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It makes me so mad how Ziva was treated on the show. When Kate died nobody was allowed to do anything with her desk (perfectly understandable) and Ziva was treated like shit when she first joined. Then, when Ziva leaves Tony is the only one who is affected pretty much. Gibbs acted like nothing ever happened even after Ziva considered him her father. Then, Bishop comes and she’s just accepted right away and she sits on Ziva’s desk with her feet up and everything!! Like WTF NO 


They are such dorks. I love them.

GIF’s are mine

Interviews: NCIS! Michael Weatherly confesses all! Tiva! & Cote de Pablo confesses all! NCIS! TIVA! 

I just watched these interviews like an hour ago and i had to make GIF’s.

EDIT: the first one doesn’t work. :( Because it’s to big.



Yuri is wearing white suit. Meaning of white in Japanese culture: it represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese society, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events, and appears on the Japanese flag. (Shall I remind you, that women’s wedding dress is white? What’s more, I’ve read somewhere, that in Japan the groom also may wear white suit).

Victor is in black suit: black is a powerful and foreboding color in Japanese culture. Black has also traditionally been a color of formality, and has increasingly come to represent elegance, with the growing popularity of Western conceptions of black tie events. (Men wear black wedding suits).

Yuri bouquet reminds me of typical wedding bouquet. (See the photo above in reference). 
Victor is holding blue rose (I guess). Blue represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese culture, largely because of the vast stretches of blue water that surrounds the Japanese islands. As such, blue also represents calmness and stability. It’s also the color of December (Victor’s birthday is December 25th).


People, please don’t do this!

I know you’re excited, I know you are grateful, but don’t tag sensei in those things!! It’s disrespectful!!

Remember that this content it’s supose to be exclusive for people that bought the DVD/Blueray. There are people that want to shared with the fandom, but that doesn’t mean you automaticly are allowed to spread what they shared and least notified to the creators or the staff.

You want to enjoy it, do it, but by your self, don’t be disrespectful with the creators or with the person that shared with you, remember that it’s ilegal to share those things, so you may actually troubled that person. 

REMINDER: Something that seems to be forgotten in fandoms.

(And esp. in the NCIS fandom?!)

  • You can like the actor/acress and like his/her character.
  • You can like the actor/actress and dislike his/her character.
  • You can dislike the actor/actress and like his/her character.
  • You can dislike the actor/actress and dislike his/her character.

Don’t make assumptions!

It doesn’t have to be either liking everything or disliking everything.

As in real life, the fine line is the real deal. (As is change.)