michael leader


My name is Mason Michael Starkey, the leader of the Stork Brigade. You have been found guilty of crimes against humanity. You’ve unwound thousands of innocent kids—many of them storks—and there must be a reckoning.” He pauses to let it sink in. Then he approaches the first captive—a woman who can’t stop crying.

“I can see that you’re frightened,” he says. The woman, unable to speak through the duct tape, nods and pleads with her tearful eyes.

“Don’t worry,” he tells her. “I’m not going to hurt you—but I need you to remember everything I’ve said. When they come to set you free, I want you to tell them. Can you do that for me?” The woman nods. 

Tell them that this is only the beginning. We’re coming for everyone who supports unwinding and mistreats storks. There’s nowhere you people can hide from us. Make sure you tell them. Make sure they know.

The woman nods again, and Starkey pats her arm with his good hand, giving her a measure of comfort, and leaves her there on her chair, unharmed.

Then he goes to the five others, and one by one kicks the chair out from beneath them.

Haunted house with Michael

•"babe c'mon it’ll be fun"
•"Michael no"
•ending up being in line for the haunted house anyway
•him trying to act all tough saying it won’t even be that scary
•giving the tickets to the entry man
•Michael nonchalantly pushing you to the front
•"Michael you’re going in first"
•"no I’m not"
•arguing who’s going first
•the entry man looking annoyed
•you ending up being the leader
•Michael screaming like a little bitch
•"babe look that clown has a GUITAR"
•him holding your hand tightly
•Michael whispering sexual innuendos in your ear
•"would you fuck that zombie right there, I would"
•Michael screaming
•the black light making Mikey’s blonde hair glow
•"who’s the clown now"
•"fuck you (Y/N)“
•Michael dropping your hand AND HAULING ASS TO THE OTHER END
•you laughing your ass off when all the clowns follow Mikey instead of you
•Michael being shook at the end
•"now who said it wasn’t scary again?”
•"fuck you (Y/N)“


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