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Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reasons to Love Him)

Day 47: Michael X Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson:

Where Do I Even Begin. You Are My Everything And When I Lost You I Felt Depressed, Sad, Miserable, And I Felt Lonely. You Were Always There For Me And Still Are. Everytime I’m Sad Or Upset I Listen To Human Nature. That Song Always Cheer’s Me Up. Every Once And A While I Just Need To Listen To A Sad Song And Have A Nice Cry. I Cry Over You Almost Everyday. I Always Apologise To You Cause I Sometime’s Feel Like I’m Replacing You, So I’ll Cry In Front Of My Poster Saying “I’m Sorry! I Love You So Much!” But I Know He’ll Always Love Me And I Will Always Love Him More Than I Do Any Other Star. You’re My Inspiration, My Hero, My Idol. You Taught Me Everything I Know About Helping People And Healing The World. I Love How You Smile, Laugh/Giggle, Dance, Get Embarrassed. I Love “HURT IT” You Are One Funny Man. So This Year For Your 53rd Birthday I Decided To Have The Whole (Or Most) Of The MJ Fam Right You A Letter. May Not Be That Long Or It May Not Be That Short. But It Come’s From The Heart And It’s All For Love, L.O.V.E. Michael- We All Love You So Much And One Day We Will Be With You Again But Until That Day Comes Well Still Stay By Your Side And Love You Like We Did The First Day You Came Into Our Life’s. I’m Already Starting To Cry Writing This Letter. Michael- Rest In Peace Baby. You Deserve That. You’ve Been Performing Since You Were Little And Now You Need Your Rest. I Think Of It Like This. You Didn’t Pass Away, You’re Just Resting For Your Next Comeback. Now Michael: Here Are The Letter’s That Some Of The MJ Fam Wrote Special, To You.

I Love You And Rest In Peace Babe-



Michael, I wish I could have met you while you were still alive, in fact, I wish I had taken the time to know you then. You’re my best friend, and you’ve taught me so much. You are an Angel, I know you came here with a mission: to teach us all love, faith, and all with a hard-working, mindful, AND especially, a fun-loving spirit. Because of you, I feel like I can accomplish anything, that I can make a difference in this world, and because of you, there is such thing as world peace. You once said, “I believe in me, so you believe in you!” Your passion, tireless dedication, love, and amazing talent makes us all wanna be startin’ somethin' ;). I love you so much, Michael. I know that I need look no more, ‘cause I’ve found what I was looking for, with a friend to call my own, I’ll never be alone… I feel like I can be myself, because I realize that it’s the only person I know how to be, and “people will always have a judgment about anything you do.” So it doesn’t bother me, like you said. A lot of people judged and misunderstood you, and they’ve done the same to me. But with the things they put you through, it amazes me how you still wouldn’t let them kick you down, how you only got stronger with each hit, and each year. You always spoke with courage and truth, you always acted with compassion and passion, you always moonwalked with determination and fashion ;) . You’re my hero, and since you saw everything as divine, you grew wings to fly… You went home, to a place so pure, where you’ve always belonged… Because you’re an Angel, and you are what brought us peace. Happy birthday, Michael. I love you, you are the greatest gift God ever gave us.




Michael Joseph Jackson,

Even though I never got to meet you, speak to you, or even see you in person, somehow it felt like I knew you. You were and still are one of the most amazing, kind hearted, loving people that has ever been put on this planet. I cannot even put it into words how much I miss you. It’s still so hard for me to comprehend that you are gone. My earliest memory involves you and.. you were even my first crush! I never thought you could or would ever pass away, I looked at you as if you were invincible.. I’d give the whole world - anything, for you to be back here with us. Just so I could see your angelic face, or hear your voice one last time. You will always be the brightest star in the sky, Happy Birthday, Michael. Goodnight, I love you more and I will never forget you, I promise! 

Love Molly<3


“Michael, since I was a kid I felt like I could relate to you on so many levels, & as I grew up you eventually became my inspiration to the point where you were the reason I bothered fighting, my reason to live. You meant the world to me in so many ways that alot of people dont understand. Ill never forget you, thank you for everything & I wish you were alive for your birthday. Itll always be a celebration even though youre gone.♥”



“Dear Michael, I wish you were here to see how many people love you, how many hearts you touched. I am one of those people, and we will love you & remember you throughout our entire life. You made the world dance with you. I love you very much. Happy birthday Michael <3”

- L.O.V.E Mubashira R


Happy birthday Michael! I wish you were still here to see how much everyone loves and misses you but I’m sure you’re watching from wherever you are! I just want to say I love you so, so much and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me. You’re my biggest inspiration and I can’t imagine how the world would be without you. Thank you! I’ll always love you,

~Abby <3


Here’s my thing for MJ’s birthday<3. 
Dear MJ, I just want you to know that you are the second greatest thing to walk (er, moonwalk) the planet. Jesus was the number one greatest, & I’m sure you would agree with that<3. You have helped me through so many things, you are so wonderful. You have the most beautiful soul. I wish me and my MJ fam could have been there to support you during your trials and when you were hurting the most. We have an eternal love for you. I hope you are up there dancing with Jesus and I hope you know how much we love you. <3
Happy Birthday, love. :D

~xoxo Emjay


I love you Michael, you’ve been an inspiration on succession and life. And I never looked at life like I do now, that’s what I love about you. You stay strong and try to reach success , no matter what comes\came in the way. I know that you’re proud that everyone’s trying to make a change and impact on the world like you did, well at least try. Happy 53rd birthday darling <3


Dear Michael,
I’ve been thinking about what to write, for so long. The problem is that I can’t explain what you mean to me. Nobody understands how hard it is to move on. I miss you Michael, I miss you so much. It hurts everyday. But you’re safe in my heart. And I know you love me. I know you love all of your fans. I know you’ll live on in your music. And in our hearts. You made the world a better place. I wil never forget you.

Happy birthday, my beautifull angel <3



Dear Michael,
I love you so much. so very much. these next few years without you will be extremely hard. EXTREMELY hard. My soul cries for you each and every day. Sometimes I wish I’d never fallen in love with you. People don’t think I know what feeling in love feels like, but I do, because I’m in love with you. I don’t give a shit what ANYONE has to say about that. I know my feelings for you are real, and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. I hate that you’re not here. I’ll never get to see or hear you or meet you, and you don’t even know I exist. I wish that God would’ve allowed you more time on this planet. you deserved it. I love you so much. You should’ve lived to see another birthday. I have literally done nothing with my life. I wish I could end my life to bring back yours sometimes. I miss you so much. I keep putting on fake smiles for everyone every day, when really I’m slowly dying on the inside. Everyday I learn something new about you, in how you were an amazing and beautiful man that I alwas knew ou were. Which causes me even more pain and hurt. I hate my life. I hate being born in this generation. I’m jealous of any woman who was ever in your life. hell, I’m even jealous of your family. You don’t know how much I love you. I’m seriously dying on the inside. But I try really hard not to totally sink into a pit of dispair. And you do make me smile. And other people and things make me laugh. But know that I will never ever TRULY be happy without you. My heart breaks everyday, so I create my own fantasy world, where I imagine you’re still here. I wish God would just bring you back. I know no human lives forever, but I just wished you lived longer. I love you so much. beyond words. Your appearance means nothing to me. I love your heart more than any physical thing. I never want to marry anyone else. I’ll never be happy. So, with all this being said, I love you too much for words, I’ll pray for your kids, and your family. I love you so much. I’m nothing but a shell of a soul without you, but hopefully you’re in a better place, that gives me some peace. I love you so much, and I will try and help you heal the world and spread your legacy. Happy Birthday, Michael. Your L.O.V.E lives forever.
-xoxox <3




Dear Michael,

Happy birthday dear! You are one year older, one year hotter. (; Don’t ever forget that we love you and are always here for you. I know you are looking down on us from Heaven. You were such an amazing person, but not many people recognized it. I did though. I just want you to know, Michael, that though you might be dead, you are alive in my heart. I love you precious<3




Even though I became a MJ fan after his death, I must admit this changed my life. I once asked my parents ‘Do you think I changed somehow after I became a MJ fan? ‘A little bit…’ was their answer. A little bit? I don`t think so!
I felt I became more sensible! I was a sensible person before he died, but I started to care more about what was going on around me. I started to care more about people, about nature, about everything! Michael taught me this…
He taught me to never give up! I must be strong, I must fight for what I want to accomplish! I must keep my head up and trust myself.
His songs give me strenght, each time I listen to them. Songs like ‘Man in the mirror’, ‘Heal the world’, ‘Keep the faith’ or ‘We are the world’… They always give me a feeling… a wonderful feeling! I feel like I can make a change in this world. I feel powerful! 
He also taught me to be a peaceful person. Hate is not necessary, it`s just a waste of time! Even though people try to put me down or try to hurt me or make me angry, I try to stay calm and move on…
Michael taught me all these things! Maybe people around me don`t realize I changed, but I feel all these changes inside me, deep inside my heart! I wish Michael would be here, so I could thank him for everything he did for us… But this won`t happen, because he`s in a better place now! He`s up there in Heaven, and inside our hearts. And he will live there forever! 

I love you with all my heart, Michael Joseph Jackson! Thank you very much for everything! 
Happy Birthday!

~With L.O.V.E., Adriana :)


I’ve been a fan of you since I was little (even if I was born in the 90’s), I remember I’d always get happy whenever ABC or I Want You Back came on the radio, because I loved Jackson 5. I remember walking around doing Thriller, I don’t think there was anyone who DIDN’T. I listen to all your music and learned pretty much all the dances, but I was still thinking that I wasn’t a very good fan if I didn’t know that much about you personally. So I read up, and that’s why you’re such an inspiration to me, is because of all the great things you’ve done. Not necessarily because of all the grammys you’ve won, or all the number one songs you’ve made, but more because of all the people you’ve helped, all the kids you’ve helped; It gives me faith in people, because I know I’m not the only one who sees you helping kids and thinks in my head “That’s just about the awesomest thing ever.” I know I’ve made mental pledges to volunteer more, and if I’m lucky enough to get a job that pays well, and I have extra money, I’ll donate to charity. I wish more people saw the great person, not just the great musician/dancer. Love you Michael, and Happy Birthday. :D


Michael, Michael, Michael… Where can I begin? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ve loved you since I was a little girl and I still do to this very day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are beyond amazing, and I just wanted to let you know that you’re very beautiful inside and out. I know you didn’t see your beauty, but we did. We saw it from the very beginning. You and I are very alike it many ways. But I’m not going to go into that, that’s another story. You are truly an angel from above, and God blessed you with your talents, your love for healing the world and making it a better place. You’ve brought so many smiles to children from all over the world and people of every age. You are wonderful. You’re superhuman! You’re the best man to ever walk this planet and I’m so glad to be born within your era of existing. Although, I do wish I could change places with my parents :( Your children are doing wonderful :) I heard Paris really wants to go into acting, and Prince too! Blanket is so very cute :) He’s got your eyes <3. Well, I really wish I could write more. But I just want to keep this as short as possible. (haha, too late.) Happy Birthday from Ariana Rivera in Southern California :). And everyone, don’t stop Michaeling! We love you, Michael! The MJFam continues to spread the L.O.V.E. all over the world. <3



Dear Michael, what more can I say except I love you? You are the most amazing man I have ever known. My sweet baby, you’re perfect. Your kind, loving, funny, sensitive, intelligent, beautiful, the list goes on and on. No one could be like you or ever take your place. And on this day, your birthday, I hope you’re up in heaven partying it up and moonwalkin across the clouds. You deserve it, to be happy always. Happy birthday Michael Joseph Jackson, I love you more. <3



HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! I hope you are doing well. I have SO many things i want to tell you, but as of right now, 'I Love You’ is the only way to put it. And also, Thank you Michael, you never fail to inspire me to become a better person. You are the BEST singer, dancer, entertainer, and person that has ever 'moonwalked’ on this Earth. Michael, there isn’t a day goes by that i wouldn’t think of you. I miss you Michael. We all do. I love you Michael. We all do. God bless, and may your legacy live forever. And most of all, may YOU live forever. I lovr you Michael, forever and always, — A fan of yours forever,

~Rae xoxo


“Happy birthday, to the greatest of all, to the father, brother, son, and amazing person. Michael Jackson, I love you more.”



 "I’m glad to know that once you picked August 29, 1958 to be born on this Earth. Now that you returned to heaven, you must know, all the changes your life provoke in us. I can’t imagine my life without your inspiration and your love. So, your birthday is an special day for me and always will. Because that day God brings a light to the world and I’m so thankful about it. I love you with all my soul.“ 



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