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Assassin's Creed Movie Spoiler Positive Rant

Can we just take a second to admire Maria from 1492 Spain. SHE WAS A BADASS MOTHERFUCKER. IM PRETTY SURE SHE LEGIT BROKE SOME GUARD’S NECK WITH JUST HER LEGS! SHE DID A FUCKING WALLRUN OFF A ROCK ONTO THE BACK OF A MOVING CARRIAGE SO SHE COULD TAKE OUT AN ENEMY. AND THEN SHE HOPPED BACK INTO THE DRIVER’S SEAT WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT. The actress who portrayed her was gorgeous and did an incredible job with the minimal screen time given. Not to mention the fact that Ariana Labed admired how the Assassin’s Brotherhood was gender blind and how her character was treated as an equal, because she was in fact an equal and they had the strength to acknowledge this truth. That’s one of the things i love about the Assassins. Oh, and that scene with all the assassins taking out the guards was so awesome, as well as her and Aguilar slaughtering everyone. Like goddamn I wish we saw more of her and her awesome action scenes and explored her relationship with Aguilar more because that was a mystery. And I’m going to see this movie again because she’s my fucking hero and I thought the movie was amazing.

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Lyla Michaels (Diggle) Appreciation Post

I just wanted to take a moment to write a little post about how much I fucking love Lyla Michaels or should I say Lyla Diggle?  She was so amazing in this episode and it further proved to me why she should be a series regular. She actually adds something to the plot (unlike she who must not be named). 

The moment between her and Oliver in that sewer, cave or whatever the hell it is was intense…

(OFF TOPIC - that’s Oliver there not Al Sha-him)

Here she is on the verge of possible death (even if I do think that Oliver is playing Ra’s in a very large and dangerous chess game my girl is still surrounded by a helluva lot of of LoA members) and she’s cool as a damn cucumber. I mean she is ex Special Forces and worked for ARGUS. So my girl definitely knows how to keep herself together and also she knows how to handle herself in a fight. Also, let’s not forget that she is doing her damnedest to remind him that he isn’t Al Sah-him but he is Oliver Queen by trying to connect him to his brother…Diggle.

I mean she is soo fucking badass and is of much more value out in the field than some who shall remain nameless. I mean come on…she knew Diggle would have it covered and she also knew that Felicity would be the one with the weapons…HELLO LYLICITY FRIENDSHIP!!!

FUCK YEAH!! I love her soo much and I want to see more of her next season. I really hope we do since per Guggenheim Diggle has a huge story arc next season and of course that means Lyla would need to be there!!

Also, the dinner was probably one of my favorite scenes last night (even though Oliver was absent and that would only make it even more incredible). It just made me want more Felicity and Lyla interactions. I do believe that Lyla could give Felicity some tips on what it’s like to love a hero (even though both Lyla and Felicity are heroes in their own right do not get me wrong…see above)

Some want to claim that Felicity HAS to go to Laurel as a friend…ummm why? I can tell you based on the way Felicity not only interacts with Baby Sara in the dinner scene….awwww….

BUT also Lyla in this scene…hello witty banter…

Felicity says “My my mom used to feed me nachos from the Grand and I turned out normal…”

That there is already a bond there. A very strong bond! You can sit there and tell me until you’re blue in the face that they aren’t friends…that they aren’t family and you know what I won’t believe you. This is Oliver’s family and the only person missing is Roy. 

So please marcguggenheim can we have more of this interaction in Season 4…I think you have the makings of a very beautiful and natural friendship that needs to be explored and that I need to see on my screen!