michael jackson glove

If you trace Michael Jackson’s fountain of everlasting weirdness back to its source, it all started with one ultra-famous fashion accessory: the glove.

But remember when Jackson famously transformed from black to white (if not, it don’t matter), and the tabloid-buying masses thought he dyed himself that color because he wanted to look like Diana Ross? Well, he did undergo treatments to lighten his skin, but that was because he suffered from vitiligo, a disease that causes the skin to lose its pigmentation in splotches. The treatments were an attempt to even out his overall skin tone. But he didn’t do that right away. First, he tried to conceal it … with a glove. According to actress Cicely Tyson, a close friend of Michael’s who was present when the glove was designed, its main purpose was to cover up the white blotches that had developed on his right hand. And when you think about it, that makes a hell of a lot more sense than the Diana Ross theory, seeing as how vitiligo tends to start in the hands and lips.

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