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A Christmas surprise

You suddenly wake up as you hear your phone ringing and you immediately grab it,
“Hello?” You sleepily answer,
“Y/N, I have some bad news.” Your newly husbands voice rings through the phone,
“What is it?” You softly question,
“The flight has been delayed again because of the weather.” He responds and you softly sigh,
“When can you fly out?”
“Not until after Christmas Eve.” He responds as your eyes flicker towards the bare Christmas tree that has no lights, no ornaments or tinsel on it. “That means you’ll miss the Christmas Eve dinner, and won’t be able to decorate the tree.” You whisper joylessly,
“I’m sorry I can’t control the weather.” He sighs through the phone,
“Well, I guess I’ll see you when you manage to get here.” You mumble bleakly,
“Y/N, will you do me a favour?” He queries kindly,
“I guess, what is it? Put your name on the Christmas gift for my parents?” You ask,
“No.” He chuckles, “can you go open the front door, I had someone drop a gift off for you.” He instructs,
“Harry it’s two in the morning.” You whine, forcing yourself up off the leather couch,
“It’ll be worth it.” He chimes as you pad down the hallway,
“I swear this better be as good as getting a puppy.” You mutter through the phone,
“It’s not a puppy, we discussed this, we aren’t getting a puppy.” He comments and you roll your eyes, unlocking the front door and swinging it open. Your mouth drops and you hang up the phone as your eyes meet Harrys. “I’m not a puppy, but I hope it’s a good gift.” He cracks a smile charmingly,
“I hate you.” You laugh, engulfing him in a hug,
“I know.” He agrees, holding you close, “did you really think I wouldn’t be here for Christmas?” He questions as you pull away and swiftly peck his lips.
“I don’t know, the weathers bad.” You respond as you take note of the extremely cold chill, ushering him inside and he pulls his suitcase behind him. “That’s true, but I made sure to get here.” He shrugs, taking off his jacket, glancing around the house. “You haven’t decorated.” He points out,
“I was waiting for you. I figured you’d want to help decorate our first Christmas together married.” You smile blissfully, taking his jacket from his hands.
“What have I missed while I was gone?” He asks away, walking towards the bedroom with you shadowing him.
“Well, my sister is engaged, my brother is having a baby with his fiancée; my parents are renewing their vowels, I’m forced to go bridesmaid shopping tomorrow, you’re helping my sisters fiancé with best man duties because he hasn’t chosen one, and that’s all.” You enlighten him, catching him by surprise.
“Wow, I’m gone for a month and a half and I miss everything. Why do you let them sign me up for things while I’m gone? Last time I came back, I was signed up to put the lights on your parents’ house, this year I’m on wedding duties. Next time what will it be?” He yawns,
“Uncle duties most likely.” You respond with a smirk as he places his suitcase on the bed. “I’m surprised your sister got engaged so quickly, I’m going to be honest I didn’t see it coming.” He admits as he unpacks his clothes he took with him.
“I kinda saw it coming. They’ve been dating six years.” You remind him and he shrugs,
“Yeah, but last I heard they were going through a rough patch. He told me he was thinking about a break.” Harry informs you, causing you to frown.
“Well, they’re engaged. She also wants to copy my colour scheme for the wedding.” You yawn tiredly,
“What?” Harry questions,
“She wants her bridesmaids to wear red too. She’s annoying.” You mutter and he chuckles,
“Your baby sister wants a wedding like yours.” He smirks, purposely trying to bug you.
“I swear she’s a pain in my ass.” You respond and he just sighs, “anything else I miss?” He questions and you think for a moment,
“Yeah, I forgot to tell you.” You smile, looking at him, “I love you.” You add, making him smirk,
“You’re still cute.” He chuckles, leaning over and placing a kiss on your cheek.
“I’d hope so, it’s only been six months since we’ve been married.” You remind him,
“Feels like a life time.” He jokes and you roll your eyes,
“I’m taking that as a compliment.” You mutter, lying down on the bed.
“I got you a present while I was in New York.” Harry chimes, pulling out a bag from his suitcase. “Ohhh I wanna see.” You happily bounce, peering over at his suitcase.
“It’s part of your Christmas gift.” He reminds you and you nod as he hands you the white shopping bag. You open it up and pull out the small white Michael Kors bag you had been wanting for a while. “It’s funny because I nearly brought this the other day, but my sister told me not to buy it.” You smile as you admire the bag. “Thank you.” You lean over the suitcase and kiss him happily,
“You’re welcome, and I know. I told your sister I brought it for you.” He admits, closing the empty suitcase and placing it down on the floor. “Are you ready for bed? I’m quite tired.” You pet the bed, gesturing for him to hurry up and lie down so you can fall back asleep.
“Yes.” He nods, sliding on the bed and getting comfortable. “I’ve missed the bed so much.” Harry mumbles as he rests down on the pillow, “it’s so much better than hotel bedrooms.” He yawns sleepily,
“I’d have to agree. It’s nicer having you here than having the bed to myself.” You respond, cuddling up beside him and slowly falling asleep.

You sigh as you hear your sister walking down the hallway, “y/n are you ready?” She cheerfully smiles as she enters the kitchen as you drink your tea. “You do realise that it’s Christmas Eve and I have things to do, right?” You question as Harry enters the kitchen, ready to find something to devour for breakfast. “Harry can wait, I’m sure he can keep his hands off you for another day.” She responds with a smirk,
“I’m not even sure I want to ask what you two are talking about.” Harry clears his throat as he opens the fridge.
“Don’t go there Harry.” You respond as he grabs the eggs,
“Y/N, you said you’d come.” Your sister pouts,
“That’s before I realised that it would be extremely cold and snowing outside, plus we need to help with the dinner tonight.” You remind your sister who is extremely excited about being engaged. “Yes, but it’s a good time to look for dresses, everyone’s too busy looking for Christmas presents.” She cracks a smile,
“Fine, but you’re doing the cooking tonight with Mum.” You bargain with her, grabbing your bag off the counter. “Have fun.” Harry kisses your cheek, all ready wanting you out the door. “You trying to get rid of me?” You smile at him,
“Never, just simply want your sister to stop watching me as I make food.” He responds,
“Sorry, I’m hungry. Come on Y/N.” She grabs your arm, dragging you out of the front door.

After hours of looking through hundreds of dresses and shops, you arrive at your parents’ house where Christmas Eve celebrations are already commencing. “Y/N, what took you guys so long?” Your Mother straightway questions as she desserts on the kitchen counter top. “Your daughter wanted to look in every shop possible.” You point towards your sister who shrugs innocently at your Mum.
“Hey.” Harry comes over and kisses your cheek,
“Hey,” you smile up at him, looking down at the chocolate coated desserts on the counter top. “Y/N are you okay with wearing blue at the wedding?” Your brother asks as he enters with his fiancée. “Sure, seems great.” You nod, sitting down on the kitchen stool.
“Y/N did you bring the secret Santa gift?” Your Dad questions with a smirk on his face. Every year your family does a secret Santa and every year your Dad figures out who everyone has. “Of course, it’s in under the tree already.” You nod with a small smirk. This year your Secret Santa was your Dad and by the looks of things he figured it out as usual. “Harry did you remember yours this year?” He questions and Harry laughs,
“Yes, it’s under the tree. Y/N reminded me.” He smiles as your eyes continue to look at the desserts. You look away from them as your stomach begins to swirl and make you feel uneasy. “What else are you making for dessert?” You question towards your mother as she sets the kitchen table. “Chocolate pudding, chocolate coated strawberries and I tried to make an apple crumble.” She smiles as Harry helps her set the table.

Everyone sits down at the large table full of Christmas Eve dinner, “This lasagna looks amazing.” Your brother drools and his fiancée fakes a smile as she turns away from it. “It smells Devine.” Harry adds, ready to sink his teeth into the delicious food.
“I bet it does to you. You haven’t had a home cooked meal in a month,” your Dad chuckles as he pours himself an alcoholic beverage, topping off Harrys and your brothers.
“Room service isn’t what it’s cut out to me.” Harry responds, taking a sip of his drink. You zone out of the conversation, starting to feel odd as you taste the lasagna. “Did you add something different?” You question, tasting something different within the food.
“Nope, same recipe I’ve been using all these years.” She shakes her head, “why? Does it not taste good?” She instantly asks as you take another bite, forcing it down.
“No, it tastes great.” You shake your head, assuring her that her cooking is fine. You look over to your sister and she’s happily devouring the food, along with everyone else but your brothers fiancée who is moving the food around on her plate. “So seeing as we have the soon to be couple having a child, when should we expect you two to have children?” Your Mother asks, gesturing towards you and Harry as he places his hand on your leg gently. “Uhm, you’ve got the wrong couple.” You chuckle, your eyes flickering to your sister,
“From the look she gave me, she’s signing me up for the child baring.” Your sister chuckles,
“You’re next in line.” You nod,
“I think it’s you two.” Your Mum presses as she looks at you both.
“I think you’re delusional, let’s just focus on one baby being brewed.” You refer to your brother, making your father laugh.
“Yes, let’s leave them alone before you make Harry down his drink at another thought of a baby.” Your Dad comments,
“All due respect, your alcohol is quite fine, but the more I drink the more drunk I’ll end up.” Harry nods,
“We do not need a repeat of last years Dinner you and my brother drank.” You mutter, remembering the last festivities where Harry and your brother drank and kept the family laughing, but on the downside you had to deal with the hang over, and then the drinking at Christmas dinner. “That was fun though.” Your brother chimes in as his fiancé excuses herself from the table.
“While you lot reminisce over your drunk selves, I’ll clean up.” You smile, taking your plate and taking it to the kitchen, your Mum and sister following you. “So y/n what’s it like being married?” Your sister asks as she places the dishes in the sink.
“It’s like living with your best friend that happens to be your lover at the same time.” You answer, “you’re doing dishes.” You assign her the duty making her huff.
“Is it fun?” She questions and you shrug,
“It has it’s perks, it’s not a fairytale though. You guys will fight and want to strangle each other at times, and at times you’ll just want to jump on them and love on them.” You respond, watching as your sister washes the dishes.
“Is the sex better when married?” She asks and your Mum laughs,
“That’s not a question to ask while our mother is in the room, and not a question to ask me,” you chuckle,
“Sweetie once you’re married it’s not all what it’s cut out to be.” Your Mum interrupts,
“Trust me it’ll get old and you won’t even think about it much,” you shrug, surprised your Mum hasn’t told the two of you to change the topic of conversation.
“So you and Harry don’t do anything?” She gasps,
“What is with your questions?” I raise a brow,
“I don’t want our love life to die once we are married.” She whispers, making you laugh,
“It doesn’t die unless you let it die, you’ll be fine.” You chuckle, amused by your sister who is acting like a teenager.
“So the stories aren’t true?”
“Look, for the first few weeks it’s are fired up, but after that it’s normal daily activities and going on with life.” You answer her question the best to your ability. “Yeah, take it from the one that’s been married for a few months and is probably still in her newly married sex phase.” Your Mum rolls her eyes leaning on the counter just as Harry walks in,
“All I heard was sex phase, I’m not sure what I walked into.” Harry comments and you giggle, “never mind, did you come to help with the dishes?” You question as he comes over to you,
“Uhm no, I came to get you to hurry up so I can open my secret Santa gift.” He whispers,
“You can wait.” You smile, nudging him gently,
“Has anyone checked on our brothers fiancée?” You look towards your Mum and sister who both shake their heads.
“She’s with your brother in the living room,” Harry informs you all, wrapping his arms around you.
“If you dry the dishes it will be great.” You smirk,
“‘Mm nah, you’ve got it handled.” He responds, kissing your cheek, “does anyone smell anything burning?” Harry comments and your mum suddenly hurries to the oven, taking out the apple pie that’s golden brown and slightly burned on the edges,
“I knew I should have put the timer on.” She huffs as she places it on the counter.
You look away from it, the smell of apple pie filling your senses. You step away from the dishes your sister is washing and you sit up the stool, “hey, you have dishes to dry.” Your sister comments,
“I’ll do them in a second.” You respond, taking in a deep breath. Harry tilts his head as he looks at you,
“I’ll do them.” Harry clears his throat, doing what you’re meant to do. “How nice.” Your sister coos and you smile over at Harry as your stomach swirls terribly. “Y/N want to test taste the chocolate pudding like always?” Your Mum offers, but you shake your head,
“No?” Your Mum gasps as if you just insulted her, “is the world coming to an end? You never turn down the first try.” She comments, “this isn’t normal.” She continues, making you giggle,
“I just don’t feel like it.” You shrug,
“Well gee, I never thought I’d see the day you don’t feel like chocolate pudding.” She comments, placing the chocolate pudding cups on the counter next to the apple pie.
“I think pigs might be flying,” your sister adds onto the joke,
“Y/N is something wrong? You never turn down my pudding. I’m insulted.” Your Mum responds, making you sigh.
“I’m sure it tastes great, I just don’t want any.” You shrug, all eyes staring at you as if you have three eyes. “Well, I guess I’ll give it to your sister.” Your Mum shrugs, handing the pudding cup to your sister,
“Finally I’m the loved child.” She chuckles as your Mum leaves the kitchen. You slide off the stool and help with drying the dishes, listening to your sister and Harry talk about football, and disagree on the decisions made throughout the season. “Y/N you okay?” Harry gently nudges you as you place a plate down and take a deep breath.
“Yeah..” You yawn,
“You’re bad a lying, what’s wrong?” He asks as he dries the last dish,
“She’s trying to work out how to shut us up about football.” Your sister amuses, putting a few things away. “I don’t feel that great.” You sigh, “and I’m also planning on how to shut you two up.” You joke with a smile,
“I knew it.” Your sister laughs and Harry rubs your back,
“Go sit down then.” He instructs,
“Yeah we’ve got this covered.” Your sister encourages and you go sit down in the living room with your brother and father.

After a while of listening to your brother, his fiancée, and your father discuss the latest news on football, you slowly begin to piece things together. You stand up and walk to the kitchen, bumping into Harry. “Careful there.” He smiles, “why you in a rush?” He curiously asks,
“Where’s my sister?” You whisper,
“Somewhere with her lover.” He answers,
“Go get her.” You instruct, stepping around him,
“What’s going on?” He asks as he grabs your hand, gently pulling you back.
“Please go get her and tell her to meet in my bedroom room.” You instruct firmly, making your way to the bedroom you had until you got married and moved out. You close the door and pace up and down the small area before settling down on the edge of the bed. The door opens and your eyes flicker towards it and lie on your sister as she steps in.
“Harry sent me, should I be worried? Are you two fighting?” She questions, and you shake your head.
“Close the door.” You instruct as she walks over to you.
“What’s up?” She questions and you gulp.
“I uh.. I have a problem.” You croak, nervous and worried as the words leave your lips.
“What is it?” She asks,
“I think… I think I’m pregnant.” You squeak, her eyes widen and her mouth drops.
“No fucking way.” She shakes her head, surprised at your comment.
“The signs are all there.” You cough nervously, “I don’t know what to do.” You squeak,
“What signs? Are you sure?” She whispers just for the two of you to hear.
“I haven’t had my period.” You answer,
“That’s normal sometimes.” She bites her lip,
“Yeah, but I haven’t been sleeping great, the food tonight has made me extremely sick to my stomach, just like our brothers fiancée who couldn’t finish dinner.” You explain and your sister smiles, “you need to go get me a test.” You instruct and she shakes her head,
“I can’t right now,” she coughs,
“Like hell you can’t, you need to. Go now.” You instruct, not giving her much of an option.
“We are about to have dessert.” She sighs,
“Please? I’d go for you,” you implore, pleading through your eyes.
“Fine, but you owe me.” She winks,
“Owe you? Remember the time you and your fiancé broke up and you never told Mum?” You bring up the secret your parents don’t know,
“Okay, okay. I’m going.” She mutters, getting up and walking out with you right behind her.
“Mum? How long until dessert?” You quickly question your mother as she’s back in the kitchen adjusting the desserts on the countertop. “Ten minutes, why?” She questions and you ignore her pushing your sister out of the door with your wallet.

You sit on the bed, your legs shaking as your sister watches the timer on her phone. “Y/N don’t you think Harry should be in here?” She asks,
“I don’t know.” You shrug, trying to be patient as the time counts down slowly, your heart racing as your nerves pulsate through you. “I don’t know how much longer I can take.” You mutter, just as the timer goes off. You gulp and look towards your sister,
“I can’t look.” You whisper, feeling a lump in your throat, the knot in your stomach getting worse, “I’m not sure if I actually feel sick or I’m just nervous.” You complain just as the door opens,
“Y/N are you okay?” Harry questions,
“Uhm yeah.” You lie, faking a smile as he sits on the bed and your sister looks at you. You nod and gesture for her to walk into the bathroom to check on the outcome. “Do you want to go home?” Harry offers,
“No, no, it’s Christmas Eve.” You shake your head,
“Are you sure?” He asks as your sister steps in and you glance up at her as she smiles,
“Uhm Y/N it wasn’t just your nerves.” She smiles widely and you feel your stomach drop,
“A plus.” Your sister finishes your sentence and you breathe out heavily,
“Oh goodness.” You breathe, unsure of what to do or say.
“Do I want to know what you two are talking about?” Harry questions as he looks towards your sister,
“I think I’m going to be sick, good gosh.” You squeak,
“Maybe we should go home.” Harry comments,
“I’m pregnant.” You blurt out, and the room grows silent.
“Wait, what?” Harry looks at you, his eyes wide. “Did you just?” He gasps,
“Yep.” You nod,
“I have the proof.” Your sister holds the stick,
“Well that explains why you hated me the other day when I called you.” Harry chuckles and you nudge him.
“I didn’t hate you.” You correct him,
“You said and I quite, 'I’m going to strangle you with the damn pillow if you call again while I’m sleeping.’” Harry recites and you laugh.
“This is good news? Right?” He asks and you bite your lip,
“You’re not upset?” You ask with a smile.
“No, am I meant to be?” He asks,
“No.” You chuckle, looking at him full of joy.
“You two are so weird.” Your sister interrupts just as your Mum walks in.
“Dessert is ready.” She chimes before walking out.
“I’m still shocked. You’re actually… Wow.” Harry trails off with a smile wider than ever,
“Yeah, I’m surprised too.” You answer,
“What a nice Christmas gift,” your sister smiles,
“Yeah, yeah, can you go so we can kiss?” You joke, kissing Harrys cheek as he hugs you.