michael looks really good


Chapter 3 part 4 At home and more flirting

Meanwhile at home his fathers are having some time alone. Painting and working out to their hearts.

Mats do i look good still? I mean i’m all grey and such. In my eyes you’ll always be handsome Henrik, so are you. You’re like a big bear, that i just love to hug! Oh and other naugthy things, he winks to Mats.  They both smile and continue with their day.

Meanwhile Michael has been invited to Björn’s birthday, apprently hes about to become an adult. Happy Birthday Björn, Michael hands a flower. Hehe thank you, you’re welcome.  You look really good in those clothes (he likes it nerdy). What else do  you want for your birthday? Just you being here is fine, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves! Their friendship is deepening and love is slowly growing. Perhaps this man is my true love? Michael thank you for making this my best birthday ever!

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Apollo Creed has an illegitimate son, Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan) who is also a boxer. After finding Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Adonis seeks him out to train him. With the help of ex world champion Adonis finally gets a chance to shine.   I absolutely loved this film. I’ve never seen the Rocky films but I’m a fan of Michael B Jordan and the trailer looked really good so I thought I’d…

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