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A Timeline of Edgar:

For both the community & AH

2013: Free Edgar

2014: Fuck Edgar

2015: Where’s Edgar

2016: Who’s Edgar

2017: Achievement Hunter is still playing Minecraft, please help these delicate souls.

Part 6: Ray

Ray wasn’t exactly his best friend, but they got along swell.

Ray was high most of the time, giving him an easygoing attitude that Gavin found to be a breath of fresh air. He was a cool guy to hang out with, he didn’t demand anything of him, and he was a good conversation partner, giving surprisingly thoughtful responses to Gavin’s questions. The fact that he was the only one in the crew willing to indulge Gavin’s ridiculous thought exercises was just a bonus. The only thing stopping them from becoming better friends was Ray’s general proximity to Ryan.

Ray was one of the first to notice that there was something Gavin wasn’t telling them. He didn’t come anywhere close to the truth, but he knew that Gavin had suffered a tragedy in his past that continued to haunt him. Gavin didn’t notice Ray had put it together until he brought it up in the middle of Mario Kart.

“Hey man, you know you can talk to us about whatever’s bothering you right? We won’t force you, but something’s clearly wrong, and we’re here for you if you decide to let us in on it.”

Gavin was so shocked he crashed his car, allowing Ray to pass him and win. The sniper simply got up off the couch, shot him a smile, and retreated to wherever he was when he wasn’t in the living room.

Gavin agonized over how much he knew for over a week, before he finally managed to convince himself that Ray probably didn’t suspect anything and his cover was still intact.

The first time Gavin got drunk/high with Ray, they decided to call each other X-Ray and Vav and started a war with the Corpirate’s gang. Geoff was furious, and banned them from drugs and alcohol. Gavin whined for show, but had no real problem following this rule. Ray, in contrast, was high again less than three hours later. Geoff either didn’t notice due to never having interacted with Ray when he was sober, or realized it was a lost cause. The war was over surprisingly quickly, only a month, but that was only because Gavin and Ray had gotten drunk again and blew up the safehouse the Corpirate was in, completely disregarding the crews much safer plan to do the same thing a week later.

Michael was caught between congratulations and disappointment in the fact that he wasn’t there for the explosions. Jack gave them a lecture about making stupid decisions. Vagabond didn’t appear to have an opinion. Geoff stared at them for a solid minute before declaring he was too sober for their bullshit and leaving the room.

X-Ray and Vav may not be as infamous as Nice Dynamite, but that doesn’t mean that they were any less terrifying to behold.

underrated achievement hunter things
  • genuinely sweet geoff
  • geoff talking about millie
  • geoff joining in videos randomly and trying to join in but mostly just doing his own thing
  • geoff doing his own thing in lets plays in general
  • Old Man Geoff trying to stay Hip and With It
  • michael’s lil mischievous giggle (hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhm)
  • ryan and michael already having three stars by the two minute mark in gtav
  • the camera cutting to someone else doing something menial while chaos ensues elsewhere
    • “OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY COPS” “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN” *hard cut to geoff playing darts*
  • jack singing
    • everyone subsequently joining in
  • editors getting fed up with those in the video
  • ryan and gavin being assholes to each other
    • ryan and gavin being assholes to everyone else, together
  • jeremy being an asshole, surprising everyone
  • when the end of jeremy’s sentence turns into a wheeze
    • gavin does this too but its way less often
  • everyone going to jeremy when trying to remember stuff from old videos
    • jeremy not remembering things from old videos, surprising everyone
  • everyone holding back jeremy from doing something incredibly stupid and dangerous for the camera
    • except gavin, who is holding the camera
    • and money
  • jeremy being as devious and murderous, possibly even more so, than ryan
  • in the biker gtav let’s plays where jeremy is sloshed by the two minute mark
    • when he wakes up on the toilet and geoff is just like. standing there
  • jeremy “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” dooley
  • jokes about jeremy’s old fanfiction
  • jeremy being able to keep up the energy, somehow
  • jeremy in general, honestly
  • ghost ray/dead ray
  • when everyone talks over each other/has their own conversations at the same time and its just an incoherent mess, although apparently to them its not
  • geoff getting mad about rvb references
  • ryans inherent ability to understand what gavin is talking about or indulge in his weird questions/what ifs
  • when gavin doesnt even understand what hes trying to say
  • when someone else flubs and no one makes a big deal out of it, but ryan does because hes the only one they do it to and hes pissed about it
  • ryan being genuinely pissed (mingey)
  • when they make jokes or references about a video that hasnt even come out yet
  • when someone dies and they make a noise like the died in real life
    • when michael does this and goes all out (coughing, gurgling, “go on without me”)
      • when he doesnt actually die for awhile and he has to drag it out
    • ryan’s go-to noise for this (AGH-GHG!)
  • michael’s acting/roleplaying/improv skills
  • when someone comes up with a random off-the-cuff rule, scenario, whatever and everyone just immediately goes along with it
    • when everyone except one person does this and theyre like “what the fuck are you doing”
  • when someone in the video is responsible for a let’s play they all hate
    • when said person mentions off-hand how they couldve made it much worse
    • this usually being matt
  • matt fucking with people in general
  • mica teaming up with lindsay
  • when mica is really good at a game
  • when GEOFF is really good at a game
  • mica just being the sweetest person in the world
    • unless shes playing a game
    • then youre fucked
    • seriously it gets NASTY
  • when mica dies and ends up outside of whatever theyre doing and just sorta wanders around having a grand old time
  • mica’s costumes/cosplay
  • the fact that this list is really really long, and theres probably things that should be added to it