1. Did you know that Michael Jackson began wearing the glittery glove to hide his vitiligo patches on his hand?

Tom Chiarella, Esquire Magazine, 2009

“I never liked the glove, although when I saw his monstrous hand, I got it. And I admired what he’d done to cover it up. It was never clear to me if that hurt or not, but I imagine it did. Think about the beauty of that. Putting sequins on your open wounds. Think about the entire world staring at the one thing that makes you feel most ugly.”

3 &4. Did you know that Michael Jackson was covering his vitiligo with makeup on the Triumph Tour in 1981? After the Oprah interview in 1993 a lot of people asked – Why didnt Michael just wear dark make up to cover up his vitiligo? When in reality he’d already been wearing dark make up to cover his skin for years. As you can see in picture 4 the makeup is running down his face.