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Letter from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber

So you’re me now, huh?

You golden white boy with a jazz saxophone for a voice that could only be drowned out by your loud sneakers and your matching fitted caps
They named you heir apparent to the throne

Had the nerve to wear that leather jacket at the Grammy’s without my permission
I nearly treated it as if it were a terrorist act against the crown.

But I know puppets when I see them, I only wonder who controls your strings
Is it the same person who perfectly coiffed your hair, who dipped you face first
into a pool of beautiful, got you rockin’ your swag as if you invented the shit

But I remember being there, a wide-eyed boy, with an even wider nose
Just happy being doped, but then too doped to happy


In Hollywood, they put their stars into the ground for a reason

But you don’t have the courage to be a beautiful corpse
Your chest can’t handle the weight of this kind of tombstone
I wonder, how much you even know of black face minstrelsy
Does Bert Williams haunt your dreams?
Who gave you them educated feets, taught you to smile and sing pretty like good “nigger folk” without the black make up

Sometimes you are the saddest clown I’ve ever witnessed
But I know you’re not to blame, they are
They do this to us

I bet you thought your face would always get good gas mileage

And here, you wonder why I try to update my own motto to something more streamline, more efficient, plastic surgery makes picture perfect

Silly boy, you ain’t different, hell, you ain’t even good enough to be bad

I know something that only a handful of us know
That on some nights, you cry yourself to sleep asking,
“When the fuck did my childhood go”

The crown is too heavy for your head
Boy, you ain’t old enough to be king

Weird, how we make sex icons out of child stars figuring,
If we can fuck them earlier, we can fuck them longer

We both know Britney ain’t up and go crazy for nothing
She didn’t just “flip her lid”
She tried to shave her tiara off.

Royalty, ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
Justin, they will make a mummy out of you

So that even in death, someone will prop you up
Attach the strings, make you smile pretty

So that your funeral will be your greatest concert


Javon Johnson

these pictures PROVE that when Michael said he only altered his nose twice, he only altered his nose twice.

MJ sure as hell is not the only celebrity to have had cosmetic surgery.

here are a few examples of celebrities who’ve had.. quite a few elective surgeries 

1- Lil’ Kim

2- Wayne Newton

3- Joan Rivers

4- Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

5- Courtney Love

6- Carrot Top

as an avid moonwalker, I must be honest with myself and admit that Michael had work done. He confessed to having his nose altered twice and having a cleft put in. Minimal alterations, compared to the group of men and women above. A lot of MJ’s appearance change was due to his rapid weight loss and universal vitiligo, however most people solemn recognize that. 

And (in my opinion) at least he looked good.

(the pictures above also prove that different angles will make one’s nose look different)

I wish people would stop beating a dead horse with MJ’s facial features, he’s been gone 6 (going on 7) years and it is definitely overdone. Please, learn your facts so you don’t make yourself look like an idiot.


Out of curiosity I looked at Paris Jacksons instagram. I was surprised by her new style! Love her flower tattoo and her “Queen of my heart” tribute to her father. I laughed at her tweet : “ i have a confession… the articles are all true. i really am out of control. y'know sitting at home all the time watching netflix. scandalous.” This illustration is inspired by that quote, her image and her “what a time to be alive” quote.  I just imagine her as a girl living life as she drinks green tea. 

Peace and Love <3 - Annamaria Ward