Fake AH Crew edit done by me!  I’ve seen a few going around and I wanted to join in. Thanks for watching! 

Song: Death Valley - Fall Out Boy

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fake ah crew aesthetics
  • Geoff:minimalism, abstract art, sleek cars, suits, hot pink against black and white, hand tattoos, whiskey, stacks of money, high rise apartments
  • Jack:wild orange hair, jet cockpit, tropical shirts, fist fights, bruises, black eyes, jet trails in clear skies
  • Ryan:dark alleys, blood stained hands, black skulls, house plants, throwing knives, clumsiness, face paint, flares, leather jackets
  • Michael:red neon signs, bruised and bloody knuckles, molotov cocktails, explosions, motorcycles, joyrides in the afternoon, graffiti
  • Gavin:gold aviators, gold plated weapons, apple products, tanned skin, computers and wiring, fire trucks, hot afternoons
  • Jeremy:pale blue skies, cowboy hats, crooked smiles, bright colors, hair dye, sniper rifles, laughing, flying stunt planes
  • Lindsay:day old makeup, fireworks, blonde hair, train yards, embroidered leather jackets, lipstick stained cigarettes
  • Trevor:blue glow, dark eyes, writing on bathroom stalls in sharpie, smirks, fast cars, secluded areas, distant cities, stars
  • Matt:bloody noses, car engines, rusted tools, garages, leather seats, spiked baseball bat, maps and red sharpies
  • Mica:shiny briefcases, white paper, purple lights, warm nights, hidden knives, perfect lipstick, whispering, cellphone charms
  • Kdin:pink knives, bloody knees, threads and needles, medical supplies, pastel pink hair, japanese streets, lipstick shaped knives
  • Meg:abandoned streets, blue and purple glow, empty buildings, skin tight leather suit, sharp claws, shadows, beaches at night, dark red lingerie
It just hit me that newer rooster teeth/achievement hunter fans won't remember a time when:

•Geoff and Gavin lived together

•Ray was a very prominent member

•Lindsey’s last name was Tuggey

•Ryan didn’t dress like the biggest dad to ever dad

•Geoff had the most kickass mustache to ever grace the earth

•Gavin was genuinely afraid of Ryan

•Jack fanfics were basically illegal

•There was wild speculation in between episodes of 10 little roosters (I’m still waiting for 11 little roosters dammit)

•Burnie was the CEO