decided to go to the movies. Michael, me, my five kids, Linda Thompson (my wife at the time) and Lisa Marie, whom my wife knew when she’d lived with Elvis in the 1970s. My kids and Michael worked out a plan to dress him up in their clothes for a disguise. They all went up to his apartment on the 64th floor (I stayed behind as I won’t go in elevators!) When they returned Michael looked like one of the kids except that sticking out from under his borrowed baseball cap was the famous curl he had at the time. I told him to tuck it in as it was a giveaway, but he said, “No David, I gotta leave the curl out.” Hmmm. ‘Fame is curious and addictive’, I thought. Then, when we climbed into the passenger van, Lisa Marie sat in the seat in front of Michael. In a very assertive tone, Michael said, “Lisa, sit here” while playfully patting the seat beside him. One thing seemed clear to me - they truly loved each other… - David Foster


Michael Jackson and wife Lisa Marie Presley photographed by Dick Zimmerman, 1994.

Dick Zimmerman: A kind of magic emerges from this young couple. I really did not know what awaited me when I arrived, but what I saw made me think of the scene which two in love act as if they were alone in the world, in spite of the crowd which surrounds them. That only comes when two people are deeply enthusiastic about one another. Like everyone, I had heard rumors which surrounded their marriage several weeks ago. But it was necessary that I see them with my own eyes to work out the depth and sincerity of their love. This love, neither could hide from me. It will be enough for you to realize it by looking at my photographs, especially those which I took of Lisa. There are attitudes which cannot be faked. In fact, I did not even need to guide Michael and Lisa. I did not need, for example, to ask them to intertwine. They spontaneously did it and most naturally. I had to only say to them to place themselves at such or such a place, and the rest came naturally. They spoke to each other in a very soft tone, the tone of two people very much in love with one another.

It’s like when you see two people in the street who’re in love and act like there is no one else around them. I saw it with my own eyes.

If you look at the photographs, you’ll notice that there is something going on, especially with Lisa. I didn’t have to tell them to put their arms around each other, they just did it.