jugheadaandrews  asked:

I've been reading the comics all day! What inspired you to start them?

I’m glad you’re enjoying the comics, and thank you for your question! It’s just in time for the seven-year anniversary of when I started posting the comics (March 11, 2010, on Fan Forum’s That ‘70s Show message board).

I’ve always drawn comics, mostly for friends (or school), but of original characters. After reading iharthdarth, an hilarious comic series based on Star Wars, however, I wanted to draw a comic series satirizing something I loved.

It would be a few years until I found something that inspired me, but I fell in love with That ‘70s Show again after a break (season 8 wrecked the show for me for a while). I came up with the idea for this comic. It’s a silly one, but it also told me I could come up with some funny-weird stuff for T7S.

I’d planned on making only 100 comics (seemed like a good number). But then I began to move from satirizing the show to deepening the characters and expanding (or correcting) the storylines … and here I am, over 2000 comics later.

Below you’ll find my original designs for the comic versions of the characters (original-original; I changed Jackie and Leo’s designs before putting them in any comics) and how I currently draw them. I’m always trying to improve the designs (within reason; cost-benefit ratio). I originally didn’t give most of the characters arms because, again, I thought I’d make the comics for a few months then stop. Why bother drawing more than I absolutely had to? Sound logic. *lol*


Red Hugging His Kids

You don’t want a hug, do you?
‘Cause you’re not getting one.

For a man who doesn’t seem to like hugs, Red’s pretty much given some kind of hug to each of the kids that hung around his house at least once.