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What comic had a kid following Tim and wanting to be his sidekick? (sorry that just sounded interesting)

I think you’re referring to Dodge! I think his first appearance was Robin #151 (which is part of the Robin: Wanted! arc and might be kind of confusing to read if you start there). He has a pretty interesting story where he wants to be Robin’s sidekick and keeps following him around/trying to prove himself while Tim discourages him. It is kind of part of Tim’s depression/DC piles shitty things onto him phase and, as an FYI, #156 deals with themes of suicide (though no one dies). His story wraps up in #166.


Official records show that the Battle of Circinius IV, which resulted in the glassing of the planet and the annihilation of the entire population save for three cadets of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science, took place in the year 2526. Kelly-087 and Fred-104, along with the rest of the SPARTAN-II candidates, were born in 2511, making them fifteen years old at the time.



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