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I can’t believe I dread this words 


But Anna Camp tweet/instagram from yesterday made it very real😟😤😢😭💔

They shared sooo much with us, and I know we’ll see them in december for the promo tour and of course the movie, but then that’s it…no more Bellas (????) that’s when the real tears will flow…well cross that bridge then…😦😭💔😢😭

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Bellas for Life❤💘💓💕💖💗💟💞💝❣

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Nicki Minaj in Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs boots photographed by Kai Z Feng for Marie Claire, November 2016.

Pros and Cons of this being a Side blog

Because this isn’t my primary personal junk blog, I can’t comment on/ like anything under the name imagines-hoarder. It always pops up as my primary account no matter if I want it to or not. 

 Pros: Y'all can’t see me creeping through your accounts as you reblog and like stuff 😅😬 

 Cons: You can’t see me liking an supporting your blogs and writing which is really sad cause I have so many blogs and bookmarks i read through on a daily basis. 


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8x15 is titled, “We’re planning a June Wedding”
So Steroline is probably endgame. 😢 And it’s Michael Malarkey’s script so Enzo will come back? Oh, such a disappointment for me. 😣 (Stelena & Bonkai)

Game of Chess(P.15)

Title: Game of Chess(P.15)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(But seriously, many, like…the reader is so bad xD)(Dylan O’Brien mainly in the end)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing, murder, drug mentions, dark themes.
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

“Robbie!” Thomas let go of my hand to hurry ahead, smacking a hand down on the shoulder of a lanky boy. The other turned around, smiling a bit at the brunette. 

“Tommy, hey!” He grinned, glancing over his shoulder, his eyes connecting with mine for a minute. 

Thomas smiled again, swinging his backpack further onto his shoulder. “When did you get here?” 

“Ah, I flew in from London late last night. You know my mom,” He laughed a bit. “School is important so she ushered me straight into here before I got to tell anyone I arrived.” 

I finally caught up with Thomas, sliding my hand over his shoulder. “Whose your friend?” I asked, my eyes catching Robbie’s a sly smile on my lips. 

The boy instantly smirked, his eyes sweeping over my body before moving back up to my face. Thomas seemed to tense at the motion of his look, but he never commented on it. “Right, Robbie. This is my girlfriend, Y/N. Y/N this is my cousin Robbie. He just moved here from London.” 

Robbie’s grin seemed to widen. “Oh my mom is gonna love this news.” He offered his hand to me, I took it gently, my fingers sliding over his. “She thought Tommy was gay. But you are way to pretty to be a guy.” 

Thomas cleared his throat, sending a mock glare towards his cousin before taking my hand in his. “Well, we should certainly hang out soon.” 

Robbie’s eyes never left mine when he nodded. “Oh yeah, we will.”

It was a few months after that meeting that my life would change entirely. I would go from being a straight A student, captain of the girls basketball team, prom queen with an amazing and caring boyfriend to being the mess I am today, only far worse. Today, I was trying to make my future better. Back then I was making it horrible. 

It started with the nights that Thomas and I hung out with Robbie, at his place or at Tommy’s. They were very close and Thomas seemed to be really happy that his cousin had moved over to the states. Added to that, Robbie and I became close friends rather quickly. 

I rushed through the hallways after the bell rang, expecting to catch up with Thomas for lunch. I slid around a corner, colliding directly into Robbie who laughed lightly. “Slow down, darlin’, where are you off too?” 

“Hey, Robbie! I actually was looking for Tommy, I haven’t heard from or seen him all morning.” I replied, stepping back a bit from him after I regained my balance. 

“Oh, he’s probably asleep. I’m sure he’ll text you when he wakes up, but he has the flu I think. Guess you’re stuck with me for lunch.” Robbie smiled, swinging his backpack onto his shoulders.

I frowned a bit, I should have known he’d be out sick, he mentioned it to me on the phone last night that he wasn’t feeling too good. “I’ll drop by with his school work and some soup after school then.” I gave Robbie a smile. “You’re not a bad replacement though, lead the way Mr. Kay.”

He chuckled. “I like the sound of that. Maybe someday you’ll work for me, you might have to call me that all the time.”

“Big plans for the future, Robbie?” I giggled. 

“Actually, yeah quite a few. Some of which start a little earlier then you’d think. What do you say me and you hang out tonight. I have to run some errands for some extra cash, I could use the help.”

It was then that I should have said no, that I should have just brought Thomas his homework and soup after school and went on with my schedule of practice, homework, dinner and a marathon of Awkward before bed. Instead, I smiled, sitting down with him for lunch. “Sure, I think I can help out.”

I swung by my house after school to drop off my bag and throw on a different outfit. A bit later that evening Robbie pulled into my driveway and I ran out to get in his car. “Here, put this on.” He reached over, handing me a short brightly colored wig. 

I scrunched up my nose in confusion, raising a brow as I looked up at the boy. “Why?” 

He gave me a half grin. “You trust me, right, Y/N?” 

I nodded. “A lot considering I haven’t known you for long.”

“And I trust you. A lot.” He bit his lip, leaning closer. “In fact, I know that Thomas is my cousin and your boyfriend, but…I also like you a lot.”

I swallowed nervously. “Robbie–”

“Don’t worry!” He grinned, sitting back in his seat. “This isn’t a confession. I just, I trust you and I need some help…Will you trust me, please?”

I glanced down at the wig, ignoring the feeling of worry that welled up inside of me. After a moment, I brought the short hair up to my head and slid it on. “Does it look awful?” 

He smiled brightly, shaking his head. “Not at all.”

The errands Robbie ran were dangerous and illegal and at first I was terrified, but I felt like it must have been the adrenaline that egged me on, that made me feel better about the whole thing. 

Theft was an understatement of the things Robbie did, he worked for a group of older guys. They had him rip people off by selling fake bags of drugs. Herbs instead of weed, sugar and salt instead of cocaine. He high jacked cars, they fixed them up and sold for profit. I started helping him every couple of nights. 

I lied to Thomas about where I was going at night. It was an awful feeling because I knew he had trust in me. I knew he never questioned a single thing I said to him. 

“You lied to me you little bastard!” The screaming came from around the corner and Robbie quickly turned around to press me into the wall, hiding me behind a dumpster. 

“Stay down here and be quiet.” He held his finger to my lips and made sure I didn’t argue as he slid back around and hurried into the alley way. 

“You! You child faced piece of shit! This isn’t what I paid money for!” I watched from under the dumpster as a bag slid across the ground, bursting open and spilling sugar onto the pavement. 

Robbie had his hands up, giving the guy a careful look. “I only make the deliveries, I don’t make the bags.” 

The man advanced and I sunk further into the shadows, my hand over my mouth. “You give me my fucking money back you little prick or I’ll shoot you right between your fucking eyes!”

I held back a sob as I listened to him, watching Robbie take a step back. The guy must have had a gun. 

“Robbie, get out of here!” Another voice came from behind us, I whirled around carefully to see who was there. One of the guys that Robbie worked for came around, his own gun pulled. “Get home, I’ll take care of this.” 

Robbie rushed to the dumpster, his arms circling around me. “Come on!” 

He hurried me down another alley, never looking back, though all I could do was listen to the screaming, the cussing and just as we reached Robbie’s car, the gunshot. 

Both of us froze, though Robbie never said anything as he slowly moved again, opening my door and helping me in. He got in on the other side and drove away from the area as quickly as possible. 

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” 

“Please drop me off at Tommy’s.” I said quietly. 

He frowned, glancing over at me as I tugged the wig from my head. “Y/N, you can’t tell him–”

“I can’t do this. Someone just got shot, Robbie! Please drop me off.” 

Robbie pulled over on the side of the road, putting his head in his hands over the steering wheel. I could see the tears coming down his cheeks as I looked over. I leaned across the seat, running my finger over one of them. “Robbie…” 

“I’m in too deep with this, Y/N…We both are. We can’t back out. I’m so sorry I brought you into this.” He sat up, pulling me the rest of the way across the seat, wrapping his arms around me. 

I swallowed, hugging him tightly. “I don’t know what to do, Robbie. This is dangerous.” 

Robbie nodded, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “I’m gonna figure it out, I promise…But please…Don’t stop being here with me. I need you, I’ve never had someone I trusted so much, Y/N.” He bit his lip. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” 

My eyes caught his and before I could respond, his lips were on mine. My hands gripped the sides of his face as he slid me into his lap, leaning me against the steering wheel. 

I parted from his lips for only a moment. “If we keep this up, Robbie. We need his help. He’s smarter then both of us. We can trust him.”

Robbie nodded, his hands on my waist before he dipped back into the kiss.

We had just gotten home from the police station, I laid awake next to Dylan, his arm hanging loosely around my waist. I stared up at the ceiling, tears springing at my eyes. 

The thoughts of my past rushed through my mind, mixing with images of Thomas and the blood splattered across his shirt, dripping into a pool on the parking lot. 

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I turned onto my side, causing Dylan to slide his hand off my waist, rotating to the other direction with a soft sigh. My eyes fell on the picture he had sitting on his end table. Lydia smiled brightly towards the camera, towering forward as he had her hoisted on his shoulders. 

I swallowed back a soft sob that ached to pass my chest at the thought of Robbie hurting him or those he loved. Without waking him, I slid out of the bed and grabbed the bag near the closet. 

Once I had what I needed I walked out the front door and pulled my phone from my pocket. 

“Did that get your attention, darling?”

I swallowed, tears falling down my cheeks at the sound of his voice on the other end of the phone. 

“What do you want me to do?” 

He chuckled and there was a hushed exchange on his side. “Where should I pick you up, love? I miss having you next to me at night.”

I walked down the road to get as far away from Dylan’s house as possible, I didn’t want him to know where he lived. “I’ll be at the park on Hastings. You can come bring me home.”

“That’s my girl.”