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Funny/interesting/cool MJ things

So since I’ve gotten @dahm-sub into Michael Jackson, I want to share for her and for everyone some awesome, little known things about him.

1) Michael’s favorite store was the Salvation Army. 

2) Michael personally paid for the funeral of a Chicago shooting victim

3) Michael’s daughter, Paris, is named so due to a bet he had with Kathy Hilton. “Whoever has a daughter first names her Paris.” Thus we have Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson.

4) Michael’s “second family” were the Cascios… here he is giving free advertising for their Italian restaurant.

3) In their book, “Defending a King,” Michael’s former bodyguards tell a heartwarming story of when he pulled into a vacant lot in a limousine and handed out handfuls of $100s to homeless people

4) Lisa Marie Presley (who was married to Michael in the early 90s) bragged to her friends that Michael was a freak in bed, and loved standing up, roleplay, and was even a screamer.

5) Related: the 45th President allegedly has a tape of them having sex in one of his hotels

6) Michael’s 2nd wife, Debbie Rowe, was a nurse in his dermatologist’s office, and knew him for several years before she agreed to have his kids. Despite the rumors, she publicly tweeted once that they naturally conceived their children.

7) It’s well-known to Michael’s close friends that he lost his virginity to Diana Ross in the early 80s

8) Michael’s late friend, former husband of Liza Minelli, David Gest, said he had to take care of Michael several times after he got really drunk and started throwing up everywhere

9) Michael was best friends with Ryan White, a boy famous for contracting AIDS and spearheading the movement in the 1980s. He dedicated the song and video “gone too soon” for him.

10) Corey Feldman was friends with Michael for many years and remains to be one of his biggest defenders. He publicly admitted to being sexually abused by a producer, and alleges that Hollywood is full of pedophiles, but that Michael never did anything to him. 

11) Michael was also good friends with Emmanuel Lewis of Webster fame.

12) Michael was a Jehovah’s Witness for most of his life and still went door to door during the height of Thriller, although in disguise

13) Michael loved going out in disguise because he could fool just about anyone, including his own family… this is from his brother Jermaine’s book “you are not alone”

14) Michael’s taste in women included: French women, Black/Asian biracial women, women from the Middle East, and Japanese women. The biological mother of Blanket, his 2nd son, was a nurse who was part Italian, part Mexican.

15) Michael once asked Katie Couric on a date, but she turned him down because she was dating someone else at the time


17) Michael’s favorite meal was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans, and this dish was served almost daily at the Neverland cafe

18) Michael obsessively chewed Bazooka Bubblegum, and was in fact buried with some.

19) Michael allegedly tried pot after Barry Gibbs told him it enhanced creativity

20) Michael loved reading about Eastern religion, and was good friends with Deepak Chopra

21) Michael did several commercials for Pepsi, but he never drank it. This photo is also from his brother’s book and was taken backstage at the 1984 Victory tour.

22) Although hotly debated in the fan community, here is Michael in a secret recording (called the Glenda tapes) in which he mentions to a close friend that he had anorexia

23) Michael also suffered from Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), which made it hard for him to heal after suffering third degree burns in 1984.

24) Michael sustained a severe back-sprain during a special concert in Munich in 1999, in which he fell 50 feet from a platform onstage. Despite being in horrible pain, he finished the concert before passing out and being rushed to the hospital.

25) Michael almost died from a stomach illness in 1995

26) Michael experienced an earthquake at his Neverland Rach in 1993, and called a friend panicking that it was the apocalypse

27) Michael is purported to have contacted medium Bonnie Vent after his death in 2009, and gave details which she verified with the help of Brooke Shields. (I’ve personally spoken to her, she’s legit)

There are some facts! Hope you enjoyed. :)


PLEASE stop underrating Michael Jackson and his talents. I understand that everyone is not going to like him (only God knows why) or be a fan, but NEVER underrate him. I’m soooooo tired of hearing people say that all he could do was this

While he did moonwalk quite well, he was so much more than a dance move and Thriller. Michael Jackson was an amazing singer, composer, dancer, performer, actor, humanitarian, and innovator. He didn’t just take dances or music from artists before him and “redo” them. He reinvented the things that inspired him. He made them better. He made them stand out. 

Michael had some of the BEST vocals ever. Even as a child he sang with the emotion and passion of a man who had lived for years. He took the time to perfect his talents. He worked extremely hard for all of his achievements. Michael unquestionably deserved the title “King.”

So many artists today cite Michael as one of their main inspirations. I can’t even begin to fathom how people can call him irrelevant. The fact that you’re trying to blur his legacy proves his relevance. In most cases, people end up putting Michael down to try to exalt their fave. This is HIGHLY unnecessary. Firstly, if you are so comfortable with your fave’s position and think they are so talented, why are you trying to put another artist down? You obviously feel like that person is a threat. Secondly, NO ONE compares to Michael Jackson. Stop thinking that they do just because your fave is obviously inspired by him. I promise your fave can still be considered talented in the same world that MJ is considered talented without you undermining his impact.

I just can’t understand why people get so offended by others acknowledging Michael’s greatness. Every time I see someone talking about how amazing he was, there’s always someone waiting to talk about how he’s overhyped. If anything, he’s the exact opposite. As I said earlier, he is mainly credited for his dancing and performing. So many people completely ignore all the great songs he wrote with amazing messages. So many people ignore his videos (short films) that have messages just as strong as his music. So many ignore the power of his voice and how it demands your attention. Why?

People choose to ignore the fact that his “Remember the Time” short film was set in Egypt, so every person in the video was black.

People choose to ignore the fact that “They Don’t Care About Us” was basically him saying, “Black lives matter,” in the 90s.

People choose to ignore that Michael said, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.”

So in conclusion, I’m not telling you to stan. I’m not telling you to spazz every time you see something MJ related. I’m simply asking you to not be ignorant. Resist the urge to start shit every time someone talks positively about Michael. Understand that he was one of the most talented (if not the most talented) people to ever walk this earth. You’re going to hear about him. His legacy and impact will never die simply because he will never stop inspiring artists, and he will never stop being great. Please just realize that more than one person can be talented and looked up to. You don’t have to put MJ down to make your fave look good. That’s stupid.

Have a blessed day, and stay off of my blog with that bullshit :)

Jay-Z backstage with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at Hot 97’s ‘Summer Jam’ concert in June 2001, photographed by Walik Goshorn.

At the time of his headlining performance his infamous beef with Nas was beginning to get radio traction, so when King Hov needed a little help driving home the point that he wasn’t about to relinquish his hip-hop crown anytime soon he placed a call to his friend MJ - and had him appear onstage during a break in his ‘Summer Jam’ performance.

After performing his Jackson 5–sampling hit, ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’ at the end of his set, Hov announced his surprise guest. “I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that motherfuckin’ curtain,” Jay-Z said to the doubtful crowd… and then waited in anticipation for the King of Pop to emerge. “You want me to go back and get him myself?” Jay asked. “Okay, I’mma go get him.” Seconds later the two walked out and posed for photos together. In one of the pictures, Michael struck a b-boy stance with his arms folded. Jackson’s only words to the crowd were “I love you all!” before he exited the stage.

According to Memphis Bleek, Michael Jackson ordered everyone unauthorized to meet him to stand with their face to the wall when he walked through the backstage area. With Hov’s influence vouching for them the whole Roc-A-Fella Records team was able to meet the King of Pop and pay their respects.

SEVENTEEN on a Deserted Island

S. Coups: Makes a shelter and writes help on the sand. Eats coconuts because to scared to kill fish.

Jeonghan: Tries to make fire. Fails. Goes to sleep.

Joshua: Prays for help. Immediately Gets Saved. Writes a book about his 5 minutes stranded. Becomes a Bestseller.

Jun: Resigns himself to his fate. Grumbles in Chinese.

Hoshi: Dies

Woozi: Cries tears of happiness


DK: Searches Island for a Soccer ball that he can name Wilson.

Mingyu: Finds shelter, food and fire within 10 minutes. Becomes King of the Island and lives there comfortably for the rest of his life.

The8: becomes friends with the monkeys on the island. Becomes part man, part monkey.

Seungkwan: Stands on beach and sings Survivor by Destiny’s Child for 2 weeks straight before passing out from exhaustion.

Vernon: Tries to swim away. Remember he’s Leonardo Dicaprio Jr. and Drowns.

Dino: Tries to look for mermaids. prays to Michael Jackson. Eats raw crabs.

Why am I a Michael Jackson blog? I am a Michael Jackson blog because if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson, music wouldn’t be the way it is today. The way he was inspired by other artists, and the way others take inspiration from him, shows that pop music without him would not have been as we know it. We would not have such revolutionary dance moves like the robot, the moonwalk, or the pop and lock. I am a Michael Jackson blog because Michael was the greatest African American philanthropist in the world. He gave millions to children across the globe for their health and safety. He brough ill children to his amusement park so they could forget their pain and suffering. He gave his children the most normal life they could ever have; the life he never experienced. He sacrificed every aspect of his life for their happiness, love, and respect for others. I am a Michael Jackson blog because he put his fans before himself. He gave them his all and his best always. When no one was there for him, his fans were. His fans know the truth, the whole truth, and it is our mission to show society the greatest philanthropist, father, author, singer, actor, brother, dancer the world has ever known. It’s the least we can do for the King of Pop himself.

@blinkingcavalries drew this and I love it
The origin is that I asked for someone to draw Steven and Connie kissing, while Michael jumped in the background of the picture as if he was celebrating it.
The irony is that he jumps like that before the song “Jam”.
And they’re the Jam Buds.
hee hee.

~ Pasadena, California, Superbowl halftime show, 31st January 1993 ~

For a month they got nowhere. (The NFL’s Jim) Steeg sat down with the King of Pop’s manager, Sandy Gallin, 11 months before Super Bowl XXVII. “I remember pitching them,” he says, “and them not really having a clue what we were talking about.” At a subsequent meeting, producer Don Mischer pointed out that the Super Bowl would be broadcast in more than 120 countries. Now he had Jackson’s full attention.

Steeg recalls Jackson saying, “So you’re telling me that this show is going live to all those places where I’ll never do a concert?” A pause. “I’m in.”

“Michael worked harder than anybody [who’s done the halftime show], before or since,” says Steeg, who remembers seeing Jackson still rehearsing his act at seven the night before the game, in a tent outside the Rose Bowl.

And it showed. Jackson, rocking a bandolier-draped frock coat on loan, apparently, from Muammar Gaddafi, was sensational. The final moments of that show were the most viewed in the history of television at the time.

25 "Not So Well Known" Facts about Michael Jackson
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>1:</b> Michael Jackson's favourite animated character was Pinocchio<p/><b>2:</b> When he was a child his favourite books included Rip Van Winkle and The Old Man and the Sea<p/><b>3:</b> Michael Jackson was very ticklish<p/><b>4:</b> Saint Vincent, an island in the Caribbean, once issued Michael Jackson stamps<p/><b>5:</b> The singer once owned a boa constrictor called “Muscles”<p/><b>6:</b> As a youngster he used to put spiders in sister La Toyah’s bed<p/><b>7:</b> He played a scarecrow in The Wiz, a movie version of the Wizard of Oz<p/><b>8:</b> He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one for himself and one as part of the Jackson Five)<p/><b>9:</b> Quincy Jones nicknamed him “smelly” – a slang term similar to “funky”<p/><b>10:</b> Jackson described his own voice on early Jackson 5 records as “like Minnie Mouse<p/></p><p/><b>11:</b> He had two llamas called Louis and Lola<p/><b>12:</b> Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one in the US Billboard chart.<p/><b>13:</b> In 1984 he won eight Grammys – the highest amount ever won by one person in a single year<p/></p><p/><b>14:</b> Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to air on MTV.<p/><b>15:</b> Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State Anthem, South Carolina on My Mind.<p/><b>16:</b> He has waxworks in five Madame Tussauds museums across the world. Only Elvis Presley and Madonna have more.<p/><b>17:</b> He has sold more than 1 billion records worldwide<p/><b>18:</b> His favourite superhero is Morph from X-Men<p/><b>19:</b> He had a pet ram called Mr Tibbs<p/><b>20:</b> Jackson regularly wore a black armband to remind people of children suffering around the world.<p/><b>21:</b> The moonwalk was picked up from street dancers<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b>22:</b> A library once accused the singer of owing $1 million in overdue book fines<p/><b>23:</b> Jackson was a vegetarian<p/></p><p/><b>24:</b> MC Hammer once challenged Jackson to a dance off<p/><b>25:</b> Michael often drank Ricola dissolved in hot water before shows<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

“I’ve met Britney several times and, she was very sweet and humble, she came to my room, we quietly talked for a couple of hours, and she was just like a Barbie.”

- Michael Jackson

“I was so excited to see his show in London, we were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I’m devastated he’s gone!”

- Britney Spears

15 years ago today Jay-Z brought out his friend Michael Jackson at Hot 97′s 2001 Summer Jam.

At the time of his headlining performance his infamous beef with Nas was beginning to get radio traction, so when King Hov needed a little help driving home the point that he wasn’t about to relinquish his hip-hop crown anytime soon he placed a call to his friend MJ - and had him appear onstage during a break in his ‘Summer Jam’ performance.

After performing his Jackson 5–sampling hit, ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’ at the end of his set, Hov announced his surprise guest. “I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that motherfuckin’ curtain,” Jay-Z said to the doubtful crowd… and then waited in anticipation for the King of Pop to emerge. “You want me to go back and get him myself?” Jay asked. “Okay, I’mma go get him.” Seconds later the two walked out and posed for photos together. In one of the pictures, Michael struck a b-boy stance with his arms folded. Jackson’s only words to the crowd were “I love you all!” before he exited the stage.

According to Memphis Bleek, Michael Jackson ordered everyone unauthorized to meet him to stand with their face to the wall when he walked through the backstage area. With Hov’s influence vouching for them the whole Roc-A-Fella Records team was able to meet the King of Pop and pay their respects.

harper’s bazaar ♡ december ‘12 issue
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow (text ver.)

it was the day after it rained. the air held bleak moisture to the extent that the thickness of the coat that i wrote doubled compared to the day before. if i were to compare an atmosphere phenomenon to a person then that day was just close to a weather that was very “jonghyun”-like. according to his expression, who liked these kind of days, it was “dark blue weather with a little hint of depression.

a slim guy with vetements hoodie on came striding into the third basement studio that was dark like the middle of the night even during the daytime. if you roll up the black piece of clothing that was covering his small frame, stocky arm muscles that cannot be predicted just by his tiny face and silhouette appear. he looks like as if he is a boxer just about to step into the ring. the place that he will step into after a month is the stage. he will have a solo concert in seoul (3rd / 4th) and busan (17th / 18th) in december. not long ago, he posted a short message on twitter that made people strangely curious: “it’s a concert for (those) over fifteen. do. you. know. why.” he attached a photo of his muscular upper body just above that mentioned saying: “concert vcr all completed! now preparing the performance more productively.

i lost body fat and gained more weight than last time. i should say that my tension is fully high as i’ve exercised so hard? i hope the audience leaves feeling physically drained after the concert just like i am. feeling dumbfounded thinking: "oh my”.“ (laughs) unpredictable things such as: fantastical character, splendid stage settings and sexual elements are planned to take place in the korea university hwajung stadium.

jonghyun is commonly acknowledged as a workaholic. to rapidly recite his schedule of the day of this shooting: he came straight to the studio when (he) returned to incheon airport after completing a schedule in japan the day before, then he received an applause from the staff and gained a nickname of ”the king of poses“ as he changed into seven outfits with a spark, having slept on a few hours. not only did he hum and move with the rhythm when a michael jackson song came on that the photographer selected as background music for the shooting, but he also looked shy covering his mouth when he had to make christmas greetings to the camera midst of a silence. what is this guy?

aggressive and intense character tends to come out only when i’m on stage. i live much more quietly in daily life. i think i got from one extreme to another. while there’s a side of me that gives off a penetrating energy like a workaholic, there’s also a pessimistic energy inside of me, too. i think those two sides come and go in a day.

the former side seemed to be expressed very shortly, like a flame, while the latter, the calm and quiet time, seemed to be much longer and more important to him. it’s because he needs a long time to think. ”do you know why a giraffe is called a giraffe?“ i, who has never questioned about the three letters of my name, could only give a rote answer of: ”because it’s neck is long?“ (*) (the answer is that it’s called a giraffe because it looks like another animal named giraffe that exists in legend.) i think i will giggle when i see that animal of a legend on a beer can for awhile now. ”i really like these kind of things (laughs) i have a lot of curiosity about why a certain word is made that way. name is like a promise between people, right? the process of finding the root of a word is interesting.“ where did the existence of jonghyun start and become the name he has now to people?

idol, singer-songwriter, producer, radio dj, and a ”writing guy“, jonghyun, who published a novel, skeleton flower: things that have been set free. he bravely dropped out of high school firmed in his belief, entered into music school having found his career path very early, and in his walk of working as a member of shinee, and as an individual musician named jonghyun, there has always been an ”act of writing“. jonghyun looked like a person who has a storytelling as his second nature. his songwriting work, that takes place in the order of: creating the title → writing the lyrics → composing, usually starts on a memo in his phone. we asked what the most recent thing he wrote on it was. he replied, pressing a button saying: ”shall we have a look right now?“ and calmly read the lyrics that we could perhaps listen to as a song one day. ”there’s an app called “sseum” (**) it gives you a topic to write about every day and, when you write something according to that, you can share it with other people. for example, you are given random words or phrases like: “sleep talk”, “a vain attempt”. i have been writing continuously recently these days with a concept. i become a person that misses someone and writes with that heart.

it’s not only text that gives inspiration for him to write songs, but there’s also the power of sounds. he listens attentively to voices of other sings like: kim ye rim, iu, son dam bi, lee hi, etc., occasionally played a role as a producer while working for their song, and raised favorable reviews to these days for an indie musician called oohyo.

i cannot read and listen at the same time. when i hear music, i sing along to it at first and then i listen focusing on the story of the lyrics or the title. i think sight and hearing cannot coexist. so, sometimes, i put on candles too. i like the scent of musk and wood. i’m not sensitive about other things, but i’m a little sensitive about scents. i remember well about the scent of a certain space of a person.“ it was evident that his attachment to scent was clear as he’s been using hermes’ voyage perfume for nearly seven years now. the reason why he neatly piles body lotion, oils, mist and hair perfume on his body is also because: ”i have to have my favorite scent. people know even when i’m not there when i get on and off from the company’s elevator. “jonghyun came?” (laughs)“ what scent did jonghyun match with his solo album that he has worked (with) so far? ”i think it would be good to light up a wood scent for the collection album and a sexy scent that carries the color red for my mini album.

i had a strange emotion while typing out the file that recorded my conversation with jonghyun. his voice is actually the voice that i’ve heard like the second hand of a clock ever since the winter of 2014; during that time when it crossed over from midnight to dawn. radio is like a habit to me. it is done unconciously and repeatedly. i think i have recognized that the end of the day has come being absentminded on a window seat or a bus or in a room through his voice.

he recently celebrated the 1000th day on mbc radio, blue night with jonghyun, that he has been hosting as a dj. near the end of the radio, jonghyun burst into tears after holding back for a long time. jonghyun couldn’t continue speaking in the midst of listeners’ short messages that (he) said they have been happy and felt warm. ”i don’t really celebrate anniversaries. on that day, i felt calm thinking: “wow, time really flies but, nonetheless, i’ve been doing it for a longer time than i expected when i first stated”, but i think i was moved when i received the events and messages sent by the listeners. sometimes i feel a sense of destiny when the numbers keep increasing as the intersection between the daily life of people and my daily life are created by chance. i tend to believe in destiny. (laughs) in some ways, i like a different life than normal people so there are many things that i learn by listening to stories of various people. the biggest change that i earned through the radio is being able to encounter the lives that i have not experienced at a close distance.

jonghyun said his first turning point (in life) was when he decided music as a career, the second was making his first album, and the third was ”when i started the radio“ jonghyun’s collection, story. op. 1, an album that gathered the outputs of the songs he personally made based on listeners’ stories, is left as his filmography. perhaps it was a unique attempt in the history of albums in korea.

at this point, when we are heading to the end of 2016, jonghyun is making his last spurt. ”i’m at a state when i’m physically and mentally having a difficult time. i think i will need to take a little rest when the concert is finished. i’m thinking i should reduce the amount of work i do for the sake of my body and mental health.“ i asked him where he would be on a scale of one to ten about his state, and he popped a story about the character rock lee from the cartoon naruto. ”it’s a character that gets strong by opening the chakra on his body. i think he has eight gates on his body, and he gets strong as he opens each of them. but, a secret weapon is always followed by the poison. when rock lee opens a certain number of gates that exceeds his limit, he cannot move for a few days or falls into a coma. i think i’ve reached a state just like that right now? (laughs)

translator’s notes
(*) the pronunciation of ”giraffe“ in korea is similar to the word for ”long
(**) ”sseum“ means ”write“ in korean.

Silke Milpauer won a competition to present Michael Jackson with Bravo’s Golden Otto Award (Best Singer of 1993). Here is her fascinating story:

“I pulled myself together, greeted Michael, and shook his hand. He returned my handshake gently but firmly. At that moment, something astonishing happened. My whole nervousness and fear disappeared in the very instant that he touched me. After I had introduced myself, Michael replied quietly, ‘Hi. I am Michael.’ This almost distracted me, as I found this gesture unbelievably cute. Michael very carefully took the award and admired it at length. (It was a little Indian boy). ‘Oh, he is so cute!’ he called out and offered his heartfelt thank you. I got the impression that it really meant a lot to him. ‘I know,’ I replied and grinned. 'I wanted to keep it for myself you know,’ I teased. Michael giggled and bit his lips. I didn’t know what to do, so it seemed to me that honesty would be the best solution. So I admitted that I was quite shy and very, very nervous because of all the people around and the cameras. I didn’t want to tell him that he was the primary cause for my nervousness, that would have been too embarrassing. Michael opened his mouth, clearly surprised and abruptly, I was pulled into his arms. ‘You don’t need to be nervous. We’ll get through it together,” he whispered and patted my shoulder. While we posed for the photos, he told me in a whisper that he still wasn’t used to all of this and that he was so very nervous and shy himself. 'They always think that somebody wants to kill me’, he added quietly and rolled his eyes, his gaze now fixed on his bodyguards who babysat the children nearby.

Now the ice was broken, so to speak, and in the next couple of minutes we talked to each other. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t ask personal things and wouldn’t treat him like some random yellow press reporter. Therefore I was relieved that he seemed interested in my life and asked a couple of questions. I told him some things about me and my everyday life. When I mentioned that our meeting had originally been intended to take place on the day before, he seemed incredulous: ‘You cancelled your flights because of ME?’ he asked as if he found it hard to believe that he was important enough to justify such an action. When I added that I had waited more than a year for this day, he looked even more shocked. ‘Because of ME?’, he repeated. His humility was amazing. ‘I didn’t even know there was supposed to be a meeting…I was only told some hours ago,’ he told me. After that, Michael was supposed to pose for some pictures alone and I returned to my place behind the cameras, enjoying watching Michael in action. Somehow all the people around us disappeared one by one into the adjacent room and all of a sudden, I found myself alone with Michael. I was surprised and Michael also seemed confused by this. But then, a grin appeared on his face and he waved me to him. As we were on our own and I didn’t think he would mind, I got over my qualms and did it. ‘Do you mind signing my Dangerous booklet?’, I asked him politely and Michael smiled brightly. ‘Of  course!’ I held out the booklet and a pen for him and he spontaneously decided that the knee-high broad stone situated right next to the photostudio would serve us as chairs. He used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe dust from the stone, then, very gentlemen-like, offered me a seat. I was so impressed - so very, very polite! Thanking him, I took a seat and observed him as he sat right next to me and flipped through the booklet to find a suitable page for his signature. Somehow, it felt as if there wasn’t a distance - locally or emotionally - between us anymore, and so I admitted that I thought Bob Jones wasn’t really likable and that I was quite afraid of him as he seemed to be so strict and domineering. Michael only laughed in a quite amused way and patted my shoulder. ‘You don’t need to be scared of him. It’s just the way he is. Even I call him ‘Sir’ after all this time, can you imagine that?’

Once finished with writing a dedication into my booklet, he stood up and took my hand to help me get to my feet. I looked across the room where one of the playing children had caught my attention. ‘Oh, she is so cute!’ I exclaimed and pointed at the curly-haired beauty. ‘What’s her name?’ Michael followed my gaze, then broke into laughter. ‘That’s a boy!’, he called and I felt heat rising into my cheeks. ‘Oh I…I didn’t know that,’ I stuttered and was quite embarrassed. ‘I’m sorry!’ I apologized. And suddenly Michael became more serious. ‘These are all boys,’ he said and his voice was…I don’t know how to describe it. Heavy with meaning, perhaps? I was silent, as I didn’t know how to reply to such a statement. Filled with absolute horror, I realized that Michael’s eyes were filled with tears. Then he whispered, ‘I really love children. Do you believe me?’ The way he emphasized the ‘you’, implying that a lot of people didn’t believe him, ripped into my heart. The demons from his past seemed to haunt him and wouldn’t leave him alone. Now I knew absolutely for certain what I could only have guessed before: they had hurt this man deeply, pushed a knife into his heart and twisted it around. They had done him such a great injustice.”


Here are the words Madonna said that I really love:

1. When Michael Jackson was six, he became a superstar and was perhaps the world’s most beloved child.

2. I never had a mother but he never had a childhood. And when you never get to have something, you become obsessed by it.

3. He could make you feel like an experienced adult who’s squeezing your heart with his words.. 

4. That his music had the extra layer of inexplicable magic that didn’t just make you want to dance but actually made you believe that you could fly, dare to dream, be anything that you wanted to be because that is what heroes do and Michael Jackson was a hero.

5. Girls fell in love with him, boys fell in love with him.

6. The witch hunt began and it seemed like one negative story after the other was coming out about Michael.

7. I felt his pain. I know what it’s like to walk down the street and feel like the world has turned against you. 

8. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and unable to defend yourself because the roar of the lynch mob is loud that you are convinced your voice can never be heard.

9. I had abandoned him. That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature that once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. 

10. While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all busy passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him. 

11. But he was also a human being and alas we are all human beings and sometimes we have to lose things before we can truly appreciate them.

“Michael at home in Encino, California, in 1983. I went up to his bedroom to help select some clothes for the photo session and saw this beautiful warm-toned light streaming through his shutters and onto the wall. We both liked the quality of the light and decided to shoot a more mysterious portrayal of his persona with his face shrouded in the shadows.”
–Todd Gray, Before He Was King

“Michael Jackson came three times to the mansion, he was like a child”

“I was about 12 years old when Michael Jackson came to the mansion. Subsequently, he called me almost every day to chat. He sent me incredible birthday gifts. Huge cartons. I went up on stage with him in Geneva. He was a great friend of the family. ” During his first visit, MJ had landed by helicopter in the garden of the domain. “I was pretty impressed,” said Laura. The King of Pop, too, but the big dogs. “We had nine dogs and he was afraid. We had to lock them up before it happens. "At the time of eating, seeing the big table, Jackson sat down with the children. "He was very shy. He was doing pirouettes in the garden. We played the PlayStation. He was a great kid. "Smile”, composed by my grandfather was one of his favorite tracks “(Image: DR).

(thx Matilde Beatriz Latini)