michael jackson album


Off the wall was released in August 1979, the same month I turned twenty-one and took control of my own affairs, and it was definitely one of the major landmarks of my life. It meant a great deal to me, because its eventual success proved beyond shadow of a doubt that a former child star could mature into a recording artist with contemporary appeal. Off the Wall also went a step beyond the dance grooves we had cooked up. When we started the project, Quincy and I talked about how important it was to capture passion and strong feelings in a recorded performance.” -Michael Jackson

it gives me such pride that i’m living in the same era as young harry styles. that i get to see the makings of a legend, an icon, in real time.

was this how people felt during the 1950’s with elvis presley? was this how people felt during the 1980’s with michael jackson?

i feel honoured that i’ve gotten to be a part of the beginning of a real star during the 2010’s-2020’s.