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Reminder on How to Support Almost Human

Support Our Show!

So you want to support the show? Make sure it gets past one season and show those execs that this is exactly the kind of storytelling we want on our TVs? Well here’s a few ways to go about it, even if you don’t live in the U.S.A. PLEASE NOTE: TVLINE  is a respected and reputable source, as is Michael Ausiello, and Almost Human is listed as a SAFE BET for renewal. CB & TVBTN want page views and don’t care about the fandom.

How To Give Great Ratings

TV Excecs mostly rely on show ratings to determine whether or now the show is successful and/or worth the money they put into it (this isn’t *always* the case but a good rule of thumb). The problem is, only people who are part of the Nielsen Family (aka have a special Neielsen box) are counted for when it comes to ratings. So unless you are a Nielsen household or know someone who is, you watching it live (or on the DVR) will have no effect on the ratings. [source]

Wait, I am or I know someone who is part of the Nielsen Family! Great! Then do your best to watch the show live or watch your DVR (w/o fastforwarding through the commercials, I know) within the first three days! If it’s a friend of yours, have an Almost Human party/get together!

And if I’m not? Then look below for other ways to help out. As social media buzz is creating more and more of an impact (still sadly minor to the antiquated Ratings system, but better than nothing, right?)Update! Thanks to The Geekiary, we’ve found out that Nielsen’s slowly updating their ratings system. See below in the Talk About It section for more information!

Watching The Show

FOX has been pretty good offering on their official site the most recent eps, and have kept most of the entire season online, along with Hulu. New eps tend to come up a few hours after it airs PST upwards to the next day. They will take into consideration, all the hits/views to the videos there, and it’s one of a few legal ways to watch. The others would be Amazon, or iTunes. Outside the US? Proxies sometimes do work, and while they don’t count, there’s of course always direct downloading/torrenting, which is good to spread how great the show is. It’s unknown if onDemand has any impact if you’re not a Nielsen Viewer, but I’m sure they at the very least keep track on who watches via that way.

Check In!

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Like with any media. It’s all about the BUZZ. A simple way to create buzz without having to worry about talking about it, and get something free too with it, is to check in via TVTag (formerly GetGlue). It is the most widely used, and recognized by the higher ups. Plus, you can get fantastic stickers! Well digitally at least. There’s also ways to interact if you link your twitter/facebook (all optional) or simply respond to comments within the site. But by all means, if you use tvguide.com to check in or other similar sites, do so! The more the merrier!

Like It!

If you’re the type to be active not just on tumblr, but on facebook, go ahead and like their FB page. Interact, ask questions, respond to their posts, show that people are interested. Even if you only have an FB for the sake of it, nothing hurts to simply like the page (and like most, you can turn off all notifications).

Talk About It!

Not just online, but offline whenever you can. Talk it up. As for other online ways: Follow the official twitter, @AlmostHumanFOX, and/or use the hashtag #AlmostHuman. If you’re a huge fan of Michael Ealy, connect with other fans there via #TeamDorian! We’ve also created a list of official twitters to follow or converse with here. If Fox gets to be as net savvy as other shows (like Orphan Black), DEFINITELY talk about it here on tumblr too! There’s already a small but growing fandom willing to discuss and squee about your favorite actors in the show, charas, or to ponder what’s going on in this futuristic world. Also, voting in polls or talking about the show at the popular tv blog sites like TVLine.Com or TV.com will show how widespread the fans are.

As we said earlier, Nielsen is now looking into counting social media buzz for their ratings. At the moment, only Twitter seems to count and as long as you’re not a locked account or overusing hashtags, you tweeting about the show will help. As The Geekiary states, 

You’ll want to tag your unique posts about the topic with “Almost Human” (with or without the #hashtag) within a 7 hour window of the show airing. The three hours preceding the show, the hour of the show, and the three hours afterwards will all be taken into account. This is not a time to spam with nothing but a hashtagged title of your favorite show, however.

For more information, please check out their article linked in their name above. Remember, simply having a tweet full of hashtags will count only as spam. Of course tweeting the stars or the show’s main account will always be helpful to let them know how great their fanbase already is.

Anything Else?

Besides the above, and of course making fandom what it is by creating fanworks (be it meta, fan art, fanfic, fanvids, etc), that’s all we can do at the moment. When other avenues show up, this will be updated. Just be an awesome, inviting fandom and spread the word about ᐱLMOST HUMᐱN!

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