michael jordan monday


1997 Game 2 vs. the Bullets: Michael’s last 50-point Playoff game.

After the game, he revealed Assistant Coach Tex Winter urged him to stay within the Triangle:

“I apologized to Tex after the game, I said ‘Sorry about the triangle, Tex.’ I kind of forgot about the triangle. Once I got into that mode, I just couldn’t turn it off.”


Kia Presents: 4th Annual Son Sunday(Monday) “Ultimate Faves; G.O.A.T.”

🏀🐑Michael Jordan (Bulls)
🏀🐑Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
🏀🐑Allen Iverson (Sixers)
🏀🐑Russell Westbrook (OKC)
🏀🐑Kevin Durant (OKC)

Again sorry that I forgot about this 😂