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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Episode 1

This is my favorite version of Jane Eyre. It follows the book admirably, plot as well as dialogue, and Sorcha Cusack and Michael Jayston are perfect casting. It is available on DVD. Don’t expect sexy scenes a la the Toby Stephens version. Don’t get me wrong, I like every version out there, because I love the book. But this version is the most faithful to the book in every way, with the Timothy Dalton one coming next, IMO.

Doctor Who - who's in the vault????

All y'all saying it’s one or both of the Masters in the vault but u know what I think?

I think it’s the Doctor in there. 

I think Twelve is keeping his future self (still Twelve but from the future) in the vault. Hence the Beethoven piano playing. Hence Twelve telling the one in the vault stories and bringing him food he KNOWS he himself likes. It’s fucking Twelve in the vault guys. 

 It’s Twelve in the vault and if you aren’t convinced yet then lemme just lay some future potential proof on you by reminding you about this guy right here:

Who’s this Classic Who weirdo you might ask? Why he’s none other than The Valeyard – described by the Master as an amalgamation of the Doctor’s darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations. 

He was portrayed by Michael Jayston in the original series but just try to tell me Michael Jayston don’t look petty got dang similar to Peter Capaldi. 

The Sixth Doctor spent the entirety of Season 23 of the series trying to stop this evil mother fucker version of himself. And you know how he finally fucking managed to do it? By getting the help of The Master. 

It’s fucking Twelve in the vault guys. It’s Twelve as The Valeyard in the vault, and he’s gonna need the help of not one but two Masters to defeat himself when the time comes. 

(And if it turns out not to be Twelve in the vault then the writers are missing a god damn trick I tell ya what)

Rochester Round Up: Michael Jayston, Rochester ‘73

Post-fire Rochesters

Which adaptation’s Rochester is the most accurate to the book and or sexy? 

According to the book, Rochester has been blinded, scarred heavily on his face, his hand has almost been damaged beyond being useful.  He’s very disheveled and despondent, verging on suicidal when Jane arrives.  What makes him sexy?  Well, this is subjective but, he’s suddenly very willing to allow himself to be touched and helped by Jane and she is suddenly very willing to get close to him.  They are much closer physically at the end of the book and Bronte goes into a fair amount of detail on this point (Jane sits in Rochester’s lap for example, something she would never do when they were engaged.) There is a lot of kissing and touching.  There is also something about the intensity of the situation that makes it very exciting.  The sexiest Rochester is the one who puts this across.

Accuracy: You can’t fault this Rochester in the accuracy department (except perhaps that his wounded hand is lodged somewhat comically in his waistcoat througout the scene.)  He has all the physical ailments as well as the despondent mood.  The script is very close to the book and I love that it captures the teasing tone of this scene.  When Rochester does accept that Jane has returned, they become as easy as an old married couple.  It’s just perfect. Jayston should probably be more disheveled than he is, but compared to how natty he is in the other scenes, it works.

Sexiness: By sticking to the characters that they’ve created, rather than trying to project Gothic icons, the actors really bring this scene to life.  Jane grabs Rochester’s face and gives him a full-on kiss.  All the sexiness is coming from Jane as there’s been a complete reversal of the power dynamic.  Love it. 


Moffat Appreciation Week - January 17:  An open day for all kinds of posts

For the final day of Moffat Appreciation Week, I decided to talk about a few of my favourite things that Steven has done with his writing.

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Oh hey, one fun fact about the 1972 Alice movie I just found out a few days ago

Fiona Fullerton played Anastasia Romonov in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971). Guess who played her father, Nicholas. Michael Jayston, who plays Lewis Carroll in the movie!

I’m sure it was done on purpose by either Josef Shaftel or Will Sterling; they both seemed to be big Alice fans and it’s very sweet.